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2020 Janitorial Articles

By Reid Sossong, RPA

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Trash and Dash part 5

Trash and dash was here before I got in the janitorial business. Someone usually gets the bright idea to bid low and get the account. Then after a short while they realize they aren’t making any money and they start the old trash and dash. It’s sad because the customer is cheated and the cleaning company gets fired. A lose lose for everyone.

Here’s some ideas. First, check their reference letters and call a few. It should paint a positive picture and give you a good feeling. Second, if they are the lowest bid it could be a red flag. Ask them how they arrived at the price they gave. If they don’t know its a red flag.

Ask the time it takes to do each task: restrooms, trashing, and vacuuming…. This will give you a sense if they know what they are talking about. If they are pulling a number out of the air look out, they will be trash and dashing soon. I have never heard of a legitimate janitorial service doing the trash and dash. That’s why they are legitimate they know what they are doing. They can answer all your questions and have good references too.

If this is happening to you please give us a call or email. Also, you can fill out our fast free online quote form on our website at You’ll be glad you did. No more trash and dash!

Tucson Office Cleaning

Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc in Tucson makes you number one.

Half the janitorial service is the actual cleaning and the other half is putting it all together so the on site janitor has everything they need to give you a high level of office cleaning. That’s right, we want to be your office cleaner or janitor, there is a difference in Tucson.

Desert Cleaning has been cleaning offices here in Tucson for 40 years and it’s because we put you the customer first. Our management staff is seasoned and has put together a team of top janitors to serve you.

Part of our system is responding to requests and complaints. When you have a request we respond swiftly so you don’t have to keep thinking about it and we do the same when we get a complaint. It’s all about giving you a high end office cleaning experience in Tucson.

Desert clean has concepts for offices. Water temperature is important during the holidays. Most people know that hot water used during cleaning helps do a better job.However, if the water is too hot it can have a negative affect. The argument continues.

We are office cleaning specialists. Some companies try to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.. We clean offices in most areas of Tucson: central, east, north, northeast, northwest, west, south, southeast…. Contact us to see if we are in your area.


Microfiber is being used in lots of ways in our Industry. It is used to make towels, wet and dry mops both flat and string. Also, you can purchase it in different colors for different uses. The durability and absorption are other reasons to use the microfiber towels.

Microfiber is named from the small fibers that are 99.9 smaller than a house. The absorption rate is many many times more than a cotton cloth towel. We still use both in our business. The microfiber mops work great on wood floors. However, the microfiber towels don’t work well with lemon oil or other products that are petroleum based.

Microfiber doesn’t lint like a cotton towel,alright. The microfiber products can be found in Home Depot, Lowes, and Target. Also , the janitorial supply stores have them as well.

Microfiber towels are bacteria resistant. I’ve read that microfiber is being used in bed sheets and shower curtains with all the benefits. The microfiber last a long time compared to other materials and it is used in anti-slip flooring as well. WOW!!

Tucson weather is a little warmer and the mornings are cool. If you ever need a janitorial service give us a call at 520-722-6776 or email

Janitorial in central and east Tucson— how are the supplies handled?

In Tucson, there are two kinds of supplies for office cleaning;the supplies for the actually cleaning and then the supplies that get consumed: toilet paper, hand towels, soap…. We usually pay for the cleaning supplies and the owner would pay for the items consumed.. We have a few accounts that want it all bundled in one check, which is ok.

Central janitorial in Tucson covers floor maintenance basics. Let’s start with sweeping the floor to pick up any loose items. Then, we dust mop the floor to accumulate smaller dust particles. Some janitorial services skip these steps to save time and this is all part of a low bid.

Ask yourself in east Tucson “what do my clients see when they enter my office or business.” The lobby comes to mind right away because people are waiting and have time to look around. They form an opinion of how your business is run by the cleanliness of your lobby.

Some of the cleaning tasks in the lobby in central Tucson. The most common are: organize magazines, clean door glass, trash, dust, vacuum, and reception counter. The old saying that you can judge a business by how clean it is still applies today.

I hope you liked this article and as always if you have any input please email me at​ .

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