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2018 Janitorial Articles

By Reid Sossong, RPA

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Tucson Day Porter

A day porter is all about is keeping your building looking great in between regular cleanings. Inside a building the day porter might be responsible for touching up the restrooms mid morning and mid afternoon or straightening up the lobby and reception area. Outside they could be responsible for sweeping areas, picking up debris, emptying trash….

The shopping center day porter services are an area most people are unaware exists. I know I didn’t until I was asked in 1993 by Sandy Rutherford, a property manager, if I would provide a day porter for six of the shopping centers she managed. I said yes and we have been doing them ever since and it has been an eye opener.

Basic day porter services for a shopping center are: emptying the outside trash containers and replacing the can liner as needed, picking up trash in the parking lot and in the bushes, cleaning the area around the dumpsters, dusting window sills, common areas….

High traffic areas in a busy office might need a day porter mid morning and mid afternoon. This will help keep the germs down and be sure the dispensers are stocked. Also, anything cleaning that the restroom may need, like; mopping the floor, and lobby.

The lobby details are important because your clients sit there while waiting and can form an opinion about you and your business by looking around.

Tucson’s #1 Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a rote function and the janitor that can think outside of the regular routine is a sought after office cleaner. We have the best office cleaning staff in Tucson. We have rock solid references and take our job seriously and it shows.

The main office cleaning areas are: trash, restrooms, dusting, and floors. These services can be performed in the day or night. The price for day cleaning is usually higher, mainly because of all the people the janitor has to work around. People on phones and in meetings makes it more time consuming. Then there are details.

In Tucson night time office cleaning is the most common time. Many people like a part time cleaning job for a few hours in the evening Then others enjoy the full time at night more than working during the day. The cost goes down and it is easier to clean with nobody around to slow you down.

The restrooms are a critical service at the top list of office cleaning. Security is number one but toilet paper is number two in importance. Keeping the restrooms stocked with enough paper products and hand soap can’t be overlooked. Most surfaces in the restrooms are designed for easy cleaning for the most part.

If you read my articles dusting in offices is the number one complaint nationwide and locally. What’s interesting is dusting is the easiest function for the janitor. So why do most companies have a problem with it? Good question. I have heard this problem many times during a bid walk.

Service, Service, Service

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This article is about service after the sale. I know that isn’t how the national franchises work. I’ve heard it many times over the years that after the sale where's the service the big national company promised. The janitorial company is supposed to provide janitorial services. Phenomenal concept. They are tripping over each other trying to give the lowest price, but forgot the service after the sale is what it is all about.

Our bidding team is seasoned and knows that the bid we give we can service. No bait and switch or up selling. Our company has been in the janitorial business for a long time and has an excellent reputation in Tucson. Part of our secret is service after the sale and it shows in our excellent references.

When the janitorial service gives a low bid they have to make money regardless of the service. I’ve been told how they skip services and do a three hour job in one. What’s interesting is some people like the bad service if they are saving money. Forget about the health of everyone using the facilities or the appearance on their business and the daily complaints.

The service after the sale starts with four basic areas to be serviced. What are the four basic areas? Trash, restrooms, floors, and dusting/details. The four basic areas cover the bulk of the office cleaning required at most offices in Tucson. There are the details in each area and items unique to each account.

What companies really want is service after the sale. I have seen it many times no matter what the bid price is they still what the service after the sale. If a company is organized and has systems in place they can give a fair price and do the work to keep the customer happy. Call or email us and you’ll be glad you did.

Tucson Janitorial References

Tucson janitorial reference letters are a great way to tell if you want to do business with a janitorial service. It shows a pattern of how you operate and your character. Also, it shows a proven track record for a length of time. There are current and past references on letterhead or email. See Desert Cleaning’s home page at for our references.

Does a janitorial service really need reference letters? Yes, most businesses will tell it’s good for advertising and it gives people confidence in the business. How do you get a good reference? You do a great job, pretty simple. If you do a great job getting a reference shouldn’t be a problem.

If the company can’t get a reference letter just ask the account if it’s ok to give out their phone number and contact person. We have have great response if a reference letter is not possible, so it is all good.

Current and past reference letters are a sign of a great janitorial service. Results add up and are consistent with a quality janitorial firm. References are an excellent source of information to ascertain if you want to do business with that company.

Tucson Medical Office Cleaning, Part 4

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Cleaning that makes you and your business shine in the Tucson medical office cleaning. This has been our specialty since day one. With systems in place and the best janitors in Tucson we are ready to serve you. From restrooms to dusting, let us show you the difference.

Do you want an excellent tip to upgrade your building or business that doesn’t cost a whole lot? Start in the restrooms with an upgrade to the consumables (tp, ht, soap…). When you do this your customers and employees will feel good and look at your business positively.

Vacant offices and cubicles within a suite need cleaning. I have seen many office where the current cleaning service doesn’t dust, vacuum, or empty trash. I know what you are thinking ”empty trash.” Office people may use these empty suites for private phone calls, eating their lunch, and taking a break.

Here are some of the differences between a maid service and commercial office cleaning service? Let’s take a look: A maid service charges more per hour and does a deeper clean. An commercial office cleaning service cleans more square footage and usually more frequent. Most commercial office cleaning companies get paid monthly and most maid services get paid each.

Security for the Janitorial Service

Office cleaning providers in Tucson know security is at the top of the list of priorities when their office is being cleaned. From the moment we start an account to the moment we leave security is very important. I want to cover some of the issues we have discovered over the years and tell a few stories.

Professional office cleaning involves security of the offices or building. We had a doctor's office we were cleaning and the doctor had security cameras everywhere and a gun in his office. Can you guess what type of doctor’s office this was?

As you can imagine security is highly important in a doctor’s office because some people believe there could be drugs inside. Security is a 24/7 thought in the Tucson doctor’s office cleaning. I don’t have any good stories that I can tell. If you are having problem with your current medical office cleaners then give us a call or fill out our fast online quote form and experience the difference of a professional janitorial service.

All the details are important when cleaning s doctors office here in the Tucson, Arizona. Doctor’s offices are mostly tile and take a two step process to clean the floor, sweep and mop. We have a proprietary system that will leave your floors looking great and it reflects on your business.

Doctors office usually include the basic services: lobby, entrance, exam rooms, and restrooms to name a few. We have all been to the doctor and everybody wants it to be clean. There are details such as items on counters pull away from walls and clean to disinfecting the lobby chairs, and straightening lobby chairs. In the exam rooms we’ll fill the dispensers and clean the sinks/counters.

Low Bid for Office Cleaning

Here in Tucson who wins when the office cleaning goes to the lowest bid? Nobody. The property manager pays for the savings in phone calls and wasting time with complaints. The tenants aren’t happy with the services and the office cleaning company is unhappy because aren’t making any money and receiving complaint phone calls.

Some stories I have heard are ugly stories about when the business went with the lowest bid. Our sales team was on a bid recently and the office manager showed them a video of the current janitor pushing a vacuum straight down the hallway and that was it. It is a shame when someone bids low, cuts corners, and then goes out of business.

If the office manager takes a low bid then has complaint after complaint it becomes time consuming and frustrating. I had a manager tell me her boss told her to just deal with the complaints. We give a fair price and do the job. Please see our online quote form for a fast redponse.

Most of the cost cutting and skipping of services I’ve been told are bizarre. Skipping one or two days a week to save money, now that’s a business model they don’t teach in school. If this sounds familiar don’t hesitate and give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Tucson Office Cleaning Supplies

Office cleaning supplies can work several ways.. The supplies are divided in two categories those are consumed by everyone and the cleaning supplies used to clean the building. Then the supplies need to be ordered, delivered, Let’s take a look.

Cleaning supplies needed to do the actual cleaning are provided by the janitorial service usually. This includes chemicals and equipment. Sometimes the owner may provide some of the cleaners and can liners. Many times the office manager will make a weekly run to costco and buy some of the supplies there. They like getting out of the office.

The supplies that are consumed by the tenants and clients: toilet paper, hand towels, and soap to name a few. The quality of the products should be discussed, especially if all the consumable products are included in one bundled price. Sometimes office managers are shocked at how much these products cost, and they keep going higher.

Ordering, delivering, and paying for the supplies can work in many combinations. Do you save money or does it cost more for buying the supplies through Desert Cleaning? It depends on the product and in general it costs about the same. We make a small amount for inventorying and delivering the supplies. It can usually be worked out to run smooth.

I hope you liked this article and as always if you have any input please email me at​ .

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