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2020 Janitorial Articles

By Reid Sossong, RPA

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Janitorial Inspections, Tucson

We are proud of our inspection system. Why? Because it works and has kept us in business for 40 years in Tucson. Every office is different and along with our inspection checklist we use an important items sheet for each account. Things can still happen but with our A team of janitors and our quality assurance program it’s rare.

Inspection list:

  • Entrance door glass.
  • Receptionist counter and desk space.
  • Lobby magazines.
  • Dusting.
  • Trash can liners ( smelly, items stuck to the can liner, torn...)
  • Check men and women restrooms for build-up: under urinals, full mirror, dispensers full, vents dusted and tops of partitions, hard water build-up in bowls and sink, behind bowls, wipe tops of baseboards, wipe walls under dispensers, floors swept and mopped ( edges and corners ), under seat tops of tiles….
  • Vacuuming everywhere: under desks, behind doors, move chairs and trash cans….
  • Janitor closet is clean, organized, and has a fresh smell.
  • Check for spots on interior-interior glass..
  • The conference room….
  • Lunch room: sink, counter, tables, cabinets, trash can and lid, refrigerator and microwave exterior wipe, interior as well.

The partial list is used when we do an inspection of your offices. It keeps the inspection team alert and less chance of them missing something. Also, it helps when reviewing with the onsite janitor.

It’s all about giving you a great cleaning experience. Our seasoned team takes pride in what they do and it shows month after month, year after year. When we do an inspection it is done with the thought that the end result is delivering a quality product and not to belittle the onsite janitor.

Someone asked me the other day if we check the account that has no complaints? Yes, absolutely and that is part of the reason there aren’t any complaints...

Janitorial liability insurance, Does your Janitor Have it?

This article is about janitorial liability insurance and covers many topics. Let’s look at a few of the topics it may cover: customers, office staff, lost key, property damage….This article is basic and you should not rely on the information; please check with your insurance expert or attorney about your situation.

The two types of claims common with janitorial insurance, claims made and per occurrence. I’ll talk about policy limits and certificates of insurance that most office managers require along with additional insured on the certificate of insurance issued.

When something happens that is when you are glad you have the insurance. But, what if the janitorial service doesn’t have insurance? I wonder who they’ll look at for coverage? Each policy is different, so be sure it has janitorial coverage's in the policy.

Many liability policies bodily injury is covered. And, it may cover medical expenses and lost hours as well. With our insurance it is covered if an accident happens at our office or at a business location we clean.

Let’s talk about risk management and its importance. Eliminating a few potential problems and saving a big problem in the future is what it is all about. Let me give you an example: in a retail strip center they didn’t have poles to stop a car from smashing into the suites. Then after this happened the owner put the poles in front of the stores.

In the policy it is important to have lost key coverage included. Re-keying and having new keys made for the entire business could get expensive. A risk management idea is not to have the keys easily identified that were issued to you.

The Best Janitor in Tucson

Works with microfiber when cleaning offices. It’s used in towels, wet/dry mops, and is sold in Home Depot, Target, and the janitor supply store. The microfiber comes in many colors so you don’t cross contaminate. Most janitors like microfiber.

Microfiber got its name because it is many many times smaller than a human hair. Another amazing microfiber item is that it holds nine times the water than a regular cotton towel. The microfiber works better when wet, in my opinion. The wet mops for floors are considered better mainly because of the absorption compared to cotton.

For wood floors we like to use the Bona products that come with the microfiber flat mops. We give them a thumbs up and our customers are happy. We have noticed that the microfiber towels don’t work well when using lemon oil. Let me know if you have a method.

The microfiber is man made using a high density weave. It is bacteria resistant and was developed for anti-slip flooring. Also, it is lint free. I have been told that the microfiber wet mop does a great job from absorption to cleaning. We have been switching over to mostly microfiber.

The dust mops come in microfiber as well and last a long time. They are the best dust mop on the market and feature conventional slot end sewing. These can be laundered over and over. the microfiber dust mops are produced with continuous filament microfiber yarn and are a 100% synthetic, a good combination. No treatment is necessary.

Can You Afford Cheap Service?

If you can, then, please keep our phone number and call us when things change.. . We provide all the basic services and any additional details you request. Our program is customized just for you and we use state of the art cleaning methods. We have been in the office cleaning business for 40 years in Tucson and love what we do for you and your office.

With our system we don’t disturb files or papers… in your offices or business when cleaning. It only makes sense and we tell our janitors when in doubt don’t move it. It mainly applies to dusting, however, some offices keep files and papers on the floor so the janitor has to be careful when trashing and vacuuming. Every office is different.

In the lobby, there is trash to be emptied, floors to cleaned, magazines to straighten and front door glass to clean to name a few. Also, part of the lobby is the receptionist's area which may have glass and counter to clean. I have been in offices as a customer and it just felt dirty and germ infested in the lobby. I think this happens when the staff uses a back entrance and nobody pays attention to the lobby. Just a thought.

Janitorial details are many and not all apply to each office or business. After the basic services are covered the details can make or break an account. I just covered a few in the lobby and now I’ll mention a few others. The conference room chairs need to be cleaned and straightened, trash can liners replaced if needed, clean inside the microwave, putting trash cans back in the right spot. All this adds up to a great janitorial experience for you and your clients

Some of the great hygiene programs are soap in the restrooms. I know that is a phenomenal concept.I was at a building this week that didn’t have any soap in the restrooms. Then I found out that they haven’t had soap for a few weeks. This is what I mean about a cheap service is it affordable. Remember to contact us if things don’t work out.

Basic Janitorial in Tucson

Desert Cleaning has four basic service areas and they are: trash, dust, restrooms and floors. Then all the details with each. So, let’s dive right into it and review each service area In Tucson.

First is trashing an office that requires a barrel on wheels, can liners for the barrel and desk trash cans, a spray bottle and paper towels. There are usually desk trash, kitchen trash, and restroom trash that need to be emptied and taken to the dumpster. The janitor will use the barrel on wheels to dump all the trash in before taking outside.

Second is the nationwide number one complaint is dusting. When it comes to dusting we leave competition in the dust. Why? Because we include dusting in our routine on a consistent basis. I know, I know it’s hard to believe it is that simple. Some janitorial services must think that no one will notice, but eventually they will and they lose an account.

The restrooms are third on the list of the big four. We try and service the restrooms first at an account in case you forget to do a task you are still in the building. The commercial office restrooms are built to keep clean. What do I mean? If you notice all the surfaces are easy to clean, for example: ceramic tile, stainless steel, mirrors. metal partitions…. Day porter.

Fourth on the list are floors. There are wood, tile, and carpet floors in general to take care of in the commercial office setting. Wood and laminate flooring has a different system and products we use, because you can’t use a wet mop on them for starters. An important item for carpet and tile mats at all entrances, ideally both in and out saves the floors.

Do You Really Want?

Do you really want an inferior janitorial service in Tucson when Desert Cleaning is here? We specialize in office cleaning at affordable pricing. How do we consistently beat the competition? It’s simple we pay our people more, so out of the pool of people that are looking for janitorial work we get the best Janitors.

Signing with us and in our system is easy. We set-up a file so we can keep track of emails, notes taken on the initial walk through, important items…. Also, we create a file in our computer that has your billing information and email information.

Supplies can work a few ways. First there are two types of supplies: the supplies to do the cleaning and the supplies you consume: toilet paper, hand towels, soap…. We’ll handle the supplies the way you want. The most common is you supply the consumables and we supply the actual cleaning supplies to do the job.

The Desert Cleaning invoice is sent on the first of the month for that month and the supplies are shown on the invoice are for the previous month. The invoice total amount is due on the first of the following month. We can mail or email the invoice to you. Why would you want to settle for less? There is a difference.

Tucson Office Cleaning Service

Here are a few key items to look for when hiring a Tucson office cleaning service. If you are looking for the lowest bidder then stop reading, it’s a “no brainer.” In this article I’ll cover references, how long have they been in business in Tucson, are they just a national franchise or a quality local service….

The reference letters are very important in the bid process. A new company may not have any and could be a risk. An established company with no references is a red flag. References show a pattern of getting the job done with people that are trustworthy and easy to be around.

A very important issue is how long have they been in business here in Tucson. This shows how stable they are and if their heart is really here. Are they going to close shop and leave Tucson?

Is the janitorial service hiding behind a national franchise name? You will wind up paying for the money you save. Over the years I have talked to many unsatisfied office managers that went with a franchise thinking they must know they are doing. That’s why they called Desert Cleaning and we come in and straighten the cleaning out.

Our company has been in the office cleaning business in Tucson for 40 years and there is a reason, we do the job. See our link to references on our home page. Also, we have a few employees that have been with Desert Cleaning for over twenty five years. Call us and see the difference.

A local Tucson Janitor Service

“We have had it up to here with the national franchise janitor services.” We hear it all the time from office and property managers. Well Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc. is locally owned and operated, so you are at the right place. Let me explain some of the things we hear about the big national janitorial franchises here in Tucson.

The big companies have long term contracts that are hard to terminate. We don’t require a long term contract, unless you want one. What if you are receiving bad service? From what I’ve been told it is hard to get out of the janitorial contract that the national franchise janitorial services require. WOW!!! We don’t operate that way and sad to see.

How big they are and low bids are their hook to get you to sign with them. Then the main office hands your account to a franchisee that tries to give a good service, but eventually will cut corners to have it make any sense. I’ve heard story after story about the national janitorial services and all bad, even from the franchisees. Emmmm!!!

Over the years we have noticed that most managers just want the job done. It’s that simple. We are a local janitorial service and do just that, provide janitorial service. Please see our references on our homepage and let us take care of your janitorial.Tell a building manager!

Tucson Office Cleaning, Arizona

Office cleaning service are the vacuums used to clean your offices. We use cordless uprights, backpack, and mini vacuums mainly. The upright vacuum gets used the most to clean offices, medical, and banks.... The mini vacuum is great for detailing under desks, and hard to reach places.

The cleaning system we have calls for the janitor to not vacuum an area when there is a meeting taking place. A meeting is two or more people and unless we get the green light to vacuum that area we leave it alone. It is part of the informal structure and usually is not a problem we noticed.

We have an affordable office cleaning program that includes the restrooms. As you may know that restrooms are the most important part of the office cleaning experience. Restrooms are a breeding ground for germs, so it is high on the list for disinfection. Less worker down time and the impression it makes on clients is important.

Do you need a janitorial service in the daytime? We can handle that and at an affordable rate. Most office janitorial work is done at night, however, there are offices needing the daytime service and that is where we come in and fill the void. It may cost more because of the staffing requirements and time delays while cleaning.

When office cleaning in the day or night first impressions make a difference. It starts in the lobby. Not only is this the first impression of your office or medical suite it’s where customers wait to see you and have time to look around and form an opinion. Tell a friend.

Trash and Dash part 5

Trash and dash was here before I got in the janitorial business. Someone usually gets the bright idea to bid low and get the account. Then after a short while they realize they aren’t making any money and they start the old trash and dash. It’s sad because the customer is cheated and the cleaning company gets fired. A lose lose for everyone.

Here’s some ideas. First, check their reference letters and call a few. It should paint a positive picture and give you a good feeling. Second, if they are the lowest bid it could be a red flag. Ask them how they arrived at the price they gave. If they don’t know its a red flag.

Ask the time it takes to do each task: restrooms, trashing, and vacuuming…. This will give you a sense if they know what they are talking about. If they are pulling a number out of the air look out, they will be trash and dashing soon. I have never heard of a legitimate janitorial service doing the trash and dash. That’s why they are legitimate they know what they are doing. They can answer all your questions and have good references too.

If this is happening to you please give us a call or email. Also, you can fill out our fast free online quote form on our website at You’ll be glad you did. No more trash and dash!

Tucson Office Cleaning

Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc in Tucson makes you number one.

Half the janitorial service is the actual cleaning and the other half is putting it all together so the on site janitor has everything they need to give you a high level of office cleaning. That’s right, we want to be your office cleaner or janitor, there is a difference in Tucson.

Desert Cleaning has been cleaning offices here in Tucson for 40 years and it’s because we put you the customer first. Our management staff is seasoned and has put together a team of top janitors to serve you.

Part of our system is responding to requests and complaints. When you have a request we respond swiftly so you don’t have to keep thinking about it and we do the same when we get a complaint. It’s all about giving you a high end office cleaning experience in Tucson.

Desert clean has concepts for offices. Water temperature is important during the holidays. Most people know that hot water used during cleaning helps do a better job.However, if the water is too hot it can have a negative affect. The argument continues.

We are office cleaning specialists. Some companies try to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.. We clean offices in most areas of Tucson: central, east, north, northeast, northwest, west, south, southeast…. Contact us to see if we are in your area.


Microfiber is being used in lots of ways in our Industry. It is used to make towels, wet and dry mops both flat and string. Also, you can purchase it in different colors for different uses. The durability and absorption are other reasons to use the microfiber towels.

Microfiber is named from the small fibers that are 99.9 smaller than a house. The absorption rate is many many times more than a cotton cloth towel. We still use both in our business. The microfiber mops work great on wood floors. However, the microfiber towels don’t work well with lemon oil or other products that are petroleum based.

Microfiber doesn’t lint like a cotton towel,alright. The microfiber products can be found in Home Depot, Lowes, and Target. Also , the janitorial supply stores have them as well.

Microfiber towels are bacteria resistant. I’ve read that microfiber is being used in bed sheets and shower curtains with all the benefits. The microfiber last a long time compared to other materials and it is used in anti-slip flooring as well. WOW!!

Tucson weather is a little warmer and the mornings are cool. If you ever need a janitorial service give us a call at 520-722-6776 or email

Janitorial in central and east Tucson— how are the supplies handled?

In Tucson, there are two kinds of supplies for office cleaning;the supplies for the actually cleaning and then the supplies that get consumed: toilet paper, hand towels, soap…. We usually pay for the cleaning supplies and the owner would pay for the items consumed.. We have a few accounts that want it all bundled in one check, which is ok.

Central janitorial in Tucson covers floor maintenance basics. Let’s start with sweeping the floor to pick up any loose items. Then, we dust mop the floor to accumulate smaller dust particles. Some janitorial services skip these steps to save time and this is all part of a low bid.

Ask yourself in east Tucson “what do my clients see when they enter my office or business.” The lobby comes to mind right away because people are waiting and have time to look around. They form an opinion of how your business is run by the cleanliness of your lobby.

Some of the cleaning tasks in the lobby in central Tucson. The most common are: organize magazines, clean door glass, trash, dust, vacuum, and reception counter. The old saying that you can judge a business by how clean it is still applies today.

I hope you liked this article and as always if you have any input please email me at​ .

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