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2021 Janitorial Articles

By Reid Sossong, RPA

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Janitorial Inspections

I’m proud of our inspection system. Why? Because it works and has kept us in business for 41 years in Tucson. Every office is different and along with our inspection checklist we use an important items sheet for each account. Things can still happen but with our A team of janitors and our quality assurance program not much can. Let’s start with a partial list.

The Inspection list:

• Clean entrance door glass.

• Clean receptionist counter and desk space.

• Straighten lobby magazines.

• Check dusting.

• Thoroughly check trash can liners ( smelly, items stuck to the can liner, torn...)

• Don't check men and women restrooms for build-up: under urinals, full mirror, dispensers full, vents dusted and tops of partitions, hard water build-up in bowls and sink, behind bowls, wipe tops of baseboards, wipe walls under dispensers, floors swept and mopped ( edges and corners ), under seat tops of tiles….

• Vacuuming everywhere: under desks, behind doors, move chairs and trash cans….

• The Janitor closet is clean, organized, and has a fresh smell.

• Check for spots on interior-interior glass..

• Have lunch in the conference room….

• Smoke in the  room: sink, counter, tables, cabinets, trash can and lid, refrigerator and microwave exterior wipe, interior as well.

This partial list is used when we do an inspection of your offices. It keeps the inspection team alert and less chance of them missing something. Also, it helps when reviewing with the onsite janitor so they know.

We want to give you a great cleaning experience. Our seasoned team takes pride in what  they do and it shows month after month, year after year. When  we do an inspection it is done with the thought that the end result is delivering a quality product and not to belittle the onsite cleaner.

A manager asked me the other day if we check the account that has no complaints? Yes, absolutely and that is part of the reason there aren’t any complaints there.

Trash and Dash

If you have a problem with your current cleaning service contact Scott at 520-722-6776 

The trash and dash was here in Tucson before I got in the janitorial business. Someone usually gets the bright idea to bid low and get the account. Then after a short while they realize they aren’t making any money and they start the old trash and dash. It’s sad because the customer is cheated and the cleaning company gets fired. A lose lose for everyone. Phenomenal concept.

Helpful thoughts to prevent trash and dash.First, check their reference letters and call a few. It should paint a positive picture and give you a good feeling. Second, if they are the lowest bid it could be a red flag. Ask them how they arrived at the price they gave. If they don’t know it's a red flag no doubt.

The janitor service should know the time it takes to do each task: restrooms, trashing, and vacuuming….  This will give you a sense if they know what they are talking about. If they are pulling a number out of the air they will be trash and dashing soon.I have never heard of a legitimate janitorial service doing the trash and dash. That’s why they are legitimate; they know what they are doing. They can answer all your questions and have good references as well

Is this happening to you? Please give us a call or email. Also, you can fill out our fast free online quote form on our website at You’ll be glad you did. No more trash and dash! Just quality cleaning.

The Number One Janitor in Tucson

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Using microfiber when cleaning offices works. It’s used in towels, wet/dry mops, and is sold in Home Depot, Target, and the janitor supply store. The microfiber comes in many colors so you don’t cross contaminate. Most janitors like microfiber compared to cloth towels.

Microfiber acquired its name because it is many many times smaller than a human hair. Another amazing microfiber item is that it holds nine times the water than a regular cotton towel. The microfiber works better when wet, in my opinion. The wet mops for floors are considered better mainly because of the absorption compared to cotton here in Tucson.

On wood floors we like to use the Bona products that come with the microfiber flat mops. We give them a thumbs up and our customers are happy. We have noticed that the microfiber towels don’t work well when using lemon oil. Let me know if you have a method, or is it a secret?

Our microfiber is man made using a high density weave. It is bacteria resistant and was developed for anti-slip flooring. Also, it is lint free. I have been told that the microfiber wet mop does a great job from absorption to cleaning. We have been switching over to mostly microfiber. However, they both have their moments.

Dust mops come in microfiber as well and last a long time. They are the best dust mop on the market and feature conventional slot end sewing. These can be laundered over and over. the microfiber dust mops are produced with continuous filament microfiber yarn and are a 100% synthetic, a good combination. Call us.

Tucson Office Cleaning Examined 

Here are a few key items to look for when hiring a Tucson office cleaning service. If you are looking for the lowest bidder then stop reading, it’s a “no brainer.” In this article I’ll cover references, how long have they been in business in Tucson, are they just a national franchise or a quality local service that you can trust.

Reference letters are very important in the bid process. A new company may not have any and could be a risk. An established company with no references is a red flag. References show a pattern of getting the job done with people that are trustworthy.

How long have they been in business here in Tucson. This shows how stable they are and if their heart is really here. Are they going to close shop and leave Tucson? We have seen it before.

Do you know if the janitorial service is hiding behind a national franchise name? You will wind up paying for the money you save. Over the years I have talked to many unsatisfied office managers that went with a franchise thinking they must know they are doing. That’s when they called Desert Cleaning. We’ll come in and straighten the cleaning mess.

Desert Cleaning has been in the office cleaning business in Tucson for 41 years and there is a reason, we do the job. See our link to references on our home page at Also, we have a few employees that have been with Desert Cleaning for over twenty five years. Call us and experience the difference.

Consumable and Cleaning Supplies

Enjoy a new office cleaning service

Tucson office cleaning supplies can work several  ways.. The supplies are divided in two categories: those are consumed by everyone and the cleaning supplies used to clean the building. Then the supplies need to be ordered, delivered, Let’s take a look at some options.

The cleaning  supplies needed to do the actual cleaning are provided by the janitorial service usually. This includes chemicals and equipment. Sometimes the owner may provide some of the cleaners and can liners. Many times the office manager will make a weekly run to costco and buy some of the supplies there. They like getting out of the office and I don’t blame them.

Also, supplies that are consumed by the tenants and clients: toilet paper, hand towels, and soap to name a few. The quality of the products should be discussed, especially if all the consumable products are included in one bundled price. Sometimes office managers are shocked at how much these products cost, and they keep going higher all the time.

The ordering, delivering, and paying for the supplies can work in many combinations. Do you save money or does it cost more for buying the supplies through Desert Cleaning? It depends on the product and in general it costs about the same. We make a small amount for inventorying and delivering the supplies. It can usually be worked out to run smoothly.

Local Janitorial     Tucson, Arizona

The winter solstice just took place here in Tucson and if you are looking for a local janitorial service you are at the right place. Take a look at our website and references. Please fill out our online form for a fast response. We have been in the office cleaning business for a long time for a reason, we do the work and treat you right.

Since we are a family owned business and we can make decisions quickly and give you the service you want. We have regular inspections at all of our accounts, even when there are  no complaints. Maybe that’s why.

Or the other choice is a national franchise service. Folks  get lured in by the low bid and the national name. Then they find out how they operate.  We only take a few new accounts at a time, because we’re not trying to be the biggest company in Tucson, we are happy being the best.

Interacting  with the customer, employees, and other parties is a part of any business and the family owned and operated janitorial service is no different. To give the best service to our

customers we have a website, emails, texts and mobile phones. Also, good old regular mail.

Taking photos with a smartphone sure has eliminated many problems in the office cleaning and janitorial services here in Tucson.

Would you want a local janitorial service that you can talk with and gets the job done or a national janitorial service that makes excuses and tries to lock you in a long term contract? We have seen businesses take the low bid and others get the service they want.

Tucson office cleaning

See our homepage for references & our fast free online quote form

A key part of our office cleaning system is inspections of our accounts and the real secret is to do them consistently. Our inspection list is a proven checklist that we are constantly improving to give you a high level of janitorial service  here in Tucson. Call us at 520-722-6776 and let us show you the difference.

The inspections really add up during the course of a year. There are plenty of details and it's easy to overlook something. Having an inspection done helps everybody stay on course. Let's take a peek at some of the items we look for when inspecting: is the front door glass cleaned, are the lobby magazines in order, are the receptions counter clean, are there bowl rings?. Are chairs in the right place?

The secret is having regular inspections. Someone asked me if I still have inspections on accounts that have no complaints? Yes, and that could be why they have no complaints. The bulk of the office cleaning is the on site office cleaner. When we do an inspection it is to help the on site janitor as well as providing a high level of janitorial service to the account.

The inspection is part of our service with no additional cost. Some companies don’t do inspections  and it’s part of their low bid, and trash and dash. We know if we do regular inspections it adds up during the course of the year and is appreciated by the office manager. Contact us if you have a question.

A lot of companies skip the inspection to save money. Do they really save? If you are looking for a  great janitorial service here in Tucson then give us a call. We’ll come to your office to tour and  discuss your needs. Then, we’ll give you a comprehensive bid. See

Janitor Service Tucson

The biggest problem here in Tucson in the office cleaning world is dusting. Tucson is a dusty place, a dust bowl. When you add in paper dust and human follicles to make a real dusty office . Office cleaners that start skipping the dusting in an office are creating a real project down the road. It has to be done consistently to stay ahead of the dust.

The number one duster used to combat the dusting is the feather duster. The feather duster was invented in the 1800’s in a broom factory. It is still used today for its efficiency and speed. We still have them in our toolbox for our crew to use

Using the damp microfiber towel is a great way to remove dust in the office. It takes longer to use, so we use it in special situations. Microfiber has many uses. There are microfiber duster gloves and other assorted dusters on the market. The prices are a lot less than the standard duster as well. The dusting is a never ending task but it has to be done.

Our company doesn't move papers on desk or on top of file cabinets when dusting unless we are given the green light. We dust around, behind, and under certain items on a typical desk and if you have specific procedures to follow let us know. When in doubt don’t move it is our saying.

Tucson, Arizona dusting is important year round because we live in a dust bowl. I hope you enjoyed this brief look at dusting and if you are having problems with your janitorial service please contact us and put our experience to work for you and your company. You can reach us at or 520-722- 6776.

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