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2018 Janitorial Articles

By Reid Sossong, RPA

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Local Janitorial service

Getting sick and tired of the slick janitorial salesperson who works for the National janitorial company, promising you everything and not delivering? Well we don’t work that way. We are a Tucson home grown janitorial service and we deliver a first class janitorial experience. We may not be the lowest bidder, but we are a real business with insurances…. There is a difference, see our references.

Office cleaning has been our specialty since Day One– 38 years ago. From the actual cleaning to working with the management team you will see the difference immediately. We love our business and are proud to be in the janitorial service business, so put us to work and call or email

We talked about references recently and how important they are. The more the better, because it shows a pattern and you want to know who you are giving a key and alarm code to. Our family has lived in Tucson for 56 years and have deep roots. We are proud of our references and have them on our website for your review and don’t forget our fast online quote form to get things started.

We have several types of vacuums in our operation: backpack vacuums, uprights, and mini vacuums. Each has its purpose and benefit. The backpack vacuums are great, but not everybody likes them. The cordless vacuums are time savers but still have other drawbacks. The upright vacuum is still the workhorse of our operation and now Proteam has a cordless upright as well as Hoover.

The restroom cart carries everything needed to clean and stock the restrooms. From cleaning tray to mop bucket to roll towels and toilet paper it carries it all. A bigger office or business will have a separate restroom cart and janitor. It flows when the janitor is focused on just the restrooms. This is true with cleaning the rest of the offices.

We need a janitorial service price

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Prices for janitorial services can be handled in several ways: over the phone, email, mail, and in person. Most bids begin with a tour of the offices. Then the bid is prepared for your review. We use a bid agreement form that covers most items. There are several sections to the form: the clause section, service specifications, services and important items.

We give a phone quote for office managers that are putting a budget together as an example. With a little information our phone quotes are fairly accurate. To be binding we would needed to see the offices. However, there are situations like new construction that we mainly go by the square footage and floor plans that are available.

Some quotes are used with or without a office tour. Similar to phone quotes, we are fairly accurate in our email quotes without seeing the building. Many times office managers are checking to see the current market for janitorial services. We welcome the bid without a building tour, but have no problem seeing your offices.

Our bid agreement form is used as a reference point for the parties involved. The clause section covers topics like: insurances, holiday schedule, minimum wage…. Then all the services that are going to be performed sections;basic services, checklist, and services that are unique to each office. Also, in our system we use an account detail sheet, so it is ready to turn over to the operation manager, so they can start without a glitch.

Get a fast comprehensive janitorial service price, please fill out our free online quote form, email or call us and we’ll show you the difference. It’s that easy.

Office Restrooms

Office restrooms the janitor has a lot to juggle. The cleaning to filling the dispensers, that is why it is a good idea to do the restrooms first. The janitor's closet is usually between the restrooms so the janitor has quick access to the supplies needed in the restrooms. If there are multiple restrooms then the restroom cart is brought in for organization.

The top to bottom cleaning method is used in the commercial restroom so everything falls on the restroom floor and the sweep/mopping of the floor is the last task performed. First, we start with dusting the ceiling vents and tops of partitions.

Stocking the dispensers in the restrooms is very important as well as the cleaning of the restrooms. In some cases the janitor doesn’t want to overfill the towel dispensers because it makes them hard to get out and can make a mess trying to get them out. Toilet paper is the most important item in the restroom to stock.

The cleaning of the mirrors in the restrooms seem easy but I have seen on building tours where it looks like the janitor only cleaned the area he/she sees and when you bend down the lower part of the mirror is still dirty. Also, some mirrors maybe too high to reach and will need assistance.

The cleaning and disinfecting the restrooms is often misunderstood. Cleaning the surface before disinfecting is the proper steps or using a cleaner disinfectant in one. Be sure to read and follow the label. I’m not an expert on disinfecting so please check with an expert first.

The sweep/mopping is the last task and the janitor should start at the furthest point from the door and mop their way to the door. Then pick-up the wet floor signs. I hope you liked the article, be sure to check out the rest of our site and fill out our fast online quote form.

Janitorial Tucson

See our homepage at for references and our fast online quote form.

In our system we do not mix chemicals or bring chemicals from home, especially in unmarked containers. Using name brand products is the way to go.

Our policy is not to have anyone that is not a Desert Cleaning employee helping or being at the job site. Sounds simple and it is if the janitor follows the system. One reason is what if they get hurt and the company insurance doesn’t cover them? What happens when something is missing or broken?

When an employee is hurt on the job he/she should seek medical help first. Then report the injury to the office so the insurance process can start. Desert Cleaning uses Copperpoint for their workers insurance. It was formerly State Fund and we have been with them for years and have had great experience.

The janitor has a frustrating job of dusting in Tucson. We live in a dusty desert environment. A lot of the dust in an office comes in through the air vents. Also, paper dust is a contributor. There are different dusters and methods used when dusting and I’ll cover them in another article.

The classic example is wrapping the cord from the plug to the vacuum. What happens to the cord is it can’t unwind itself and becomes all bunched up. Then it is hard to control when using the vacuum. All of this is simple when done the right way.

We do Janitorial Inspections!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The janitorial inspections are a big part of our sought after system. Critical inspections are unique to each account and frequencies count too. A checklist is used as a guide and areas that need attention are brought to the onsite janitor. Does the inspection team correct any deficiencies? Yes and no, let’s take a look.

Desert Cleaning has the best janitorial inspection team in Tucson, Arizona. Their job is to give the best janitorial experience and not to try and find fault with the onsite janitor necessarily. Our team is seasoned and with the go to inspection sheet that works.

Our inspection form we use is a guide and combined with our teams experience it keeps everything on track. The whole idea of the office inspection is to give you the best office cleaning possible and not to try and find fault with the onsite janitor. Even the seasoned janitor can miss something and it’s the inspection team’s job to discover things before the office manager does.

With our system we know that each account has important items and we keep track of them. We have created a system that allows you to come in a take a file and go clean an account without many glitches. This is possible because of our important item’s alert system and the basic services.

Our inspection job may appear easy but in reality they are the last chance to catch an error before the office manager does, that’s a lot of weight to carry. It is a never ending cycle and we feel we are constantly learning everyday. It may cost a little more to have an inspection team but we look at it as an insurance policy to ensure you have a great janitorial experience.

Who Called?

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Reid Sossong, RPA

Request or complaint? Sometimes it may be hard to tell, but it usually can be handled. In this article I’ll dive into each and look at the inner workings. Can it be both? We’ll find out. I have seen over the years all combinations and scenarios. When possible it is our job to take care of either a complaint or request as soon as possible.

All janitorial companies have complaints and requests. But, it’s how they are handled that makes a huge difference. When a complaint or request comes into our office, the first thing we do is listen and take notes. It all depends on the complaint or request as to the response. The trick is to minimize the complaints.

The request can be anything from getting ready for a VIP to cleaning up after a birthday party. The question then is there a charge for the request? In most cases probably not. It depends on how long it takes to do the request. There would be a charge for floor work, window washing, and carpet cleaning.

Can it be a complaint and a request? Yes, missed items like carpet spots could be a complaint and a request at the same time. Many times the complaint turns into a request when a cleaning item wasn’t discussed initially. When the office manager complains about something it may actually be a request, either way we take care of it quickly.

Janitorial work in Tucson

Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc.

See our fast, free online quote form link on our homepage.

The job of trashing and recycling is critical. Just imagine if it wasn’t done. Ask people that have lived in cities where the trash collectors went on strike. Anyway, back to trashing in office buildings. When possible using a barrel on wheels helps keep from spotting the carpet incase the can liner leaks all over the carpet.

Replacing can liners often is something many companies skip. It takes time but is part of the job. At most offices there are cans you have to replace the can liner every night and others every once in awhile. Years ago we had an office that would pour the coffee pot in the trash can, needless to say that can got a new liner every service.

We live in a dust bowl dusting is high on the list of importance. I wrote about this in my last training notes a few weeks ago and want to cover it again. Dusting is so easy to skip and that is where the trouble starts. Then it will turn into a project and may garner a few complaints. Consistency is what it is all about when dusting.

All restroom floors should be swept and then mopped. The vents will blow dust out and the sweeping step is critical before mopping. The floor cleaner should kill mold and mildew because many commercial restrooms have this black build up. Be sure to read the label of any product before using, it makes a difference

Most janitorial services skip cleaning the vacant offices. Even though the area is not occupied it still collects dust and needs to be vacuumed at the minimum. Also, the vacant offices may be used to eat lunch or make phone calls. The best is to clean it like it is occupied and your own.

Outside stairs, picnic tables, and elevators are exposed to all the elements and need to be cleaned. Elevators are small but need to be wiped down, floors cleaned, tracks cleaned, and lights changed. Also, elevators get heavy usage and have different surfaces . Sweeping stairs regularly and spot mopping as needed makes for a safer environment.

Tucson Janitorial Supplies, Who Knew?

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Reid Sossong, RPA

Writing about janitorial supplies in previous articles I want to review the topic. Before giving a bid the issue of supplies should be covered. The three common questions are: who orders the supplies, who pays for them, and who delivers them? The two types of supplies are the supplies to do the actual cleaning and the supplies for the restroom: tp, ht, soap….

The supply picture is real clear when it is put in two categories. The first are the supplies used for the cleaning. Most situations the janitorial company supplies all the chemicals and equipment used for the actual cleaning. Sometimes the office manage will supply all or part of these supplies.

We can accommodate most supply situations, let us know what you are thinking.

The second supply group are the consumables for the restrooms. These include the toilet paper, hand towels, soap, and seat covers. These items can be included in the bid price or billed on the monthly statement. The owner may want to supply them as well. There are several ways the consumable supplies can work.

Who orders the supplies could start with the onsite janitor leaving a note in the log book or the office manager may want them to leave her a note on her desk. We have seen it work several ways and we can work within your system.

Paying for the supplies can be handled a few ways. We can pay for the supplies then put them on the monthly bill, or bundle the supplies with the janitorial service for one consistent monthly price. We have our own proprietary numbers when we have to bundle everything in one price. We make very little on the supplies and it doesn’t cover the delivery cost.

Delivering the supplies is a service we offer to our valued customers. If the consumable supplies can be delivered direct to you that would be great too. If you have questions please contact me or send an email or call. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did.

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Front door mats take a beating but do a great job in removing soil and dirt from the bottom of your shoes. The mat is easier to replace than the flooring inside the building. There are different types of mats as well.

In Arizona it is a dry climate and we don’t need to worry about snow or rain like in Seattle. From what I have read we need a low profile mat that holds dust. The ideal situation is to put mats inside and outside the front door for great effectiveness. It is believed that 80% of the dirt will come off your shoes onto the mat.

I want to take a quick look at refrigerator cleaning. We provide this service and the cost varies. Also, the frequency and what has to be cleaned We have accounts where every Friday we throw out anything in the refrigerator out and clean it. The employee’s know this and should remove anything they keep.

Another hot topic is the cleaning of the microwaves. We have several accounts that have multiple microwaves and they get used. On the initial tour of an office this is something we ask about who cleans the microwaves. Again this is a service we offer.

How important are gloves? Just ask a glove. They not only protect your hands they can help with cross contamination. We use disposable and reusable gloves. Each have their benefits. Harbour Freight has a nice selection of gloves. They vary in thicknesses and are disposable.

Why do janitorial prices vary so much? There are several reasons, let’s take a look. First, some companies really don’t know what they are doing and the bid is low. What happens next we have seen over and over. They aren’t making money, they cut corners, and lose the account. Another reason we see often is the bidder is not a real company with insurance and other costs that a real business has to pay.

Local Janitorial Service Needed

My business is looking for a local janitor service in Tucson, Arizona. They need service in the daytime for security protection. Desert Cleaning has had these requests over the years and the daytime cleaning usually costs more and we can usually clean them. We’ll take a look at the issues in this article and answer any questions you have.

Daytime janitorial service will cost more for a daytime janitorial service for several reasons. First, it is harder to find a janitor for daytime work and the janitorial service may have to pay more for the right person. There usually is a minimum two hour charge  and other costs vary at each account.

As the time adds up quickly when the office cleaner has to wait for people in the restrooms, on the phone, or in a meeting and they have to backtrack. Then some people are annoyed and slam their door, even if the person knows the janitor cleans the offices in the daytime, we know first hand.

I want to take a look at the sunny side of daytime office cleaning. I would rather clean a jewelry store or a bank vault during the day when everyone is there. Dusting can be an issue unless the janitor uses a dusting glove or damp microfiber towel to keep the dust from relocating.

The bonus to cleaning during the day is they actually get to see you and if they have a request or complaint they’ll tell you. Many times the customer never sees the janitor so it is hard to appreciate all they do. Day portering is usually a cursory clean midday. This article is now over.

Finding a Great Janitorial Service in Tucson

Wow, this is a true statement that happens all around Tucson, Arizona. I’m talking about how easy it is to find a cheap janitorial service, but hard to find a good one. There are some companies that want a cheap price and all the services included. There are the quote “Big National” companies that will give a cheap price with below par service and someone may want that and they get what they pay for in the poor service.

The vast majority of office managers just want the cleaning done right and send you a check. What a phenomenal concept. We have heard many times how they took the cheap price and signed a multi-year contract. Then the services were poor and they can’t get out of the contract. Insult to injury. It’s not the way we do business. Contact us and let us show you the difference.

So how do you find a good janitorial service in Tucson? Here are a few tips: are they a local service? how long have they been doing janitorial work in Tucson? do they have references from Tucson? do they brag about how big their company is nationally? Do they know their employee names? All these questions are a good start in finding the right cleaning service.

Porter services involve numerous duties: dust outside window ledges, pick up trash around parking lot, scrubs, around dumpsters, spot clean sidewalks.....

Which do you want, a local service that does the work or a national franchise? And the winner is clearly the local service. Full disclosure; we are a local service. So if you are looking for a great janitorial service and a competitive price check out our website for references and other information and fill out our quote form and we’ll show you the difference.

Need a Quote for Office Cleaning

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When all the information is digested the quote or bid for janitorial services is submitted. There are many things that go into preparing a quote. In this article I want to take apart the quote and expose the inner workings. Here are some of the highlights: bid tour, key areas of cleaning, insurances, inspections, supplies....

The bid tour or first meeting is where information is exchanged and we get a tour of the offices we will be cleaning. We use a bid sheet to gather the information and use when preparing a bid. Also, during the tour the bid sheet prompts questions to ask. It all comes together in the final bid.

There are several keys areas to look at when bidding for office cleaning. Some of the areas are: restrooms, floors, dusting, trashing.... All this information goes in a janitorial office cleaning bid. An outlier is the initial cleaning for the offices. Sometimes there is a charge for the initial cleaning.

I have been told over the years from office managers that the current service doesn’t have insurance. I wonder who will pay if a claim is made? They are usually surprised when they find out the current service is operating without insurance. Certificates of insurance are issued as proof of insurance.

The two types of supplies should be included in the quote and spelled out who will pay for the supplies and deliver them. There are two types of supplies: the supplies to do the actual cleaning and the supplies consumed in the restrooms and kitchen. The cleaning company usually supplies all the supplies to do the cleaning of your offices.

Every year the holiday schedule is different for each account and we accommodate each account. We’ll quote as if there are no holidays and are employees still get paid. If an account we clean once a week falls on a holiday we will clean the day before or after the holiday. It has never been a problem for us and the bottom line is to take care of your offices for you.

The Best Office Cleaning in Tucson

If an employee​ ​is​ ​injured on​ ​the​ ​job​ ​they​ ​should​ ​seek​ ​medical​ ​help​ ​immediately.​ ​After that they should report​ ​the​ ​injury​ ​to the main​ ​office. The janitorial office will report the injury to the workers insurance carrier. It’s a good idea to keep times and dates on all paperwork the office receives by email, text, letter, or phone call.

Most brand name cleaning products do a great job and are recognizable to most people. Janitors shouldn’t mix chemicals or bring their own to use at work. Also, the urinal in the men’s restroom if unflushed and mixed with certain chemicals can be dangerous.

I want to update you on the cordless backpack vacuum market. It appears prices are falling and the run times are longer. The Makita has a cordless backpack in the $500.00 range and runs for 90 minutes. Not bad and they offer it through home depot. Good luck with home depot.

No one is allowed at the work suite unless they are on our payroll. Some folks may think it’s no big deal, until something happens.Then the big question is who will pay if someone gets hurt or things are missing at the office being cleaned.

Guess what? The vacuum cord is a big part of the vacuum and needs proper care.. First, the cord needs to wound from the vacuum out to the plug. Why? This allows the cord to unwind, which helps the cord from knotting up and hard to use.

Desert Cleaning has had employees in the past that mistreated our vacuums and they are no longer with us. The vacuums had broken wheels, bent brushes, and snapped handles.... These are the items that are the most common. One time the vacuum was split in half. It’s hard to dream some of this up, but it’s true. The point is to take care of your assigned vacuum give it a name, and it will take care of you..

Commercial Janitorial Service Needed in Tucson

The many details to remember in the janitorial business are daunting . In the four main areas to clean in an office building; restrooms, dusting, trashing, and floors they each have details that the onsite janitor will include in their routine. The frequency for the details is important as well. So let’s explore details in the cleaning of an office building or business.

Let’s start with dusting. I just wrote a post about dusting so if you read that you can skip this section. Dusting is easy to do and easy to skip doing. Guess where Tucson is located in the desert, which makes it a never ending battle to keep an office dusted 100% all the time. The real secret is to do it consistently, phenomenal idea.

Of course restrooms have many details, so let’s take a look at a some. The restroom mirror seems straightforward but I have seen so many times where the lower 5 inches is missed on a bid walk. Restroom needs to be swept before mopping, a detail that some companies skip. The wall underneath the towel dispenser is often overlooked.

News Alert: I hate to interrupt this article but I just heard that the cordless backpack vacuum s are coming down in price and have longer run times with shorter times to charge the battery. Also, the harnesses have improved. The battery charge can be check so the janitor knows how much charge is left on the battery they are using

The building janitor has the job of removing the trash from the building to the dumpster. One of the main goals when trashing is to be sure nothing leaks on the flooring. Sometimes it is wise to double bag to help any leakage. The best way to trash is to use a barrel on wheels and when it is full wheel it to the outside and then remove the canliner from the barrel.

Looking for a great janitorial service in Tucson, Arizona? Call, email, or fill out our online quote form and let us show you what we can do for you.

Tucson Commercial Restroom Concerns

When graffiti in restrooms appears it should be removed immediately, otherwise it will keep happening. The office buildings I’ve seen in Tucson don’t have a huge problem with graffiti. However, I thought I’d write a little about the problem. The stall walls are the target that get graffiti and the spot most janitors miss is the inside of the stall door in the restrooms.

To stay ahead of the graffiti is to have a graffiti remover in the cleaning cart. Then it becomes part of the daily routine. You want to “nip it in the bud.” Before using a graffiti remover read and the directions.

Many janitorial services don’t dust in the restrooms. I”ve been on hundreds of building bid tours and have seen it first hand. Remember top to bottom cleaning and it applies to the restroom dusting. Start with the vents and work your way down to the baseboards around the walls.

An area that is often missed is cleaning under the towel boxes on the wall. I guess after a while the janitor thinks that the wall is suppose to look dirty and have streaks. In a way I’m glad that other janitorial services clean this way, but feel bad for the business that is getting the poor cleaning job, it’s not the way we operate.

The bowl rings and hard water build-up is a cleaning task the novice cleaning company may not know how to clean. There are several ways to get rid of the bowl ring and if you would like to know how we remove them contact me.

This gives a little of the trials and tribulations the janitor goes through in the commercial restroom. Everyone in the business has war stories concerning restrooms. I hope you got some information from this post and as usual if you have a question or want a bid for janitorial services let me know at ​ ​ and I’ll try to get you a quick answer.

System Control Janitorial Service

System control includes every part of the janitorial world. With this article I want to focus on the system Control exploration. The list is a reminder to the inspection team on areas to check. Even the seasoned janitor needs to inspected and this list helps.

The list is not to belittle the janitor but to provide the best office cleaning experience. The four basic cleaning areas are in the list as well as common details. The items that are unique to each account are covered in the file for that account. The quality assurance team looks at both.

Some common details are: cleaning sliding window in the receptionist area and counter, cleaning front door glass, make sure all magazines and chairs are straight, conference tables are wiped cleaned, stock janitor's closet, any outside cleaning tasks, breakroom details....

System Control starts with the on site janitor and ends with the inspection team. Together they put the positive janitorial experience to the client. If the on site janitor knows what is expected from them it helps. Then as insurance the inspection team catches any loose ends.

Well this wraps up this article on system control janitorial. Again, if you have any thoughts or comments please let me know. I'd love your input.

No Hot Water!

Whether to use hot or cold water is the big question as a janitor. Will hot water kill germs? Will cold water work just as well as hot water to water your flowers? With the internet full of articles on the subject it makes it confusing to have another or not. So let’s get the story rolling.

The research hot water kills bacteria but not germs is up for debate. You know the difference between germs and bacteria here in Tucson? I think there is a benefit to use hot water when possible in this market. Every time the janitor cleans a toilet they use cold water and it seems to work well and the complaint phone doesn’t ring.

Some buildings have the hot water turned off and those buildings are still there. Products used with the water is more important when cleaning. If hot water is available then get a pizza. I have never read a label that required hat water to be used with the product.

If you have any comments or input please let me know. Until next week, keep it clean! I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

Office Cleaning Specialists

Specializing in office cleaning here in Tucson describes Desert Cleaning. The office cleaning services are many. Basic services are standard for most offices that include: restrooms, dusting, trashing, and floors. Other services are unique to each business. After filling out our online quote form we’ll visit your offices and give you a quote.

Janitorial or office cleaning here in Tucson is mostly done at night. However, office cleaning services can take place during the day. Finding people for the nights and weekends are easier then during the day. Also, it may cost more for day time office cleaning. Why? Well it may take twice as long because the janitor has to work around people and wait for them to get off the phone or go back and clean a conference room after a meeting.

As an office cleaning specialist we are aware of the dusting. For some cleaning services I don’t think they know what dusting is about. Dusting is part of our system and doing it consistently is why we are specialists. Tucson is a dusty place because we live in the desert, so most offices need to be dusted at every service.

Knowing how to clean an office restroom is part of an office cleaning specialist priorities. The only thing more important than restrooms is security, which I want to cover soon. The low bidder will do a cursory clean . What do I mean? They may just put bowl cleaner in the toilet and leave it, no dusting, no cleaning the mirrors, The office cleaning specialist cleans the restrooms.

The office cleaning specialist will include the trash removal in the office as a basic service. Part of the trash removal is replacing the can liner as it gets dirty. The barrel on wheels is used to empty the desk trash can into. When the barrel is full it is taken to the dumpster, Depending on the account size a caddy or an apron is used to keep cleaning supplies for the restrooms, interior windows....

Jack of all services or an office cleaning specialist? We have seen janitorial services come and go that try and do it all. We specialize in office cleaning and do the job. Our focus is on your offices and getting them ready for the next day. Please see our home page for our free online quote form. We would love to meet you and see your offices and give you a bid.

Cleaning up With Soap

Years ago in buildings all across Tucson you would find a bar of soap next to the sink.When folks realised how messy and unsanitary it was along came the refillable dispenser and it seemed to solve the problems. What is the best soap dispenser now? Read on.

Experts say the refillable soap dispenser gets contaminated and the soap cartridge is the best. The refillable dispenser is not sealed and open for contamination. Then when the janitor refills the existing contaminated soap the new soap will be contaminated as well.

Currently, the sealed soap dispenser is the best and less messy. They aren’t really exposed to the elements which helps. The sealed container is easy to change and low maintenance. The sealed soap container is more likely to be used then the bar of soap, maybe because the bar of soap looks uninviting.

Also, in the restrooms the floor drain needs water poured down it every few weeks. If a foul odor is in the restrooms the water should take care of this. The wall under the towel box needs a regular cleaning because of the accumulation of hand splashes. Graffiti should be removed immediately.

Well, that’s it for coverage on soap dispensers. I hope you gleaned something from this post in Tucson janitorial services.

Tucson Janitorial Supplies, How They Work

Let’s take a look at janitorial supplies in this article. First, before a bid is submitted the office manager and the janitorial contractor need to discuss the supplies. Second, there are two types of supplies; the supplies to do the cleaning and the consumable supplies. Last is the the how the whole supply issue can work. Supplies are a nice topic to talk about so let’s get to work.

Janitorial supplies vary from office to office. Different brands,sizes, and types all play a part. Some of the issues are who orders the supplies, who picks them up, who delivers them, who pays for them? We can work within your system is the bottom line. We have never had a problem with supplies.

When you break the supplies into two types used in the janitorial world it makes sense. What are the two types? The first are the supplies used to do the actual cleaning. The janitorial service usually pays for these. Then, there are the consumable supplies used mainly in the restrooms and need to be discussed. We can usually accommodate most situations.

The delivery of the supplies can be direct from the janitorial supply store or we can delivery the supplies and may charge a small fee. Some companies like to pick up the supplies to get out of the office. Also, ordering the supplies can be made by the office manager or the janitorial service..

Ultimately the owner pays​ ​for​ ​the​ ​supplies​.​ ​The contractor can​ ​pay​ ​for​ ​the​ ​supplies​ ​then​ ​put​ ​them on​ ​the​ ​monthly​ ​bill,​ ​or​ ​​ ​bundle​ ​the​ ​supplies​ ​with​ ​the​ ​janitorial​ ​service​ ​​ ​for​ ​one​ ​consistent​ ​monthly cost, which is great for budgets.​ From our experience we can estimate the cost for the consumable supplies in a one monthly cost.

The supplies need to be talked about and agreed to before a bid is submitted. The cost, ordering and delivery all play a part. I hope this gave you some insight to supplies for offices here in Tucson, Arizona.

Cheap Office Cleaning, Can You Afford it?

All of us probably are guilty of hiring a cheap service at some point in our lives. The result is usually the same, lots of phone calls, bad service, and a high rotation of janitors. There are other concerns besides the cleaning and I’ll cover a few. A cheap janitorial service puts credence in the old saying “ you get what you pay for?”

What amazes me is the low bidder usually requires a long term contract. I have been told numerous times by office managers that they can’t get out of their long term janitorial contract. For some it is horrifying. In some cases if the office manager can't get out of the contract then they complain all the time. What a great way for the janitorial service to act.

References speak louder than words. If you have a office cleaning service say they are going to do all these wonderful things and at a cheap price the red flags should be soaring. The work still has to be done whether. The actual email or reference letter is the best and not a random quote with a name below it.

Bad service and a lot of complaint phone calls is part of a cheap service and low bid. The term “ trash and dash” applies. I guess it is part of their business model to not do what you say you are going to do and wait for the phone to ring in the morning. Can you imagine 3 years of this every service?

I hope you don’t have to experience a cheap janitorial service firsthand and that this article helped. Many of our accounts we have had for many years and there is a reason, we do the work. I know this is a phenomenal concept, but when the low bid is awarded the job look out. It’s not if they will skip services, it’s when.

Tucson Office Cleaning Number One

Being number one includes details and having a system that works like a swiss watch. In that system are the basics: dusting, trashing, restrooms, and floors. Then there are cleaning tasks unique to each. The number one goal is to keep the customer happy. Having the best janitorial crew in Tucson helps.

The number one janitorial service has trashing as part of their system. I’ve talked about trashing a lot because it is one of the four basic services. It comes right after doing the restrooms, this way when the janitor does the dusting loop they will see any missed trash cans. The number one janitorial service will put the trash can back in its place.

Being number one the janitor service will have a system to handle unique requirements. Let me give you some examples: cleaning the microwaves, areas not to dust, areas not to clean, what to clean in the warehouse. How the supplies are handled many times are different at each business.

The number two area of importance are the restrooms, just behind security. The restrooms need to be cleaned and disinfected. Can you guess the number one concern in the restroom? I’ll tell you at the end of this article. Well, I’ll tell you now, the number one concern in the restroom is toilet paper. Can you imagine a restroom without toilet paper?

Dusting is an easy number one. Why? Historically, dusting is the number one complaint locally and nationally. Dusting has to be consistent because Tucson is a dust bowl. It comes in on people, open doors, and vents. Also, there is paper dust and other elements. Don’t forget to dust the restrooms, they need tops of partitions, vents, and baseboards....

What does it take to be number one? A whole lot more than this article covered. The janitorial business has many details and people have written books about the business. I’ve seen only one good book and the guy that wrote the book had a janitorial business and started it from the ground up.

A B C or D

What am I talking about? The office restrooms and how to grade them. To my knowledge there is not a formal grading system for restrooms. There are inexpensive ways to upgrade an office restroom and I’ll try to cover some of them. Top to bottom cleaning should be used in the restrooms for a perfect finish. The system for filling the dispensers is critical.

Since there isn’t a set grading system for restrooms that I know of as of this date your customers will grade them ultimately. So, what is and A restroom? They have running water and the toilet paper doesn’t have wood chips in it. Also, the hand towels isn’t an extra roll of toilet paper sitting on the counter.

In the above paragraph I briefly describe a D restroom. I want to continue describing the D restroom. Here are a few more indicators: you enter the restroom from the outside, there are no grab bars around the toilet, there are no partitions, the mirror is a sheet of stainless steel.... I’ll stop hammering the D restroom, but it has been fun.

Top to bottom cleaning is a basic system to follow. Start the cleaning in the restrooms with hgh items and work your way down. I’ve noticed on bid tours that the high cleaning tasks are usually missed. Also, the low part of the mirror is missed I’ve seen more then once. The last bottom task is sweep and mop your way out of the restroom.

How to upgrade a D restroom inexpensively starts with the consumables: toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap.... Buying quality products look and make the user feel good. I saw at a building a roll of toilet paper on the sink counter and no kidding that was in place of the hand towels. If the restroom has more than one towel box in use maybe remove the others for an easy upgrade.

A B C or D which do your restrooms fall? Remember there are no restroom police judging them, just your clients. Some inexpensive upgrades should help until you gut and remodel the whole restroom. Ok, I’ll give you one more inexpensive upgrade: make sure there's toilet seats.

Office Can Liners in Tucson

Can liners used in the cleaning business have different sizes, thicknesses, and colors. They are used to organize and contain trash. Using the right size can liner and having a system makes all the difference. What did people do before can liners? Do you know the only trash cans in an office that don’t need a can liner?

The most common colors are white/clear and black can liners. We use the white can liners because we feel it has a cleaner look. The red can liner indicates hazardous material and is mainly used in the medical offices. A separate service will pick up the red bags and then incinerate them.

The size of the can liner can save time or waste the office cleaner’s time. At Desert Cleaning we use a larger can line then required because: with the larger can liner it is harder to get pulled in the trash can, with the larger can liner our twist and tuck works, and the lager can liner holds more trash. We have cut our inventory cost by eliminating the small can liners.

News update: Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc. bought a new van that will be used for deliveries and carrying floor equipment. We had the vehicle wrap put on last week with our name and website. If you see us driving in town give us a five finger wave.

Did you know that linoleum flooring can be waxed? If the linoleum flooring is waxed there are strippers made for doing the job without damaging the linoleum. The stamina floor sealer should be considered before the wax is applied.

Back to can liners and the rest of the story. Double bagging the can liner is a great idea if you know the history of the can and how it has items that may require double bagging. Also, double bagging the can liner is used when trashing an account without using the barrel on wheels.

Imagine life without can liners. What a mess! The owner of the property usually pays for the can liners, however, it can be in the monthly janitorial rice. I’ll see you next week and if you have any ideas on office cleaning topics let me know. Thanks in advance..

What’s Inside your Van?

Have you ever looked inside your janitors van or the janitor’s closet? If they are a mess it might be the reason your office is not getting cleaned properly. A clean and organized van and janitors closet shows pride of ownership and should follow through to the job. I want to take a look inside a cleaning van and janitor’s closet at key areas.

Many things go in an office cleaning van; poles, toilet paper and hand towel boxes, chemicals. Vacuums, trash barrels, and many numerous small items. We keep our vans stocked with everything and make a note when we give items out so we can restock the van immediately.

Every few months a office cleaning van should have everything removed so the floor of the van can be cleaned. Then, put everything back in the van, cleaning items as needed. Going to the car wash frequently is important, especially if your name is pn the van. Keeping the van clean in and out has an effect on the customer and our employees.

What’s inside your janitors closet? Or are you afraid to look? I have seen janitor closets on bid tours and some were freighting. All the equipment was black and unorganized. Moldy towels in a ball half wet and trash still in the barrel with no can liner. Does this sound familiar? If you answered yes then give us a call or fill out our free online quote form.

If there is a janitor closet it should have a slop sink and shelves. The slop sink is mainly used to fill and empty a mop bucket. The shelves are great to keep things off the floor and getting wet. The shelves are used for small to medium item and the big items are on the floor.

Independence Day was yesterday and was a nice break in the schedule. I hope you had a nice 4th of July. and if you have questions or input on this article let me know. Next week I plan on exploring the janitorial world on can liners, It will be a lot of fun.

Office Cleaning in Tucson

Office cleaning covers many areas; the nightly janitorial, washing windows, striip and wax floors, supplies.... In this article I want to take a cursory look at the some of these topics. Let me know if you have any input or comments about office cleaning. You can email me at​ .

Supplies need to be discussed before the bid. Who will order, pay for, and deliver the supplies? There are the supplies needed to do the cleaning and the supplies that are consumed. The cleaning company usually takes care of the supplies needed for the cleaning. The consumable supplies can be handled several ways.

Most office cleaning is done at night and on the weekends. However, there are day office cleaning accounts. The day time office cleaning usually costs more than night time service. There are several reasons: janitorial work is part time and harder to find someone to work. It takes longer to clean when the janitor has to work around people.

Strip and waxing and buffing of floors can be on a schedule or as requested. The buffing of floors gives the floor a high shine. Grocery stores do the buffing nightly amd most offices do the buffing weekly. Strip and waxing a floor depends on how much traffic the floors receive. We have seen many floors at offices that have been waxed when the floor shouldn’t have been waxed.

Window washing can be included in the office cleaning price or be a separate price and done as requested. The office cleaning company should have insurance. Most policies only cover one to two stories and the insurance for higher is very expensive. The windows in a vacant should be cleaned in a regular schedule.

If you have read this far I just want to say thanks. Office cleaning involves many things and I will cover more in future articles. Next week has the 4th of July on a Wednesday which mixes the week up, so I may not write an article. If you have any questions or thoughts please email me at​ . I hope you have a safe holiday!

Do You Want The Best Janitorial Service in Tucson?

Are you sick and tired of cleaning up after your janitor? If you answered yes to these questions then you have the right website Desert Cleaning has a fast free online quote form, excellent references, and have been the go to janitorial service in Tucson since 1980. In this article I want to see what makes Desert Cleaning tick and explore why the national janitorial services are horrible.

Let’s talk about the national janitorial services and get them out of the way. If you are looking for a low bid, bad service, and a long term contract that’s hard to get out of. Then you want a national janitorial service. I have heard the horrific nightmares on bid tours from office and property managers.

The ​days​ ​a​ ​week​ ​for​ ​janitorial​ ​services​ ​is​ ​always​ ​a​ ​question for each office.​ The​ ​customer​ ​that they​ ​can​ ​increase​ ​or​ ​decrease​ ​the​ ​days​ ​to​ ​be​ ​serviced and DC can usually accommodate the change. When services​ ​are​ ​only​ ​once​ ​a​ ​week​ ​or every​ ​other​ ​week​ ​then​ ​the​ ​customer​ ​may​ ​have​ ​to​ ​do​ ​some​ ​of​ ​the​ ​cleaning themselves in between Desert Cleaning.

The quote​ ​for​ ​janitorial​ ​services​ ​can​ ​start​ ​with​ ​a​ ​phone​ ​quote​ ​or​ ​a​ ​tour​ ​of​ ​the offices.​ A few​ ​of​ ​the​ ​questions​ ​are:​ ​frequency,​ ​supplies,​ ​square​ ​footage,​ ​and​ ​elevator cabs.​ ​A​ ​quote​ ​is​ ​both​ ​art​ ​and​ ​science and this is where having knowledge helps. Your​ ​business​ ​is​ ​unique​ ​and​ ​may​ ​require different​ ​services​ ​or​ ​billing​ ​system.

Do you have offices that are crying for a real janitor service? Call us or fill out our free online quote form and get rid of those headaches with your current janitor service.

What’s in a Janitorial Contract? Part 3

Many things go into a janitorial contract. The contract should have a clause covering: security, Insurances, supplies, prices, and billing.... A specification sheet with details and information to keep in the file Is part of a great system. The last page is usually the signature page with phone numbers and emails.

In the insurance clause it would mention the different types of insurance and certificates as well as bond coverage. Risk management can be extremely helpful in preventing a bad situation. Liability is important as well as workers compensation insurance. They all have there place in a legitimate cleaning service.

There are two types of supplies in office cleaning. First, there are the consumable supplies; toilet paper, hand towels, soap.... Then there are the supplies that the janitor uses to do the cleaning. How the supplies are ordered, delivered, and paid can work in many combinations and this needs to be spelled out in the contract.

The contract will have a clause for the cost of services and billing. In our contract we spell out what the cost of services and how we bill. However, this is a starting point and we can usually work within your system when billing.

Security is the number one concern for the janitor. Making sure the building is secure when cleaning and after leaving. Locking doors is number one and setting the alarm. Leaving certain lights on and informing owner of any issues will be in a clause.

The specification page spells out the cleaning and non-cleaning information. The non-cleaning include: business address, emails, square footage, and emergency numbers.... The cleaning part starts with the basic services and items unique to that business. These items give a lot of information and create a road map for everyone to follow.

This concludes part three of “what’s in a janitorial contract?”

What is the process for janitorial services?

The process in the janitorial business is:

1. Initial contact

2. Bid tour

3. Bid.

4. Bid accepted.

5. Start account.

6. Inspect account.

7. Bill account.

I know some of you are probably saying there is more to it and you’re right, however, in this article I’m taking a cursory look at the process. Also, no matter how much technologies advance there will be the human element hanging around. What brought this up?

Through all the marketing efforts, (website, phone calling, mailings,) comes the initial contact. This is when information from both sides are exchanged. If everything looks good for everyone then a meeting is set for the building tour, which I want to talk about in the next paragraph.

The building tour, office tour, bid walk, bid tour are all names that maybe used when meeting with the office manager for the first time. Each office manager has their own idea of what they want to show and the time to do it. There are certain areas you want to be sure to look at like the restrooms and how the supplies are handled.

Then, back at the office is where we put the bid together. The price is probably the first item to figure. It’s similar to appraising real estate because there is more than one way to arrive at a price. Once we type the bid up we email to the office manager for their review.

When a bid is accepted it always gives me a great feeling. Now the work starts getting everything ready for the first night so the onsite janitors have everything they need to to do the job. This is when systems really come in play. If a janitorial service has systems then everything should fall in place.

Inspecting an account has the basic points to check plus items unique to each account. Our sought after system works like a swiss watch and is one of the reasons we have been in business for a long time. The key to inspections is consistency and following up after the inspection with the results.

Billing and receiving a check is great and ends the process. The cycle never ends in the janitorial business. We bill the beginning of the month for the janitorial services for that month. The check is due on or before the 1st of the following month. We can deviate from that and work within your system.

The process for janitorial services is the same in most cases. However, it can change quickly. For example: we have an account going on 7 years and when I bid it I never meet the contact person or looked at the offices. It has worked great and been a win win for everyone. I could keep babbling but will stop now. If you have any input let me know.

Janitorial Products Reviewed 5-31-2018

By: Reid Sossong, RPA Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc.

There are janitorial products always coming on the market. They maybe improving an old product or it is a new product. This article is for informational purposes and should be researched and verified. From safety gear to floor products to trash bags or can liners. So, let’s take a look.

Trash compactor by Kaivax helps save space by 50 percent. It will save trips to the dumpster, but in Tucson the need isn’t that great. Our company has been in business a long time and we have never seen one here. After writing thus I’ll probably see several in use.

Alzare has a new extra foaming hand sanitizer that kills all kinds of bad things and mounts on the wall for commercial us. It works on vinyl and latex gloves. I carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with an it works well. I have not seen this product, but when I do I will update you.

Hospeco has a new menstrual care disposal bags that mount on the restroom wall. This bag will help eliminate odors and is much more sanitary. I have not seen this yet and will check with the local janitorial supplier to see if this is a new product. Also, the cost may make some managers stick with the old system.

Well, this wraps up some of the more interesting new or improved products that I have seen. Where do I get the information? I see new products in trade magazines, our accounts, and our staff msy tell us about a new product. Additionally, I see new products on TV and through my daily travels.

Strip and Wax Floors

In this article I want to talk about strip and waxing floors here in Tucson. Also, want to mix in wood and laminate floors and the Bona system to clean them. In some situations the floors may need to be buffed on a regular schedule to keep a high shine. I’ll try to cover some of the cleaners used to clean the floors after strip and waxing.

When a new vinyl tile is installed it has a coat of wax on it for protection. This coat should be removed and then a sealer and wax put down. It’s like the tv show “ How it’s made”, there are steps to follow for a perfect finished floor. Read the label for dry times. The dog and pony show just went west.

The frequences to strip a floor varies from business to business. Why? The traffic flow may be heavy or light which has an effect on the need to strip and wax. Also, how the floors were maintained will affect the need to strip and wax. We had an account that we buffed weekly and the floor needed to be stripped 9 years later. The floor always had a high shine.

We see a lot of laminate floors and find most people are unaware that it is like wood floors. How is it like wood floors? The main thing is not using a wet mop to clean the floor. A local salon had laminate floors and used a wet mop. After a while the floor joints started to separate. Not good.

Our company uses the Bona Systems on wood and laminate floors. And it works.They have the right chemicals and cleaning pads for the laminate and wood floors maintenance. A few months ago we took a building tour and the laminate floors had been waxed numerous times. If you can’t put water on the laminate how can you strip it? It’s a secret.

This article just scratched the surface on stripping and waxing floors. Stripping and waxing floors can be a lot of fun and I plan on covering more in future articles.

Office cleaning services

Office cleaning services are many things. There are the basic services: trash, restrooms, dusting and floors. Then, there are the services unique to each office. Also, there are frequencies, day or night service, windows. It starts with our online quote form and a tour of your offices.

Let’s take a look at dusting, one of the basic services. In Tucson it gets dusty because we live in the desert. Dusting has to be consistent. We see on bid tours how many companies skip dusting, especially in the restrooms. Ledges, tops of partitions, vents all need attention.

Are you tired of cleaning up after your janitor? If you answered yes you aren’t alone. Recently we have been on several bid tours and it was amazing the cleaning items that were not getting done. It was a trash and dash situation. The dust build up looked like it hadn’t been done in a long time. At another office the rings on the kitchen counter had been there for months.

Day or night janitorial services is a choice we offer. Most janitorial work is done at night and the weekends. The nights and weekends are easier to find people and it is more time efficient than the day time service. The day time service takes longer because you have people that require working around and coming back to service their area.

The lobby needs to be clean and organized. This means the magazines should be straight, chairs back in place, front door glass cleaned, a good vacuuming, clean reception counter and glass window. When people are sitting and waiting they have time to look around and the cleaning and organization of the lobby is a reflection on the business.

Restrooms are just as important as the lobby. Again, people will judge a person’s business by how clean the restrooms are kept. Even in a D building if the restrooms are clean and have quality consumables people will have a good feeling about your business.

Well I could keep going but I’ve run out of time. This is a topic that is endless. So, with that said I’ll say goodbye and see you next week.

Looking for a Day Porter Service in Tucson, part 5

What is a day porter service? A day porter augments the janitor in a building or the parking lot sweeper at a shopping center. They keep things running smoothly. so the property is always up to speed. Duties vary from property to property but here are a few of them: common area trash removal, cleaning around dumpsters, dusting window sills, empty trash containers....

The trash containers on the outside need to be emptied and a new can liner put in the container. Some may require a double can liner because of the heavy usage. Also, cleaning the container lid is important. The day porter will puff the can liner out so it doesn't suck the can liner in when trash is thrown in.

Scheduling for the day porter at shopping centers can be once a week to seven days a week. The once a week could be covering the weekend and the week day service is done by the maintenance crew. Our company can service seven days a week or once a week. Usually the day porter at shopping center does their job between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am and at an office building it is done during the day.

In Tucson it gets dusty and the outside windows need a regular cleaning, even the vacant suites. I mention the vacant suites because it will keep all the windows in the center uniform.. Also, it is important to dust the window sills at every service, it does have an effect. The vacant suite will need to be cleaned: swepted, dusted, clean restrooms....

Cleaning around the dumpsters allows the trash truck easy access to the dumpsters. Our company has a pound limit and if we can’t put it in the dumpster we’ll let the property manage know. Some examples: a refrigerator, washer and dryers, and extra large wood pallets.... These items ar e found around the dumpsters.

There is more to day portering then I covered in this article and I plan on covering more in a future article. If you have questions or any input email me at desertcleaningt ​

The Best Janitorial Service in Tucson

What does it take to be the best janitorial service in Tucson? Number one helps and solid references for starters. The first quarter of the year has been great in all departments. It takes excellent employees who do a great job. Also, all the behind the scenes effort to have the office cleaner at the account ready to go each service.

Having great employees that do the job right and do the job consistently Over the years we are improving our systems and when the employees follow them the account receives a great janitorial experience. To be number one you have to have great employees.

The employees that do all the work to make sure the on site janitor has all the supplies to do the job have to follow the system as well. I have written in previous articles about the behind the scenes effort to have everything the onsite janitor needs. This includes the office staff and all the vendors that the company uses.

References for the best janitorial service in Tucson are high on the list and puts Desert Cleaning janitorial Services, inc, at the number one best janitor service in the city. Have you seen references with just a paragraph and name? Let know what you think of those. Desert Cleaning has real references on their company letterhead.

If you are tired of cleaning up after your current janitor then call Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc, or fill out our online quote form and experience the best janitorial service in Tucson.

J​ anitor Service Hidden Valley

We want a janitorial service in Hidden Valley, Tucson. We are looking for the basic service: trashing, dusting, restrooms, and floors. We are tired of cleaning up after our janitor and want a local company that is easy to work with. We want the best and need day and night service. If this sounds like you then give us a call or fill out our online quote form.

Hidden Valley is in the north-northeast area of Tucson. Like the rest of Tucson it gets dusty and dusting is an important part of the janitorial service. Dusting every visit and dusting smart show. It’s all about consistency. When dusting is skipped it can be a real mess to clean.

I just wrote about trashing an office and Hidden Valley is the same as in town. We use a larger size can liner for the barrel on wheels and the desk size can liners. The purpose of the barrel on wheels is so when a can liner leaks it will do it inside the barrel. Also, the barrel holds more trash so ti is more efficient.

The Hidden Valley is a nice clean area and businesses are the same. Like everywhere else the restrooms need to be cleaned. People judge how a business is run by how clean the restrooms are and our job is to clean the restrooms to make you look good..We usually clean the restrooms first in Hidden Valley.

If you have a business in the Hidden Valley area please shoot us an email or fill out our fast free quote form . We’ll come out and tour your offices and give you a quote.

Trash Can Liners...

Trash can liners come in different colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Can liners are used to keep the trash can clean and to organize the trash ready for disposal. As simple as it seems to do the trashing at an office you better have a system to save time and to do an efficient job. Can you imagine life without can liners?

Let’s take a look at the different colors and their uses. Red liners are mostly used in medical offices for hazardous waste. Usually a service will pick up the red liners and incinerate them. We like the white semi clear can liners for the clean appearance. Food facilities have their own system and others can designate the colors as needed.

The can liners come in different sizes and size makes a difference. We prefer a larger can liner for several reasons: the can kiner won’t get sucked in as easy, it is easier to twist and tuck, the larger size is usually thicker, Also, we lower the number of sizes we use and inventory. In some situations it is wise to double the can liners, especially when the barrel on wheels isn’t used.

Imagine not using can liners and the mess it would create. Can liners are used to keep your trash can clean and to organize the trash for removal. What if you had to wash the trash can every time it was emptied? It would cost extra time and money. Many times we will double bag the can liner in case of a rip in the can liner.

Flu Season at the Office

Since we are in flu season I thought I’d briefly discuss hygiene in the office environment. Normally we don’t clean the keyboards, computer, phones....However, we will upon request clean these items. Either way let's take a look around the office and see some of the hot spots.

First, let's stop in at the conference room and see where the fingerprints collect. The big conference room table has plenty of fingerprints to spray and wipe clean. Then all the conference room chairs have armrests that should be cleaned too. Lights and any where people touch should be on the list to clean.

Have you ever heard the phrase " wash your hands with soap and water.” The same holds true today and now with the addition of sanitizers it really helps. A doctor told me that they are using sanitizers more between patients than soap and water, because the soap is harder on the hands and by the end of the day their hands are in rough shape.

Did you know that over half of men don’t wash their hands after using the restroom and that a quarter of the women don’t wash their hands. What is the world coming too. And we want to go to Mars. Just think of all the things people touch that don’t wash their hands. More folks are using hand sanitizers that they carry with them.

On most people's desks they have a keyboard, mouse, phone, and calculator. All of these items should be cleaned daily with disinfection wipes. Also, the computer screen needs to be wiped clean with a good lens wipe. Once a person gets into a routine of wiping these items everyday it helps in keeping a clean office.

Tucson Janitorial Service ASAP

Once in a while we have a request for starting janitorial service immediately and usually we can accomodate the request. The business maybe opening a new office and need service quick or may be a one time cleaning. The current janitor service quit and can’t miss a service. Health issues can play a part in needing a service ASAP.

We went on several bids recently and a couple want service ASAP. Also we got an ear full about the national janitorial companies. Because of the poor service and phone calls not returned was the reason for the switch. One of the bids found out they can’t switch because the contract from the national company had 1.5 years left on the contract. We don’t work this way.

One time cleaning of a commercial office suite or the business could take the whole building. The price to a one time clean can vary depending on the services needed. Are strup and waxing of the floors considered a one time clean? They could, but this article covers mainly the general cleaning.

Starting an account ASAP is usually not to difficult because the office manager knows that we are starting on a short notice. The details and shoddy work from the previous service usually takes a few services to bring it up to speed. I won’t get into any war stories here maybe in a future article. However, we have before and after photos on our website of some accounts we took over.

More Janitorial Talk​...

When we inspect an office building it is wise to take as many cleaning supplies as possible. This way if the inspection team see’s something missed they can clean it quickly. The inspection team maybe responsible for delivering supplies to the account. We have a schedule for each account and usually inspect them monthly.

Here’s another secret about inspecting; it has to be consistent. Even if the account has had no complaints. This may in part be why the account hasn’t had complaints. It is all about keeping you happy and keeping your office clean.

How can janitorial prices vary? One answer is that low bidders skip the inspecting and that saves them money. Then, they wait for the complaint phone to ring in the morning. At Desert Cleaning the inspection is built in the price. Our system has worked for 38 years and can work for you too.

Some of the outside cleaning duties are: vacuuming mats, cleaning drinking fountains, cleaning elevators, blowing sidewalks and stairwells, cleaning windows.... The frequencies will vary from office to office and so will the duties. Other duties may include removing trash from outside containers and wiping down any tables.

There are two types of supplies that need to be discussed before bidding. The first group of supplies are the cleaning supplies used to do the actual cleaning. These supplies are usually paid for by the cleaning company. The second group of supplies are the consumables: toilet paper, hand rowes, soap..... These supplies can be handled a number of way’s.

Inspection Checklist Talk

We use a commercial inspection checklist when checking your building. The list helps in having a successful inspection. The inspection liat and gives us something to refer to later with the on site janitor. The inspection list helps even the seasoned inspector. Also, the inspection team will take the file for the account that they are going to inspect.

I took some of the list we use and made the following list:

  • Entrance door glass.
  • Receptionist counter and desk area.
  • Organise lobby magazines neatly.
  • Everywhere for dusting missed.
  • Check trash can liners if needed.

Men and women restrooms for build-up: under urinals, full mirror, dispensers full, vents dusted and tops of partitions, hard water build-up in bowls and sink, behind bowls, wipe tops of baseboards, wipe walls under dispensers, floors swept and mopped ( edges and corners ), under seat, change can liners if needed.

  • Is the vacuuming everywhere: under desks, behind doors, move chairs.
  • Is the janitor closet is clean, organized, and looks great.
  • Check outside: stairs, handrails and elevators: walls, tack, floors.
  • All hard floors swept and mopped, corners etc.
  • Look for spots on interior-interior glass.
  • In the conference room: move chairs and check floor under table for vacuuming. Table surface.
  • Kitchen check: sink, counter, tables, cabinets, trash can and lid, refrigerator and microwave exterior wipe, interior too.

The inspection list is a guide for the inspection team to use. We work for you and the inspection of your office is part of our system. The job of the inspection team is not to find fault with the onsite janitor, but to keep the complaint phone from ringing. The findings of the team will be reviewed with the onsite janitor.

What is a key Fob?

A fob, usually called a key fob, is a security device with built-in authentication used to control and secure access to a building. The r​emote car starters, garage door openers, and keyless entry devices on hotel room doors are also called fobs. Also, the remote key fob you use to open your car is called a fob.

Security is the number one concern at any building. From alarms to keys it makes a difference in securing the building. The fob is a great way to secure a building and keep track who comes and goes and their times. Also, you can program a fob off and it will no longer work.

For the janitor using one door to go in and out of is best. Sometimes the janitor may have to use two doors. At some of our account we have a lock box in the janitors closet to keep the keys and fobs on the premises. The bottom line is security is number one for the janitor.

Having the keys organized is a must in the janitorial business. We have a system that has work for years. Our insurance policy has a lost key coverage clause and hopefully we’ll never have to use it. Usually, we have a key for the onsite janitor and an office copy as well. The office copy is used for inspections and for the floater.

Go Local! Go with the Pro’s

Go with the local janitorial service and get the service you want. The national companies have a bad reputation here in Tucson. They give low bids, require a long term contract, and the work is subpar. We hear it all the time from property managers and office managers about the national janitorial companies and the stories are horrifying.

I have heard that the national janitorial companies operate with a salesperson quoting low prices for office cleaning. When they get the account they hand it off to a franchisee that bought into the business. They don’t make any money and they start to cut corners. What a system to buy into. I have heard negative stories from the franchisees as well.

Getting the service you want is easier with a local janitorial service. The local service is more hands on and involved. I want to mention that with a local company the money stays in Tucson. The local janitorial service will respond quickly to your needs. No smoke and mirrors with the local company.

Are you tired of cleaning up after your janitor? Then go with the pros at Desert Cleaning here in Tucson. They have been in business for 38 years and there is a reason, they treat you right and it shows. See their reference letters and other information on their website. Also, fill out their fast online form and let them go to work for you.

Janitorial Details 101

Most janitorial work is rote. Then there are the details when cleaning an office. Also there are special requests at each account. We put the cleaning list into four main areas: trash, dust, restrooms, and floors. Within each are the details, so let’s get started!

What is trashing? Trashing involves emptying all the trash containers in an office. The desk can liner should be clean and look uniform. We developed the twist and tuck system for quick release. The janitor that does these items will keep the complaint phone from ringing.

Restroom details are abundant so let’s review a few. The mirrors can be overlooked unless the janitor really looks at the mirror, especially the bottom 5 inches. The restroom floors need to be swept before mopping. Believe it or not but the restrooms need to be dusted starting with the vents down.

Dusting is one of my favorite topics. We leave our competition in the dust. Dusting is easy and and easy to skip for some companies. If the dusting is skipped too many times it turns into a real big cleaning project. If the dust is sticky and moist it has been there for a while. Consistency is the answer to keeping an office dusted.

Floors are beneath us all. Carpet, tile, wood laminate. .... The list of flooring is long..The main difference between carpet and tile is carpet takes one pass and tile is a two step process to maintain in most situations. Wood and laminate flooring we use a different system to clean them. If you would like more information please call or email.

Special requests are noted and can be unique to each account. For example: special dusting requirements on what not to dust, offices not to clean, cleaning of the microwaves, and the warehouse restroom. The special request could be a one time event or a scheduled event.

Looking for a Day Porter in Tucson, Part 4

The day porter services in Tucson can be for a shopping center, office building, or medical facility. Here is a short list of services: cleaning up around dumpsters, emptying outside trash containers, removing trash from bushes and parking lot, midday cleaning of the restrooms and looby. Also the day porter augments the janitorial service and parking lot sweeper.

When we started the day portering for shopping centers I couldn't believe all the trash in the shopping center s parking lots.... It was everywhere in bushes, around dumpsters, and it was daily which is good for business.

Maintaining a vacant suite can be included in the services. The leasing agents have told me that it helps to have a clean suite when showing . Some of the services for the vacant suite are: dusting, sweeping, mopping, running the water in the restrooms, cleaning the toilets.... Also, cleaning the windows from time to time.

Depending on how busy an office is it may need a day porter to come in and clean and restock the restrooms. Most offices do not need a day porter and they will know if they need one when the toilet paper runs out at 10:00 am every day.

A pound limit on items we’ll remove is an important beause the day porter can’t remove a refrigerator, engine block, or washing machine. What do we do when this happens? We generally will let the property manager know.

A big part of the day porters job at a shopping center is the trash containers in front of the shopping center. Some trash containers require double bagging and others are rarely used. The system used depends on the center.

Do you need a day porter in Tucson? If you have questions or need a quote let me know.

Tucson Janitorial Inspection Part 4

Our amazing systems for janitorial services includes office inspections. Consistent inspections are the real secret to keeping an account. The checklist is used for quality control and is used even by the seasoned inspector. The inspection process is to make sure the customer is receiving the best possible service.

Our inspection team is not trying to find fault with the onsite janitor, instead they are making sure you receive a high level of service.. We will review with the onsite janitor any items missed or need attention. They understand this and the smart janitor will bring the cleaning up to speed.

To be on the inspection team, the inspector will have experience cleaning offices. They know what to look for and what the customer wants. It always helps to have a second set of eyes go through a building to inspect. Even a seasoned pro gets inspected in our company. Again it’s not to find fault.

We have created a system that the inspector and on site janitor use. It covers all the items unique to your office. Our signature system is sought after and for good reason it’s the best. We are constantly improving the system. Oh, by the way this is our 38th year in the janitorial business in Tucson.

The inspectors job is an important part of the process. Why? Because they are suppose to catch mistakes before the office manager does.It may cost more to have an inspection team but we see it as an insurance policy in the big picture.

If you are getting bids a good question would be do they have an inspection team? If they don’t have an inspection team I wonder what the service would look like.

Desert Cleaning Reviews and Reference Letters

Reviews and reference letters can be a great way to tell if you want to do business with a janitorial service. Please see our reference letters and reviews on the Desert Cleaning link. The reference letters and reviews will show a pattern of how you and your company operate and deal with people. The review may show how many years you have been cleaning their offices.

Reviews and reference letters can be a great way for people to get to know more about how the business operate. Reviews on their company stationery are best. Have you seen reviews on some websites with just peoples names and no company name? Makes you wonder if they are real.

A nice part about a review or reference letter is the proven track record it shows. It is good for advertising and let’s people get to know more about the cleaning company. Doing a great job is the first step in getting a good review and reference letter. Then the office staff must be easy to work with and understand the account and be willing to listen.

Well, I really enjoyed writing this article because we have built a solid janitorial company with a great list of references. Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts on this article or in the future.

Tucson Janitorial Restrooms

Reviewed By Reid Sossong, RPA Sponsored by Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc.

In restroom cleaning there are systems to follow. From paper products to bowl rings there are plenty of details to cover when cleaning and stocking a restroom. Most buildings are set up with the janitor’s closet between the mens and womens restrooms for easy access to supplies needed.

In a previous article I mentioned top to bottom cleaning and its importance. I have been shocked on bid tours at the missed cleaning areas in the restrooms. Mainly the high areas, but the lower areas are missed as well. Top to bottom cleaning is straight forward if you know what to clean and in the right order.

The mirrors in the restrooms can be a problem unless the janitor looks at the entire mirror. It is easy to miss the bottom part of the mirror when standing you may not see the water splashes, but when you lean and look the dirty mirror shows.

Restroom sinks need to be cleaned at every service. Otherwise, the sinks will look like the before photo on our homepage of a neglected sink at an account we took over. Thanks to our detail team for the excellent job on the restroom sink in the photo.

Part of the restroom tasks are the filling of the dispensers. There are many types of dispensers and each has their own tricks to filling them.. The soap dispensers are usually filled or a cartridge you insert. Hand towels can be multifold, c-fold, or roll. Toilet paper can be one or two ply. Also, the dispensers should be cleaned and the walls around each.

We are seeing a few more water less urinals at our accounts. There is a different cleaning procedure and a cartridge that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. I don’t have any statistics at this time but when I do I’ll share it with you.

Restroom Graffiti and Details

Graffiti in restrooms should be removed immediately, otherwise it will get worse. The office buildings I’ve seen in Tucson don’t have a huge problem with graffiti. However, I thought I’d write a little about the problem. The stall walls are the target that get graffiti and the spot most janitors miss is the inside of the stall door.

One thought to stay ahead of the graffiti is to have a graffiti remover in the cleaning cart at all times. Then it becomes part of the daily routine. You want to “nip it in the bud.” Before using a graffiti remover read and the directions to eliminate problems.

It is amazing how many companies don’t dust in the restrooms. How do I know? I've been on hundreds of building bid tours and have seen it first hand. Remember top to bottom cleaning and it applies to the restroom dusting. Start with the vents and work your way down to the baseboards.

Another hot spot that is often missed are cleaning under the towel boxes on the wall. I guess after a while the janitor thinks that the wall is suppose to look dirty and have streaks. In a way I’m glad that other janitorial services clean this way, but feel bad for the business that is getting the poor cleaning service.

Bowl rings and hard water build-up is a cleaning task the novice cleaning company may not know how to clean. There are several ways to get rid of the bowl ring and if you would like to know how we remove them send me an email.

This gives a little of the trials and tribulations the janitor goes through in the commercial restroom. Everyone in the business has war stories concerning restrooms. I hope you got some information from this article and as usual if you have a question or want a bid for janitorial services let me know at ​

Which Soap Dispenser?

Back in the day there was the bar of soap in the restrooms to wash your hands. Then, the refillable soap dispenser came along and was less messy. Now we know that the refillable dispenser can be contaminated. At this time it seems soap cartridges are the best.

The refillable dispenser is not sealed with the soap prime for contamination. Also, when the refillable dispenser is filled or topped off it before they are empty the existing soap may be contaminated and will contaminate the new soap.

Here are a few reasons sealed soap dispensers make for a better choice compared to the refillable soap dispenser. First, the sealed dispensers aren’t exposed to the environment. Then, the sealed cartridges are quick to change and less messy. Last, the sealed cartridge requires less maintenance.

The sealed cartridge dispenser system is easy to use and promotes hand hygiene. In your office building or business people are going to use soap from a dispenser more than use a bar of soap just from the appearance of the nice looking dispenser.

Thanks for reading and I hoped you learned something from this article.

I want to mention about the floor drain in the restrooms, be sure to pour water down the drain so the smell won’t come back up. Also, it helps to keep it clear incase the something over flows in the restrooms.

Germs in Offices

I just read an interesting article on germs that quotes a professor from the University of Arizona Charles Gerba. In this article I want to cover some of the highlights of that article. So, let’s get started and if you have any thoughts please let me know.

Where do most indoor germs exist? The couch, not the restroom floor. It is interesting that our advances in fighting germs has been offset by modern living and the spread of germs. In offices and in homes things are different than 100 years ago.

“Most people do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting,” said Gerber. “ It’s usually safer to make a sandwich on a toilet seat than on a cutting board in the average American home.”

Other areas and things that have germs are kitchen sponges, kitchen sinks, and kitchen floors.... In offices, the phone is the main attraction for germs Other hot spots in an office for germs are computer keyboards, door handles, and anywhere people touch. That’s why some office restrooms have the touchless soap dispenser and water faucets. In some facilities they have no restroom door so people don’t have touch a handle. In a hotel room the germiest item to look out for is the tv remote.

I hope you liked this article and as always if you have any input please email me at​ .

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