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2016 Janitorial Articles

By Reid Sossong

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Quality Control Janitorial Service

Quality control includes every aspect of the janitorial business. In this article I want to focus on the quality Control list. This list is a reminder to the inspection team on areas to check. Even the seasoned janitor needs to inspected and this list helps. The list is not to belittle the janitor but to provide the best office cleaning experience.

The four basic cleaning areas are in the list as well as common details. The items that are unique to each account are covered in the file for that account. The quality assurance team looks at both.

Some common details are: cleaning sliding window in the receptionist area and counter, cleaning front door glass, make sure all magazines and chairs are straight, conference tables are wiped cleaned, stock janitor's closet, any outside cleaning tasks, breakroom details....

Quality Control starts with the on site janitor and ends with the inspection team. Together they put the positive janitorial experience to the client. If the on site janitor knows what is expected from them it helps. Then as insurance the inspection team catches any loose ends.

This is my last article for 2016 and the year was a good one. It looks like businesses will start rolling again in 2017 with the new administration. Since we service commercial businesses it is a real positive. I look forward to writing articles in 2017 and have a happy safe New Year!!!!!

It’s easy to find a cheap janitorial service, but

Hard to find a good one. With the new minimum wage increase everyone is trying to find a cheaper service to circumvent the increase. How do you find a good janitorial service? How do you know they are good? Let’s take a look at these questions and more and see if it will help you.

References paint a picture which is part of finding a good janitorial service. The more references the clearer the picture becomes. With the internet it makes it easy to see the references of the cleaning service. When the references are on the company's stationery it stands out.

Since the increase in the Arizona minimum wage was passed we have been getting a wave of calls to get a quote to check prices. Everyone is upset and trying to deal with it. It is a big jump all at once. The irony is all the janitorial services have to deal with the increase.

Does the janitorial service require a multi year contract that locks you in? That’s a big red flag. Some companies may want it for their budget. From what I have been told they won’t let you out of the contract, bad business.

The local service is the way to go, like desert cleaning. They care about their reputation and they have a proven track record to back it up. They aren’t the cheapest service in Tucson but deliver the service you want.

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Need Office Cleaning in Tucson, Arizona

We are looking for an office cleaning company in Tucson, Arizona. We want the following services: trashing, restrooms, floors, dusting.... We want the basic services with a few details. We don’t want our dishes washed as an example. However, there are some extras we want. We understand the minimum wage is increasing the first of 2017.

Our company knows dusting is the easiest janitor task and the easiest to not do. Dusting is the number one complaint and that is why we hover over it and make sure the dusting gets done every service. Dust enters the building in several ways: vents, paper dust, open doors.... You will enjoy the change when the hire us.

Emptying trash can get messy and following the right steps helps. A barrel on wheels is a must in most situations. Double bagging is used when the janitor knows the trash will heavy and may leak or rip. Also, if the can liner has a rip it will leak in the barrel and this is why it is best to pull the can liner from the barrel outside to eliminate carpet spots....

In Tucson we want our restrooms to be clean, disinfected, and smell good. Many people judge a business by how clean their restrooms show. The dispensers are all stocked and extras put out in restrooms that have heavy use. Nothing like going to the restroom and there is no toilet paper.

Last cleaning task we want our floors to pop when clients visit. We want name products used like: Bona and NCL.... because it shows. The kitchen tile and lobby need to be buffed to a high shine and the showroom wood floors maintained properly. We aren’t asking to much, are we?

Day Porter

Day porter service entails many things and can include just about anything. Here is a small list of services: outside trash removal, dusting window sills, cleaning around dumpsters, empty trash containers in front of shopping center.... Let’s take a look at these and more day porter benefits.

The scheduling for day porter services is a 24/7 operation. Shopping centers, office and medical buildings may need a day porter service for either the inside or outside. A day porter can augment the janitorial service or the parking lot sweeper.

It always amazes me the trash that collects in parking lots. We have been doing the day porter service for 23 years and the parking lots are still collecting trash. The other duties are many and don’t apply to every center.

The windows and the window sills need to be kept clean for several reasons. When a prospective tenant is looking the building doesn’t look abandon. Also it will match the rest of the the occupied suites.

Some buildings may have the day porter go in the vacant suites and sweep the floors, turn the water on, flush the toilets, and get rid of any smells.... Also, keeping the windows clean in the vacant suite is important.

Restrooms mid-day at some offices need to be cleaned and restocked. It all depends on the traffic flow . Many offices over time know how much restroom supplies they consume and if they need a day porter.

Who empties the trash containers in front of shopping centers? The day porter. After the trash is pulled from the container a new can liner is installed. If a liner leaks on the sidewalk the day porter will clean it. Some containers may require a double liner because of the amount of trash.

Cleaning around the dumpster is critical for many reasons. It is surprising the things found around dumpsters. It has to be kept clean so the trash truck can dump the dumpster. We put a pound limit on the things we can lift to throw away. We have seen engine blocks, refrigerators... and we’ll call the property manager to have them removed.

Family Owned and Operated Janitorial Service Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Fall is here in Tucson and if you are looking for a local janitorial service you are at the right place. Take a look at our website and references. Please fill out our online form for a fast response. We have been in the janitorial business for a long time because we give you a quality service.

Being a family owned business we can make decisions quickly and give you the service you want. We have regular inspections at all of our accounts, even when there are no complaints.It’s a phenomenal concept here in the desert clean.

The other alternative is a national franchise service. People get lured in by the low bid and the national name. Then they find out how they operate. We only take a few new accounts at a time, because we’re not trying to be the biggest company in Tucson. Communication is a part of any business and the family owned and operated janitorial service is no different.

To service are customers best we have a website, emails, and mobile phones. Also, good old regular mail.

I hope you have a good week and a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Can You Afford a Low Bid?

Desert Cleaning has been an office cleaning specialist here in Tucson for 36 years. The reason I say that is we provide a quality service at a reasonable price. If you go withe the low bidder please keep our number and feel free to give us a call if things don’t work out.

I have seen janitorial companies come and go. They give low bids to try and get get work. Then, they cut corners and skip services to make up for the low bid. In this situation everyone is frustrated and it usually ends badly.

The national janitorial franchises have a salesperson run around and bid low. When they get accounts they hand it off to a franchisee that can’t make sense of the low bid. They start cutting corners....Again, everyone is frustrated.

We had a government contract for cleaning for years that they had to put out for bid. The company that won the bid was less than minimum wage. The account has had problems since then and everyone is frustrated.

Does the low bid work occasionally? Not that I have seen, office managers go with a company that has no insurance but they were the low bidder. The key is to do your due diligence and if things don’t work-out give us a call.

Who pays for janitorial supplies?

Janitorial supplies are accounted for a couple of way’s. There are the supplies that are consumed by the employees and customers.. Then there are the cleaning supplies used to clean the offices.... Also, the supplies need to be ordered, delivered, and paid for.

To jump ahead, the bottom line is we will work within your system on the supplies. The supplies needed to do the actual cleaning is always provided by the cleaning company. Sometimes the owner may want certain products used and it has never been a problem.

The supplies the that are used and consumed in the restrooms: toilet paper, soap, hand towels.... Can be handled a number of way’s. The bottom line is we will accommodate you. Also, please let us know up front when we first meet because it may affect the bid.

For the past 36 years when we supply the consumables we provide high quality paper products and for cleaning we use name brands like 409 and windex.... The name brand products get the job done.

How are the supplies paid for? It can work a number of ways and we can usually accommodate you without a problem. Concerning the saving buying through us is about the same, it depends on the product. Also, we can include the supplies in one monthly cost if it makes sense for you.

When we bill for supplies it is usually in arrears. We email our monthly invoice for services and supplies. For the supplies we will itemize the quantity and price. Also. on the invoice is an invoice number and month of service.

Janitorial Product update:

There are several new products on the market that I want to review. Let’s take a look.

In the detergent world CCW has a new detergent on the market. It has a light scent and apparently works great on the toughest jobs. We have not tried the product. Onward to the next product.

With several hand sanitizers, Kutol Products, is made for hospitals and clinics. They add Vitamin E and aloe for the skin. It comes in automatic wall dispensers as well as manual bottles.

This next dispenser system is from Georgia Pacific Professional and all the dispensers look sharp. They are super quiet I’m reading with the enmotion system. Worth a gander.

Clorox has added Fuzion to their line-up. It’s a blend of bleach and question. They have a list of surfaces that it can be used on. It comes all ready mixed.

Want to fight bacteria, TB, enveloped and non enveloped viruses? Well, Sealed Air Diversey has a product called Oxivir and these are some of the claims made. This product sounds great for hospital environments.

That’s it for the product update. Thanks for reading!!!

Hot or Cold?

Hot or cold water is the big question when cleaning. Does hot water kill germs? Does cold water work just as well as hot water? Old school thinks.... The internet is full of articles on the subject and makes it confusing. I’ll give you some highlights and let you decide.

From my research hot water kills bacteria but not germs. Do I know the difference between germs and bacteria? Not really, but it seems there is a benefit to use hot water when possible. When the janitor cleans a toilet they use cold water and it seems to work.

We have a few accounts that have the hot water turned off and those buildings seem to function. The chemical used with the water is more important and the amount makes a difference. When hot water is available I tend to use it.

In 36 years of being in the janitorial business we have never been asked to use hot water in any cleaning procedure. The chemical used with the water is important and I have never seen a label that required hot water

Central Office Cleaning

Tucson’s central big four services for office cleaning are: trashing, restrooms, floors, dusting/details. I want to explore each area and show you part of our system for cleaning offices. These are the basic services for commercial office cleaning.

When Desert Cleaning starts cleaning an account in central Tucson the restrooms are first on the list. If the janitor forgets to do something in the restrooms then while they are cleaning the rest of the building they might remember and go back to the restrooms and fix the oversight. Security is number one followed by toilet paper in importance, which is in the restroom.

Emptying trash and removing it is a big part of the janitorial service. This is when the janitor can look at the can liner and replace it. Dumping the desk trash into a large barrel on wheels that has a can liner helps to keep the carpet clean. A few weeks ago I wrote about bank trash is handled differently. The system in most offices is the same.

A lot of time can be spent on the cleaning of floors. It is critical on a bid tour to be aware of the flooring type and how long it would take to clean. We were cleaning a machine shop and the office area had metal shavings that took extra time to vacuum. When the floor is a hard surface it takes twice as much time compared to carpet. Some floors we double mop.

The last area I want to cover is dusting and details in central Tucson. For those of you that read my articles all the time you know how important dusting an office is for the janitor. The dusting is easy to skip and that is why companies lose accounts. I’ll cover details for office cleaning in a future article.

The central area of Tucson is established with a variety of offices and medical..... We love central Tucson and if you want an established janitorial service that will get the job done please call or email us.

Top Three Janitorial Services

The top three janitorial services are phenomenal. Great service at an affordable price and the top janitors in the city. Please see our references on our home page and let us know if you have any questions. We want to be your janitor service and for a quick response fill out our online quote form.

Commercial janitorial in Tucson has Desert Cleaning as a local service established in 1980. They don’t go around town giving low bids and then skipping services. This separates us from the rest of the pack. We are not out to be the biggest service in Tucson, but the best.

When a commercial janitorial service bids low and gets the account two things happen: they pay their employees less and cut corners. This is not how we operated because all it does is frustrate everyone. The cleaning service and employee’s aren’t making much money and the customer is not getting the service they want.

Our reputation means a lot to us and has keep us in business all these years. We are a local office cleaning specialist. We are proud to be a business owner here in Tucson, it is our home town. We have a few employees that have been with us for over 21 years and recently had an old employee hire back after a 10 year absence.

Pride of ownership is seen in our local janitorial service. From supplies to cleaning and everywhere in between it shows. What this means is if a company has pride of ownership then they will usually do the same type of job for you. I know we do!!!!

We are the original Desert Cleaning and we have such a good reputation that a few other companies have used our name. They come and go after they upset a few office managers. When you think about it if a business will steal a name how will they clean you offices?

Caring for Microfiber

How to care for microfiber. We use microfiber towels and mops and have noticed with proper care they work better and last longer. Most of what we have experienced is the dryer plays a big part in keeping the microfiber together. A big part of cleaning microfiber is using a dryer.and how it can destroy it if used incorrectly.

If your microfiber towel is not absorbing and not as soft as it did in the past it could be the drying process. Microfiber is designed to last hundreds of washiings. The dryer can ruin the small fibers if it is dried on a high heat or for a long time.

We have noticed air drying is the best method to dry microfiber. Then no heat in the dry followed by low heat in the dryer. When we use the low heat in the dryer it is for a few minutes then we put the dryer on air dry.

Since we still use cotton towels and the microfiber towels they both need to be washed and dried. The secret is to do them separate or learn the hard way. If you have any thoughts or questions please email me, I’d love to hear from you.

Janitorial Inspection

Checklist Analyzed Inspections are an important part of the janitorial business, even on a seasoned pro. It’s not about trying to find something to rub in the face of the on site janitor. It’s about giving the customer a high level janitorial service. The Desert Cleaning inspection team uses this form even though they have performed many inspections it is a nice reminder.The bottom line is giving you the best janitorial experience in tucson. Let’s take a look at the following partial list!

  • Front door glass clean.
  • Receptionist counter and desk area check dusting and fingerprints.
  • Lobby: organize chairs and magazines
  • Trash can liners check.
  • Mens and womens restrooms top to bottom...
  • Look at the vacuuming: under desks, behind doors, move chairs..
  • Check janitor closet and stock.
  • Check outside: stairs, handrails and elevators: walls, tack, floors etc...
  • Floors swept and mopped....
  • Spots on interior­interior glass in offices.
  • Check conference room.
  • Check kitchen sink, counter, tables,....
  • Do floors need strip and wax.

This is a partial list and gives you a general idea what goes on behind the scenes. Consistent service at an affordable rate is the bottom line. Please fill out our online quote form and we’ll take care of your janitorial. Please see our references!!

Cleaning a Bank

Cleaning a bank is different than cleaning offices. Sure there are certain cleaning items that are the same: restrooms, door glass, vacuuming.... What I’m talking about are things like: cleaning the outside drive through teller boxes, how to save the teller trash, what to do in the lobby, the teller area....

The drive through teller boxes need nightly attention. Just like the inside teller windows that get dirty the outside boxes have the elements to get them dirty too. Also, there may be an atm that needs cleaning as well. Some banks may want trash picked up in the area too.

Jumping back inside to the the teller area let’s start with cleaning the teller window which usually has a lot of fingerprints. Paper dust is everywhere, so a thorough dusting is required. Saving the teller trash is important and usually is rotated in case they have to go back through it.

All the normal lobby tasks like cleaning the front door glass, sweep and mopping the floors are performed. Then in addition at a bank we change the date on the island counter calendar,clean the island counter and restock, the front area of the teller window needs to be cleaned, and let’s not forget the vault which has to be cleaned during the day.

If you manage a bank and are receiving poor service send us an email, there is a difference.

Commercial Janitorial Service

Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc.
Tucson Arizona

Commercial janitorial service is a broad area and covers: Tucson office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard surface floor cleaning. I want to take a look in each area and cover some of the tools needed to accomplish the commercial janitorial service.

Commercial office cleaning is usually done in the evenings and weekends. It requires a backpack vacuum or an upright vacuum. A barrel on wheels used to empty trash helps to keep the floor clean. Then dusting there are numerous tools used: feather duster, microfiber duster, Dusters on poles, glove dusters....

In the restrooms the main tool is arguably the bowl mop. Also, the standard mop and bucket. To clean rings in bowls there are pumice stones that work the best. Hard water build­up around sinks require a razor blade. And a good microfiber towel to wipe everything clean.

Window cleaning appears easy but you have to know what you are doing. There is the squeegee and window mop that are basic. Different types of scrapers are used to remove items from the window. Towels are great for getting the areas that are still wet.

There are several methods of carpet cleaning machines. Here are a few: truck mounted machine, portable, dry units, bonnett, . Some of the other equipment are usually attached to the return hose. Carpet and upholstery are common attachments.

Last commercial janitorial equipment area I want to write about are hard surface floors. I’m scratching the surface as this is a broad area. Here are a few of the machines used to clean hard surface floors: low and high speed machines, wet/dry vacuum, dust mops, hardwood and laminate mops, auto scrubbers....

Number One Janitor

Concern in Tucson is security. It is an area that is changing all the time. From security cards and alarms to lighting and locking doors. In this article I’ll take a look into some of the issues that are important to the janitor service.

Locking the doors at all times is paramount and at the root of security for the janitor. Using just one door to go in and out is a good start. However, some building designs may have a back door to go to the dumpster outside and there are other examples as well.

Proper lighting outside is an issue that is out of our control. We have had accounts that were slow in fixing the outside lighting. In the winter months when it gets dark early is when it really is noticeable.

In this modern age of security camera’s and security cards it gives a person a secure feeling when working late at a building. The security cards are great because they record the card used and the time. It can really tell a story.

The security camera’s are used inside and outside of many office buildings here in Tucson. This is not only a great deterrent but records whatever is taking place. I have seen on tv where the police will view a video from an adjacent property to see if it may have recorded something of interest..

We are glad to see the security going in this direction, instead of the old blame the janitor song. Now the office manager can review the security records and solve most problems. If you have any thoughts you would like to share please send them. Keep it clean!!!

Labor Day Special!!!

Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc. Tucson, Arizona

Monday is Labor Day and we are ready to make you a great offer for our top of the line office cleaning. This is a once a year event, so if you are thinking of switching office cleaning services let us know by filling out our fast online quote form and email us by Labor Day. Thanks!

We hope you have a safe Labor Day weekend!!

Tucson Eastside Janitorial Service, part 6

Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc. Tucson, Arizona

The eastside of Tucson is an established area with a nice mix of offices, retail and homes. Like most office in Tucson the eastside has different businesses that require different cleaning schedules, restrooms that open to the outside, green cleaning, and gloves.

We clean seven days a week with some accounts requiring only once a week service. We get calls for once a month service and those are hard to schedule. However, there exceptions. Office managers often ask how many times a week they should have. There are many factors that come into play on the eastside. Let’s take a look.

Here are some considerations to take a look at on the eastside: office traffic volume, trash volume, are employees willing to help. With a once a week service the office employees may have to empty a few trash cans or do a cursory clean in the restrooms during the week.

We know that when the restrooms in an eastside office building open to the outside it will get dirty quick, especially on windy days. On windy days every time the is opened dust and debris will blow in the restroom. Then urine and water splash on the floor and people walk on it making a real mess. The extra attention to service the restrooms will be in the price.

Two words I never hear in eastside Tucson anymore are “green cleaning.” I think the larger institutions: schools, resorts, and government facilities may follow it closer. We use name brand cleaners mostly like windex and 409. Also, many building managers don’t want to pay extra for the green paper products. If you have a specific green product you want us to use let us know.

Tip of the week: If you want to know how how good your current janitor is cleaning take a look at the janitor’s closet.

If you have read this eastside article this far thanks!!! Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget Labor Day is soon.

Janitorial Supplies explained

Tucson, Arizona
Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc.

Janitorial supplies breakdown into two areas. First are the supplies that are consumed by the owner, clients, and it’s employees. The second area are the cleaning supplies needed to do the actual cleaning. The supplies are important and should be spelled out in the bid, so everyone is clear.

The supplies to do the actual cleaning almost always is supplied and paid by the cleaning contractor. There are the occasions when the owner will supply some or all the cleaning supplies. Also, they may want a certain product used. It’s always good to talk about it upfront.

Next are the supplies that are consumed: toilet paper, hand towels, soap.... These supplies can work a number of ways on how they are purchased and delivered. The once a week account the owner will usually will handle the supplies and on a five day a week account the cleaning contractor will handle them. Again, it can work a number of combinations.

The billing of the supplies has options as well. We can order the supplies and the supplier delivers with the bill coming to either one of us. Then at a few of our accounts the supplies are built in the monthly price so the owner has a consistent monthly amount to pay.

The big question is will I save money if I buy the supplies from Desert Cleaning? The answer is real close and it depends on the business situation. For example: the secretary goes to Costco once a week and buys the supplies, along with other items. I have been told that they like getting out of the office.

Please note that however it starts it can change at any time. Some companies like to have more control over the supplies so the supplies don’t grow legs. Another account may have multiple locations so the supplies have to be signed for when delivered.

We usually email our monthly bill for services and supplies. We use Gmail, and for some reason our email and the new account email don’t always connect, so we have a few accounts that we mail our bill. On the statement we include an invoice number and month of service. Any supplies on the statement are for the previous month.

The consumable supplies and cleaning supplies that we use are of the highest quality. We use name brand products if we can: 409, Windex.... And, we have never had a complaint about the toilet paper or hand towels we supply. We mostly use local supply stores and have for the last 36 years.

As you can see supplies play an important role in the janitorial business. From cleaning supplies to consumable supplies the combinations are many. I hope you enjoyed this janitorial supply article and let me know if you have questions or input.

Tucson janitorial service Art or Science?

This year is moving right along and the second half of the year should be positive. So far this year we had an employee who had work for us in the past for 10 plus years call just as I was putting an ad for a new hire. Needless to say we hired him. Art or science?

Security is mostly science in my opinion. The art part comes in for example when an employee calls you and can’t set the alarm or shut it off.

Most alarm systems are easy to use if you follow the instructions, science. Many alarm systems tell a story when they record who enters the building. We had an experience about 25 years ago when our employee was stealing from an area of the building they were not suppose to be in. The security system revealed who it was. What helped our situation was the owner told us to hire this employee.

An art part of our business is putting a bid together. Science is used as well, for all the standard services. Bidding an office cleaning service is similar to appraising real estate, there are several ways to arrive at a price.. Knowing when to apply them is an art. Experience helps and the more the better.

Note: Our website is always on the move, please take a look at our newest additions, the photo gallery and a store. Both are still under construction.

Janitorial Services Needed!

Then, look no more. We are Tucson's go-to janitor service and are here ready to give you the service you deserve. Our basic service covers four areas restrooms, floors, trash, dusting. Also, included are basic details: front door fingerprints clean, Lift certain items and dust, vacuum entry mats and trash cans.... I want to begin with dusting and yes we leave the competition in the dust. What do I mean? It’s simple we dust and we do it consistently. On bid tours we have seen the other janitors lack of dusting and I’m glad.

Then comes trashing which seems straightforward. However, if not done correctly it will create carpet spots and take longer to do the job. The trashcans at each desk may need the liners replaced as needed. In the kitchen we may double bag the large trashcan depending on useage. Another secret is watching for leaking bags and stopping it immediately.

What do you want to cover next? Office restrooms it will be, in that case. Restroom surfaces have been designed for cleaning. Most surfaces are smooth for easy cleaning and disinfection of the surface. Filling of all the dispensers is critical, for example: toilet paper, soap, hand towels, seat covers.... Even messy people want a clean restroom.

In top to bottom cleaning the floors usually are last on the list to clean. Carpet is one pass with the vacuum where tile floors need two passes, a sweep and then mop. There are several types of flooring surfaces with different maintenance requirements. Laminate and wood flooring are not wet mopped with water.

This is just an introduction of the four basic areas of janitorial services. I’ll cover the detail’s in an office cleaning in a future article. If you want proven results then see our references and fill out our online quote form.

Dusting issues in Tucson

Dusting is the number one problem here in Tucson in the office cleaning world. Tucson is a dusty place. Then you add in paper dust and human follicles to make a real dusty office. Janitors that start skipping the dusting in an office are creating a real project down the road. It has to be done consistently.

The main tool used to combat the dusting is the feather duster. The feather duster was invented in the 1800’s in a broom factory. It is still used today for its efficiency and speed. We still have them in our toolbox.

A damp microfiber towel is a great way to remove dust in the office or at home. It takes longer to use, so we use it in special situations. Microfiber has many uses and this is just an example. There are microfiber duster gloves and other assorted dusters on the market. The prices are a lot less than the standard duster as well.

I wrote last week that we don’t move papers on desk or on top of file cabinets when dusting unless we are given the green light. We dust around, behind, and under certain items on a typical desk and if you have specific procedures to follow let us know.

Dusting is important year round because it comes from different sources. I hope you enjoyed this brief look at dusting and if you are having problems with your janitorial service please contact us and let turn that around for you.

The biggest mistake when hiring a janitorial service

We see it over and over, the office manager will take the lowest bid and from what we know it never works out. Everyone wants to save a buck, but with the lowest bid it could end up costing. If you hired the wrong service feel free to contact us.

Let’s take another look at trash n dash. It usually starts with a low bid. They aren’t making money with the low bid and start to cut corners. Before they know it it’s degenerated to trashing and dashing. You may know the rest of the story. If you are having problems with your current service please give us a call or email us. We will get your office cleaning back on track.

References are important to review. It sets a pattern and show’s the character of the janitorial service. Is the reference in a letter form? I’ve seen references in just a quote form and initials under the quote. It could be a red flag.

In my opinion the biggest mistake when hiring a janitorial service is going with the lowest bid and not looking at the complete package. If this has happened to you please give us a call or email.

Tucson’s top office cleaning service

We have been singled out as the go-to janitorial service in Tucson. Email Reid at or call 520 722 6776.

I mentioned in last week's article that it is easy to find a cheap office cleaning service and hard to find a good one. Desert Cleaning is a top notch office cleaning service with an office here in Tucson. We are never the lowest bidder for office cleaning because we provide a top of the line service.

I have written about security and how it is the number one job for the janitor. We keep the entrance door locked while cleaning and use the least amount of doors. Setting the alarm is just as important when leaving.

Independence Day was Monday and we hope you and your family had a safe holiday.

Empty offices still need attention, even though no one occupies them. Dusting, trash, and floors all need to be performed, Many times the employee's use the empty office to eat their lunch or make a private phone call.

Another area that is important is the conference room. The conference room seems easy, but it takes just as much time. The following is a partial list of cleaning tasks in a conference room: clean the conference table, vacuum the whole room including under the table, clean the chairs as needed, dust the mini blinds....

Day porter services cover many cleaning tasks.The outside services include canvassing the parking lot, bushes, and around the dumpsters picking up trash.....  Inside porter services could be a mid­day touch up and restocking of the restrooms.... In a high traffic office these services may be needed or a shopping center parking lot.

Vacant suites, not offices, need a certain level of cleaning so the leasing agent can show the space. It may need the restrooms cleaned periodically or a good dusting and vacuuming. Then on the outside keeping the windows and sills clean is important so the suite doesn’t look abandoned.

The receptionist's area needs extra attention. Here are some of the details that are common: cleaning sliding glass windows, spray and clean the countertop, the entire work area needs to be dusted with items pulled away from the wall. Everyone walks through this area so it gets dirty quick. Windex and 409 are excellent products to use in this area.

Tucson’s top office cleaning service is aware of the informal structure. We are flexible and although a cleaning task is not mentioned in the contract we’ll usually include it at no additional charge. Many times the onsite janitor will be asked to clean a certain area and the supervisor is unaware this takes place.

Janitorial complaints and requests happen to every service, it’s how they are handled that counts. The same is true when something is missing, but I’ll cover that in another article. So often complaints and requests are confused, so the communication has to be clear. It’s a sensitive area and an art for sure.

List of the best janitorial services, not the cheapest!

Independence Day is Monday, I hope you enjoy the holiday!!!

We are looking for a local janitorial service in Tucson, we are Desert Cleaning and we can help you solve your janitorial problems. We have been providing a high level of office cleaning since 1980 and we take care of our cleaning accounts , please see our references and fill out our online quote form. Let us show you why we stand out on the list.

Desert Cleaning knows supply management is a crucial part of the janitor service. It requires a system, sounds simple. Taking inventory and just in time ordering is important. We handle the supplies anyway you want. The chemicals and equipment we supply to do the actual cleaning. The items you consume can be handled several ways.

Trash removal is a big part of our office cleaning services. Our company has a system of using larger bags and our twist and tuck to keep the can liner from sucking in the can. Also, this is faster and efficient, we do this with any size can. Removing the can liner form the barrel on wheels outside is crucial in case the liner leaks.

Dusting is a service that we take serious. Tucson is a big dust bowl and our job is to stay ahead of the dust. Using our double dusting system works in the worst situations. Dust enters the offices in several ways. Everytime a door is opened to the outside dust flows inside. Then the vents can do their share when they blow. Paper dust can be huge.

The cheapest services are exactly that, cheap. I have heard the bad stories over the years and I have to admit it would be tempting to go with them. If you are getting bad service give us a call.

Is office cleaning a rote function? Mostly yes, however, there are the critical moments that a smart janitor knows what to do. All of our janitors fall in this category because we know how to hire. Nobody is perfect, the trick is to make the least amount of mistakes.

In our system we usually clean the restrooms first. This is important if the janitor forgets to do something in the restroom they can go back and fix the mistake. Filling the dispensers are the first function in the restrooms. Then top to bottom cleaning follows.

It’s easy finding a cheap janitorial service, it’s not so easy finding a good one.

Next on our list of basic services are restrooms. Restrooms have many details and we service these first when cleaning. This way if the janitor forgets to do something in the restroom they can go back while still at the building and correct the error. Filling the dispensers is part of cleaning the restrooms and you can’t forget the toilet paper.

Last on the big four list of basic janitorial services are the floors. The floors take the longest to clean as a rule. The exception is if the floors are all covered with papers... and the traffic lanes are the only part of the floor to clean. The restroom floors can be cleaned last or while cleaning the restrooms.

All the behind the scenes work that it takes to get a janitor to clean your office is equal in effort to the actual cleaning. The Tucson list of janitorial services includes this behind the scenes effort. It is cloudy in Tucson today and I love it. Anyway, it’s important that the onsite janitor has all the cleaning supplies and consumables for the restrooms.

When the janitor arrives at the offices to clean and everything is ready to start cleaning.

Restrooms are the the first thing on the list to clean. Filling the mop water and checking supply levels are required. The janitor tries to avoid back tracking. Having a system makes the cleaning flow smoothly.

Before leaving the janitor will get everything ready for the next night. They will take a quick inventory of both types of supplies and call the Desert Cleaning office to let them know what supplies are needed. Then, the janitor will lock the janitor closet, turn the alarm on, and lock the entrance door. This is on the list of janitorial services.

How much a square foot do you charge? We don’t charge a set square footage number. It is helpful to know the square footage to use as a comparable. All of our pricing comes from experience. Each office cleaning bid that is listed has many different variables to consider and figure in the mix. The adjustments are plus or minus a service cost. If you want to know how a business is operated just look around at the cleaning in their office.

If you go into an office and the lobby hasn’t been vacuumed in weeks and the front door glass has a lot of fingerprint smudges it reflects on the business. Try it this week, look around every business you go in and notice the cleaning.

Recently, I wrote about liability insurance and how it along with workers comp keeps smaller companies from expanding. The insurance doesn’t stop them, it’s the cost that is the barrier. This is probably the main reason a mom and pop can underbid on smaller accounts. The question is who pays when someone gets hurt?

Do you give email office cleaning quotes? Yes, that is possible at Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc. There are so many different situations and we will try to work with you to accomplish your goals. I know this isn’t how other companies work and that is why we leave them in the dust.

With an​e​mail quote​we will need some information from you. If you can fill out our on line quote that would help immensely. Many times an office manager is putting together a budget and needs a bid. Another example is the office manager is out of town and can’t meet at the location here in Tucson.

We would need to know how you want the supplies handled. There are two types of supplies. First, are the supplies we use to clean your offices. These supplies we pay for and second are the supplies consumed. These are usually in the restrooms and can work several ways. Please contact us and we can discuss the different ways.

The winter solstice is December 22 this year and is the shortest day of the year. It maybe the reason the last few days in Tucson have been freezing. Most of our services are inside and have the heater on, usually. See you next week.

Tucson Janitorial Insurance

What does it cover? Well there are several types of insurances needed to run a legitimate janitorial service: liability, workers comp, and bond. I want to disclose that I am not an insurance expert and this article is general in nature, so do not rely on this information.

Some companies try to self insure with no capital to back it up. If a claim arises and the janitor service can’t pay who will they look at next? You probably guessed it. So the real question is who is saving the money when the janitorial service doesn’t have insurance?

The two types of claims covered are important, so ask your insurance expert about per occurrence and claims made when buying insurance. No one likes making insurance payments, but when something happens it’s nice to have.

Certificates of insurance are issued upon request by the insurance company. It shows the office manager that the janitorial service has insurance and the limits of liability. Also, the office manager can ask to an additional insured on the policy and it will show on the certificate of insurance.

Risk management is simple, eliminate the risks. Look around your offices inside and out. You will start to see things you can do to to help eliminate someone getting hurt. I’ll give you a couple of examples: put black strips where it gets slippery, put poles in the front of where cars park to help prevent someone from driving into the building.

I know I didn’t cover workers comp or bonds, so I’ll discuss them in a different article. I hope this article helps your thoughts on insurance. Please call your agent and if you don’t have one let me know and I’ll tell you who I use.

Janitorial Product update

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the new cutting edge products that have surfaced.

First, I was on the Betco website and they have a product called motomop. This product cleans and dries the floor in one pass. They claim the floor is cleaner as well. I have not used the motomop, but when more information is available I’ll let you know.

Bona floor products have been around for just under a 100 years and there is a reason. They know what they are doing and their products are high quality. We use their wood and laminate floor products with excellent results.

Square Scrub has the doodle scrub to clean floors in hard to clean places. It weighs only 22 lbs. I’m still doing research on this product and will update you as I get more information

Well, that wraps up the janitorial product update for now. We like to stay on top of the newest products on the market for office cleaning. Sometimes we can can use the product and sometimes we can’t. If you see a new product for the janitorial business send us an email.

Small Local Janitorial Service

In this article I want to cover what is a small local janitorial service and the benefit to you. The benefits are many and all at an affordable price. We’ll look into what makes them so much better than an out of town franchise.

Who wants low prices? We all do. Who wants the best service? We all do. Can we have both? With a small local janitorial service it maybe possible to give both. With a smaller company you get a hands on service. The large out of town franchises just can’t compete, they may under bid everyone but can’t back it up.

With the smaller janitorial service you usually will see the same faces and not the revolving door of the franchise. We have had several employees with us now for over 20 years. When you bid low you have to hire cheap, it’s that simple.

The small janitorial service maintains their equipment with pride and makes sure the on site janitor has the supplies and tools needed to do the job. In a small company decisions can be swiftly.

Pride of ownership is seen in the small local janitorial service. Anyone that starts a business and stay’s in a local market wants to established a good reputation. This is exactly what Desert Cleaning janitorial services has proven. Over the years we have seen janitorial services come and go.

If you are looking for reputable home grown janitorial service please fill out our online quote form or give us a call. Tell a friend. Also, please don’t confuse us with Desert Clean, we are the original Desert Cleaning and have been serving Tucson since 1980.

Daytime office cleaning

“We are looking for a daytime office cleaning service.” Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc. cleans day or night.and guarantees their service. There are pro's and con’s with each. In the following article I’ll cover some of these and some other areas as well.

Who needs daytime cleaning? Almost every office could, but here are a few of the more common ones: churches, high security businesses, and some businesses feel better having the daytime service.

Does it cost more for the daytime janitorial service? Yes, most cleaning is in the evenings and weekends, so staffing becomes an issue. We have a few day accounts and they can work. Some of the employees of the account can get annoyed. Also, it takes longer because of having to stop and go.

Daytime duties could include vacuuming the entrance mats mid day. Entrance mats are key in extending the life of the flooring inside and are easier to replace. Daytime office cleaning could include day porter service. Day porter services are more of a cursory clean.

This is a holiday shortened week and so is this article. I was thinking next week about writing the desert cleaning article on supplies. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Looking for a janitorial service in the daytime? We can handle that and at an affordable rate. Most office janitorial work is done at night, however, there are offices needing the daytime service and that is where we come in and fill the void. It may cost more because of the staffing requirements and time delays while cleaning.

Central Tucson Office Cleaning, part 3

Who is the #1 best central office cleaning service locally? I know the words get thrown around a lot, but we know where we stand here in Tucson. We let our references speak for us, so please take a look at them and put us to work for you.

Top to bottom cleaning is a good method to use when office cleaning. Starting in the restrooms with the vents and working down to mopping the floors. If it is a multi­story building we usually start on the top floor and work down to the first floor or basement. Can you imagine working from the bottom to the top? Let’s do the mopping first.

Day porter for shopping centers and parking lots is a service we offer. Scanning the parking lot and bushes for trash, clean up around the dumpsters, empty trash containers in front of stores.... Then: dust sills on vacant suites and if required go inside the vacant suites and sweep, dust, in the restroom run water, flush toilets....This is a cursory list. Email us if you have questions and we’ll quickly get back to you.

Vacant suites are treated like another office in our system. They need dusting, vacuuming, and sometimes trashing. Folks use them to make private calls, or read the paper. Also, the company may use the room for storage and those items will need dusting.

This leads into the number one janitor priority, security. Security for people and the offices. Reporting outside lights that are out, so people aren’t in the dark when leaving at night. We secure the doors we use and set the alarm when leaving, unless folks are still in the building.It’s a matter of being aware and thinking security.

Frustration is bad enough at work and using the restroom should not be the same. Cheap toilet paper and hand towels give the user a bad experience and reflects on the business. This is something that can be fixed inexpensively. Customers and employees will notice and leave with a good feeling about the place.

That covers “Central Tucson Office Cleaning.” Are you thinking of switching janitor services? We will come out to see your offices and follow up with a comprehensive quote, or we can give you a phone or email quote. We would love to hear from you.

Who’s Looking?

Everyone is looking, so do a good job. Part of our system is inspections of our accounts and the real secret is to do them consistently. Our inspection list is a proven checklist that we are constantly improving to give you a high level of janitorial service.

The inspections really add up during the course of a year. There are plenty of details and easy to overlook something. Having an inspection done helps everybody stay on course. Lets take a peek at some of the items we look for when inspecting: is the front door glass cleaned, are the lobby magazines in order, are the receptions counter clean....

I mentioned how the secret is having regular inspections. Someone asked me if still have inspections on accounts that have no complaints? Yes, and that could be why they have no complaints. The bulk of the office cleaning is the on site office cleaner. When we do an inspection it is to help the on site janitor as well as providing a high level of janitorial service.

The inspection is part of our service with no additional cost. Some companies don’t do inspections and it’s part of their low bid. We know if we do regular inspections it adds up during the course of the year and is appreciated by the office manager.

Well I hope you enjoyed this article “Who’s Looking.” As you can see there are companies that skip the inspection step and it shows. There are many details in the office cleaning business and it helps to have a second set of eyes go through to get to 100%. Keep it clean and I’ll see you next week.

Memorial Day Deals!!!

Yes, this an introductory offer. To show our appreciation for a short time we are offering Memorial Day deals. Call 520-722-6776 for details. Don’t forget we give phone quotes.

Phone quotes for janitorial services is a great service we offer and some managers like the idea. They save time by not having to make an appointment with a few cleaning services. Then make their decision

Some companies have to go with the lowest bidder. There was a government building here in Tucson that took the lowest bidder knowing that the price was half the next bid. Also, They new how long it took to clean the offices and the low bidder was below minimum wage. Needless to say it hasn’t worked out.

Our business has been built on many things. I have mention trust a few articles ago and just being ourselves is a big part. We have seen office cleaning services come and go, with some even copying our name. Please take a peek at our satisfied customer page and let us go to work for you, You’ll be glad you did.

Recently I talked about how important it is not to disturb papers on desks, tops of file cabinets, or anywhere in the office suite when dusting.

We have been busy, busy and it is all positive. We had an x­employee call that we haven’t seen in years and we will fit in the mix. So, if you are thinking of hiring a new cleaning service now is a good time to call or email us.

Established Family owned and operated local office cleaning

The best janitorial service in Tucson is aware the number one thought for office cleaners are security at the account. It is important for many reasons: stop thieves, personal protection, important papers, computers.....

If you can guess the second biggest concern for the janitor please email me.

Our systems insure you have a great office cleaning experience. We listen and make notes of all your requests and put them in your file. Our regular inspections keep the operation running like a swiss watch.

People always ask me what's the difference in their home vacuum and the ones we use in our business? The wiring and vacuum cord are heavy duty and can run for hours on the vacuum we use in our business. The home vacuum is used once a week and the office cleaning vacuum is used every day.

An elevator has a small square footage, but requires more time to clean. The walls, flooring, and tracks all need cleaning. There may be a freight elevator in a large building that gets dirty fast. The nice thing about a freight elevator is it keeps the other elevators clean when they are remodeling in the building....

I want to briefly talk about dusting an office. Dust is everywhere, inside and outside. Every time the doors are opened more dust enters the office. People bring dust in on their clothes and papers they have. We dust any clear horizontal surface plus....

Here are a few of the common areas that need dusting: restroom vents, tops of partitions, baseboards, countertops, mini blinds, window sills, tops of file cabinets.... On desks and the receptionist area we are careful when moving things and dusting.

I just received the newest Power­Flight catalogue and it has a lot of nice machines for the cleaning business. Plus, they are factory direct and it shows in the red hot prices. Also, they have a cordless backpack vacuum for $999.00. The 8 lb upright vacuum is still available and is their best selling machine.

If the janitor service doesn’t have liability service or workers comp insurance who gets the savings? Who pays if an accident occurs? .These are good questions and you don’t want to find out after something happens.

Hard water stains around the faucet and in the toilet are a constant concern here in Tucson. The bowl ring has several methods to remove them and the build­up around the faucet has one main method. Keeping these areas clean separates the novice from the expert office cleaner.

Tucson Janitor Services east, northeast, and central

In the office cleaning world in central, northeast, and east Tucson how are the supplies handled? In Tucson there are two kinds of supplies for office cleaning;the supplies for the actually cleaning and then the supplies that get consumed: toilet paper, hand towels, soap.... We usually pay for the cleaning supplies and the owner would pay for the items consumed.. We have a few accounts that want it all bundled in one check.

Circling around in central Tucson to floor maintenance basics. Let’s start with sweeping the floor to pick up any loose items. Then, we dust mop the floor to accumulate smaller dust particles. Some janitorial services skip these steps to save time and this is all part of of a low bid.

You have to ask yourself in east Tucson “what do my clients see when they enter my office or business.” The waiting room comes to mind right away because people are waiting and have time to look around. They form an opinion of how your business is run by the cleanliness of your waiting room.

What are a few of the cleaning tasks in the waiting room in northeast Tucson. The most common are: organize magazines, clean door glass, trash, dust, vacuum, and reception counter. The old saying that you can judge a business by how clean it is applies today as well.

There are a few things that go into figuring a bid. Most people think it is just the actual cleaning time when in reality it is about half the bid. The other half includes office overhead, soft and hard costs, payroll costs, cleaning supplies, management, supervision.... All this takes place so the janitor has everything to do the job.

Let’s explore the art and science of the janitorial bid. Similar to appraising real estate there are several methods to use to arrive at a bid. Square footage should always be part of the process and there are several ways to come up with a good number. Recently, I had a bid where the owner's representative told me the building was 20,000 square feet, but the county records showed 30,000 square feet.

Comparing to other offices that you already clean is a good way to help in the bidding process. Using this method is excellent and should carry a lot of weight. I hear it all the time that a business manager and owner need to know the numbers of the business.

Reliable Trustworthy Proven

The microfiber material is being used in lots of ways in our business. It is used to make cloths, wet and dry mops both flat and string. Also, you can purchase it in different colors for different uses. The durability and absorption are other reasons to try them.

The microfiber name is derived from the small fibers that are 99.9 smaller than a 2 x 4. The absorption rate is many many times more than a cotton cloth towel. We still use both in our business. The microfiber mops work great on wood floors. However, the microfiber towels don’t work well with lemon oil.

Did you know that microfiber doesn’t lint like a cotton towel. Well now you know. Also, the microfiber products can be found in Home Depot, Lowes, and Target. Also , the janitorial supply stores have them.

The fact that the microfiber towels are bacteria resistant is important. I’ve read that microfiber is being used in bed sheets and shower curtains with all the benefits. The microfiber last a long time compared to other materials and it is used in anti­slip flooring as well.

This gives you a cursory look at microfiber. Reliable, trustworthy, and proven are our standards every day. Please fill out our online quote form and let us show you the difference.

Janitorial, Desert Cleaning Tucson Offices and Medical Cleaning

Janitorial, think Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc in Tucson.. Where you are number one.

Did you know that half the janitorial service is the actual cleaning and the other half is putting it all together so the on site janitor has everything they need to give you a high level of office cleaning. That’s right, we want to be your office cleaner or janitor, there is a difference.

We have been cleaning offices here in Tucson for 36 years and it’s because we put you the customer first. Our management staff is seasoned and has put together a team of top janitors ready to go to work for you.

Another part of our system is responding to requests and complaints. When you have a request we respond swiftly so you don’t have to keep thinking about it and we do the same when we get a complaint. It’s all about giving you a high end office cleaning experience.

Changing subjects, desert clean concepts for medical and offices. Water temperature is important during the holidays. Most people know that hot water used during cleaning helps do a better job.However, if the water is too hot it can have a negative affect.

In Tucson we are office cleaning specialists. Some companies try to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.. We clean office and medical in most areas of Tucson: central, east, north,, northeast, northwest, west, south, southeast....

An overlooked topic, but important, is trash can liners. The size and thickness play a big role. We use a bigger size can liner in all the trash cans. The larger size helps the liner from being sucked in. The two sizes we use are 40 x 48 and 30 x 37. The larger one is for our barrel on wheels and the smaller size we use in the desk size trash can.

Trash and Dash part 4

The old trash and dash was here before I got in the the janitorial business. Someone usually gets the bright idea to bid low and get the account. Then after a short while they realize they aren’t making any money and they start the old trash and dash. It’s sad because the customer is cheated and the cleaning company gets fired. A lose lose situation.

It doesn’t have to be this way. First, check their reference letters and call a few. It should paint a positive picture and give you a good feeling. Second, if they are the lowest bid it could be a red flag. Ask them how they arrived at the price they gave, if they can’t back it up it’s a big red flag.

Even further you might ask the time it takes to to do each task: restrooms, trashing, and vacuuming.... This will give you a sense if they know what they are talking about. If they are pulling a number out of the air look out, they will be trash and dashing soon.

I have never heard of a legitimate janitorial service doing the trash and dash. That’s why they are legitimate they know what they are doing. They can answer all your questions and have solid references.

I didn’t want to be too negative in this article, but with this topic it’s hard not too. It all starts with a low bid in most situations. The low bidder is frustrated when they are losing money with the low bid and start to skip services.Hello trash and dash. We can come out to your office, take a tour and then give you a written bid.

No More Janitorial worries!!!!

We want to take care of your janitorial needs so you can get on with your business. See our references and give us a call. Now on to this weeks article.

Diluting a chemical by using water affects the strength of that chemicals. Purchasing a concentrated chemical requires a measuring cup as well. Getting the right ratio is important. Also, on the market are packets with the right amount of chemical. There are mixing stations that work as well.

Knowing the surface the chemical will be used on is very important so it is not ruined. We use windex, 409, non acid bowl, and a detergent and disinfectant cleaner. These cleaners are relatively safe and be sure to read the directions on the product before using.

Harsh chemicals like bleach and acid bowl cleaner are used on special projects by key employees. Some examples are: coffee stains in the sink, toilet bowl rings.... Knowing the ph scale helps and calling the local janitorial store or the company can be a big help.

Lemon oil isn’t necessarily a harsh chemical, but is close. It can make carpet bubble up if poured on directly to the carpet. Reading the directions makes a big difference. As I mentioned above if you’re not sure call the local janitorial supply store or the factory direct.

The wearing of gloves for janitorial work is high on the list of importance. You sure don’t want harsh chemicals on your skin or cuts. It is wise to use a separate pair for the restrooms and another pair for the rest of the building. This helps the control cross­contamination effort.

Two of the common types of gloves are disposable and reusable gloves. I prefer the reusable type, they are thicker and less likely to tear. When this happens it defeats the purpose of wearing gloves. Plus the reuseable can be washed off and reused again. The disposable type are great because you can throw them in the trash and keep moving.

Strip, seal, and waxing floors is a service we provide along with our janitorial service. In addition to that we can apply a buffing maintenance program so your floors look great all the time. Floors really take a beating, people love to walk all over them, so keeping them clean is paramount.

It’s that time again to have windows cleaned. The winter rains are over and we just had the equinox last week. If you have a hard water build up we can help in removing the build up. Usually the hard water is from the sprinklers spraying them. We have several remedies and if you have questions or would like us to schedule you in just email us.

Affordable Office Cleaning and Medical Cleaning

Part of having an affordable office cleaning service are the vacuums used to clean your offices. We use uprights, backpack, and mini vacuums mainly. The upright vacuum gets used the most to clean offices, medical, and banks.... The mini vacuum is great for detailing under desks, and hard to reach places in medical and offices.

Update: I mentioned a few years ago we were starting to phase out the Royal vacuums that we have used since 1980. We are still in the process and are replacing them with the 8 lb Power Flight vacuums. Also, recently we have been including in the mix the Sanitaire upright with good reviews.

Our affordable cleaning system calls for the janitor to not vacuum an area when there is a meeting taking place. A meeting is two or more people and unless we get the green light to vacuum that area we leave it alone. It is part of the informal structure and usually is not a problem.

Desert Cleaning has an affordable office cleaning program that includes the restrooms. As you may know that restrooms are the most important part of the office cleaning experience. Restrooms are a breeding ground for germs, so it is high on the list for disinfection. Less worker down time and the impression it makes on clients is the bottom line.

Looking for a janitorial service in the daytime? We can handle that and at an affordable rate. Most office janitorial work is done at night, however, there are offices needing the daytime service and that is where we come in and fill the void. It may cost more because of the staffing requirements and time delays while cleaning.

Whether it is office cleaning in the day or night first impressions make a difference. It starts in the lobby. Not only is this the first impression of your office or medical suite it’s where customers wait to see you and have time to look around and form an opinion. This is especially true in medical offices.

Medical office cleaning here in Tucson is important. There are many situations in medical cleaning and each office has their important items that are unique. I’ll start to write more about them in future articles.

I want a local Tucson janitor service

“I have had it up to here with the national franchise janitor services.” We hear it all the time from office and property managers. Well Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc. is locally owned and operated, so you are at the right place. Let me explain some of the things we hear about the big national janitorial franchises.

Long term contracts that are hard to terminate. We don’t require a long term contract, unless you want one. What if you are receiving bad service? From what I’ve been told it is hard to get out of the janitorial contract that the national franchise janitorial services require. WOW!!! We don’t operate that way.

Low bids are their hook to get you to sign with them. Then the main office hands your account to a franchisee that tries to give a good service, but eventually will cut corners to have it make any sense. I’ve heard story after story about the national janitorial services and all bad, even from the franchisees.

We have noticed over the years that most managers just want the job done. It’s that simple. We are a local janitorial service and do just that, provide janitorial service. Please see our references on our homepage and let us take care of your janitorial.Tell a friend.

Tucson janitor, HELP!!!!!

There are a few key items to look for when hiring a Tucson janitorial service. If you are looking for the lowest bidder then stop reading, it’s a “no brainer.” In this article I’ll cover references, how long have they been in business in Tucson, are they just a national franchise or a quality local company.....

References are very important in the bid process. A new company may not have any and could be a risk. An established company with no references is a red flag. References show a pattern of getting the job done with people that are trustworthy and easy to work with. Are the references from here in Tucson?

Another important issue is how long have they been in business here in Tucson. This shows how stable they are and if there heart is really here. Are they going to close shop and leave?

Have their key employees been with them a long time? It really is a reflection on the owner and managers that they are honest and fair. It all has to come together to make it work and the key employees are part of the team.

Insurance is next up and like all insurance you are glad you have it when something happens. The janitorial service should have liability insurance, bonded, and workers compensation coverage.... Most insurance companies will send certificates of insurance to show they have coverage. It is a red flag if they don’t provide them.

Be sure to check if the janitorial service is hiding behind a national franchise name. You will wind up paying for the money you save. Over the years I have talked to many unsatisfied office managers that went with a franchise thinking they must know they are doing. That’s why they called Desert Cleaning and we come in and straighten the mess out.

We have been in the office cleaning business in Tucson for 36 years and there is a reason, we do the job. See our link to references on our home page. Also, we have a few employees that have been with Desert Cleaning for over twenty five years. Again there is a reason it is because Desert Cleaning is fair with everyone. Call us you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t be a Settler

Why settle for inferior janitorial service in Tucson when Desert Cleaning is here. We specialize in office cleaning at affordable pricing. How do we consistently beat the competition? It’s simple we pay our people more, so out of the pool of people that are looking for janitorial work we get the best.

Getting started with us and in our system is easy. We set­up a file so we can keep track of emails, notes taken on the initial walk through, important items.... Also, we create a file in our computer that has your billing information and email.

The supplies can work a few ways. First there are two types of supplies: the supplies to do the cleaning and the supplies you consume: toilet paper, hand towels, soap.... We’ll handle the supplies the way you want. The most common is you supply the consumables and we supply the actual cleaning supplies.

We bill on the first of the month for that month and the supplies are the invoice are for the previous month. The invoice total amount is due on the first of the following month. We can mail or email the invoice to you. Why would you want to settle for less?

Just Clean It!

That’s exactly right and I’ll shine some light on it now. Desert Cleaning has four basic service areas and they are: trash, dust, restrooms and floors. Then all the details with each. So, let’s dive right into it and review each service area.

Trashing an office requires a barrel on wheels, can liners for the barrel and desk trash cans, a spray bottle and paper towels. There are usually desk trash, kitchen trash, and restroom trash that need to be emptied and taken to the dumpster. The janitor will use the barrel on wheels to dump all the trash in.

The nationwide number one complaint is dusting. When it comes to dusting we leave the competition in the dust. Why? Because we include dusting in our routine on a consistent basis. I know, I know it’s hard to believe it is that simple. Some janitorial services must think that no one will notice, but eventually they will.

Restrooms are third on the list of the big four. We try and service the restrooms first at an account in case you forget to do a task you are still in the building. The commercial office restrooms are built to keep clean. What do I mean? If you notice all the surfaces are easy to clean, for example: ceramic tile, stainless steel, mirrors. metal partitions....

Last on the list are floors. There are wood, tile, and carpet floors in general to take care of in the commercial office setting. Wood and laminate flooring has a different system and products we use, because you can’t use a wet mop on them for starters. An important item for carpet and tile mats at all entrances, ideally both in and out.

Then, included are all the cleaning details that that don’t fall in any of the basic service categories, for example: clean the reception counter, straighten magazines in lobby, clean front door glass.... You just want it clean and hence the title “Just Clean It.”. .

Is Cheap Service Affordable?

If it is please keep our phone number and call us if you aren’t happy with the janitorial service. We provide all the basic services and any additional details you request. Our program is customized just for you and we use state of the art cleaning methods. We have been in the office cleaning business for 35 years in Tucson and love what we do for you.

In our system we don’t disturb files or papers... in your offices or business when cleaning. It only makes sense and we tell our janitors when in doubt don’t move it. It mainly applies to dusting, however, some offices keep files and papers on the floor so the janitor has to be careful when trashing and vacuuming.

Switching gears, let’s move out to the lobby. Usually, there is trash to be emptied, floors to cleaned, magazines to straighten and front door glass to clean to name a few. Also, part of the lobby is the receptionist's area which may have glass and counter to clean. I have been in offices as a customer and it just felt dirty and germ infested in the lobby. I think this happens when the staff uses a back entrance and nobody pays attention to the lobby.

Office cleaning details are many and not all apply to each office or business. After the basic services are covered the details can make or break an account. I just covered a few in the lobby and now I’ll mention a few others. The conference room chairs need to cleaned and straightened, trash can liners replaced if needed, clean inside the microwave, putting trash cans back in the right spot. All this adds up to a great janitorial experience for you.

Part of a great hygiene program is soap in the restrooms. I know that is a phenomenal concept.I was at a building this week that didn’t have any soap in the restrooms Then I found out that they haven’t had soap for a few weeks. This is what I mean about a cheap service is it affordable.

The Top Janitor in Tucson

Uses microfiber when cleaning offices. It’s used in towels, wet/dry mops, and is sold in Home Depot, Target, and the janitor supply store. The microfiber comes in many colors so you don’t cross contaminate.

The microfiber got it’s name because it is many many times smaller than a human hair. Another amazing microfiber item is that it holds nine times the water than a regular cotton towel. The microfiber works better when wet, in my opinion. The wet mops for floors are considered better mainly because of the absorption.

On wood floors we like to use the Bona products that come with the microfiber flat mops. We give them a thumbs up and our customers are happy. We have noticed that the microfiber towels don’t work well when using lemon oil.

Microfiber is man made using a high density weave. It is bacteria resistant and was developed for anti­slip flooring. Also, it is lint free. I have been told that the microfiber wet mop does a great job from absorption to cleaning. Microfiber is a great tool in any janitors tool box.

Dust mops come in microfiber as well and last a long time. They are the best dust mop on the market and feature conventional slot end sewing. These can be laundered over and over. the microfiber dust mops are produced with continuous filament microfiber yarn and are a 100% synthetic, a good combination. With these dust mops you don’t have to use the dust mop treatment.

Since it would be hard to write an article about which way the toilet paper should roll I’ll squeeze it in here. Should it roll over the top or under? It’s interesting because we have some accounts that want to be sure it goes over and some under. We have noticed over the years that most want it to roll over the top. This is not a scientific study.

Janitorial liability insurance, do you really need it?

Yes, this article is about janitorial liability insurance and covers many topics. Let’s look at a few of the topics it may cover: customers, office staff, lost key, property damage....This article is basic and you should not rely on the information; please check with your insurance expert or attorney.

There are two types of claims common with janitorial insurance, claims made and per occurrence. I’ll talk about policy limits and certificates of insurance that most office managers require along with additional insured on the certificate of insurance.

If something happens that is when you are glad you have the insurance. But, what if the janitorial service doesn’t have insurance? I wonder who they’ll look at for coverage? Each policy is different, so be sure it has janitorial coverages in it.

In most liability policies bodily injury is covered. And, it may cover medical expenses and lost hours as well. With our insurance it is covered if an accident happens at our office or at a business we clean.

I want to mention briefly about risk management and it’s importance. Eliminate a few potential problems and save a big problem in the future is what it is all about. Let me give you an example: in a retail strip center they didn’t have poles to stop a car from smashing into the suites. And after this happened the owner put the poles in.

In a janitorial policy it is important to have lost key coverage included. Rekeying and having new keys made for the entire business could get expensive. A risk management idea is not to have the keys easily identified.

This was just a cursory look at janitorial liability insurance. I’m not an insurance expert, please contact your own insurance agent. If you have information on insurance that you want to share email me at​Thanks

Do you do regular janitorial inspections?

Yes, we our proud of our inspection system. Why? Because it works and has kept us in business for 36 years. Every office is different and along with our inspection checklist we use a important items sheet for each account. Things can still happen but with our A team of janitors and our quality assurance program, but it is kept at a minimum.

It is apropos at this time to review part of our inspection list:

  • Front door glass.
  • Receptionist counter and desk space.
  • Organize lobby magazines.
  • Look for dust.
  • Check trash can liners (smelly, items stuck to the can liner, torn...)
  • Look at men and women restrooms for build­up: under urinals, full mirror, dispensers full, vents dusted and tops of partitions, hard water build­up in bowls and sink, behind bowls, wipe tops of baseboards, wipe walls under dispensers, floors swept and mopped (edges and corners), under seat tops of tiles....
  • Inspect the vacuuming everywhere: under desks, behind doors, move chairs and trash cans.
  • Be sure the janitor closet is clean, organized, and has a fresh smell.
  • Look for spots on interior­interior glass.
  • Conference room.
  • Break room: sink, counter, tables, cabinets, trash can and lid, refrigerator and microwave exterior wipe, interior as well.

This partial list is used when we do an inspection of your offices. It keeps the inspection team alert and less chance of them missing something. Also, it helps when reviewing with the onsite janitor.

It’s all about giving you a great cleaning experience. Our seasoned team takes pride in what they do and it shows month after month, year after year. When we do an inspection it is done with the thought that the end result is delivering a quality product and not to belittle the onsite janitor.

Somebody ask me the other day is we check the account that has no complaints? Yes, absolutely and that is part of the reason there aren’t any complaints.

Other companies skip the inspection to cut costs and the end result is a poor product. The customer is upset and looks for a new cleaning company.

I hope that answered the question.

Vacuum History

This week let’s visit some vacuum history so we can see how far we have advanced. The article will be general in content and not just the commercial vacuum. I’ll have to do a little more research on the commercial vacuum for a future article. So, here we go!

There was a non­electric vacuum that was invented circa 1870. It was a sweeping success and the power came from a hand crank while the operator maneuvered the vacuum with the other hand.

Then the electric vacuum surfaced about 30 years later. It was a huge unit that was horse drawn and hoses were put through windows to vacuum each room. A few years later vacuums came with different attachments.

James Dyson in the 1970’’s started to develop a vacuum without a bag. Now there are many types on the market. The commercial vacuums we use have longer cords, thicker cords, wide wheels.... The commercial vacuums are made to run a few hours at a time, compared to the one most folks use at home.

Carpets are a great type of flooring to be enjoyed by all. The right vacuuming program includes consistency to help the life of the carpet. Also, the vacuum has an effect on the indoor air quality and maybe a concern. I enjoyed writing this article, short and sweet. Also, looking forward to the holiday Monday. Some of our accounts are closed, but not many.

Free 5 or 3 months of quality janitorial service

It all starts with doing things the right way, the Desert Cleaning way. Quality janitorial services is all we provide. The cheap discount low bidders are soon discovered and fall by the wayside. If you want a quality service that is seasoned please give s a call.

Our quality office cleaning service we owe to our quality janitors. We treat them like the employees at Starbucks. We get it and it shows in our finished product; just look at our satisfied customers on our homepage.

Yes, it is true that we are offering 5 or 3 months of free janitorial service. Email us for details and let make you a happy customer.

The microfiber dust mops are great and we use them on wood and laminate floors as well. The microfiber is strong and can be washed many times. It is best to launder them after each use so they come out really clean. The end result is the customer has nice looking floors. Something I like is the microfiber doesn’t need to be sprayed with any treatment.

Janitorial complaints, we all get them. It is how we handle the complaint that separates us from the pack. Nobody is perfect and we accept that. Also, we listen to the complaint and many times it may just be a request. The real trick is to do the job and not get complaints. We have a few other secrets in our system as well.

Do you move things on desks, shelves, and other horizontal surfaces when dusting? Yes and no, we take your guidance is what we follow. We are consistent with the dusting so it doesn’t build­up and turn into a project. Also, we dust in the restrooms: vents, tops of partitions and baseboards,light fixtures....

Commercial restrooms are made with easy to clean surfaces: porcelain, stainless steel, granite, ceramic tile.... These surfaces really help keep the germs down. Some restrooms have the walls tile from floor to ceiling, others just part way. The best flooring in my opinion for the restroom is colored concrete for many reasons. Also, the countertops that have ceramic tile with grout lines are germ havens.

Carpet flooring needs to vacuumed on a regular schedule. According to an article I read in cleaning management 94% of all dry soil is removed from the carpet from vacuuming. We have accounts that want to cut back on the vacuuming and we only vacuum three times a week and clean the office five nights a week.

This concludes the second article of the year and we are confident that this will be a great year. If you are tired of cleaning up after your janitor then let us give you the quality service you deserve. To prove it we are offering 5 or 3 free months of our service, ask for details. Thanks!

Who is the best janitor in Tucson 2016!!!!!

The start of 2016 has begun and will be a great year. We love being in the janitorial business in Tucson and we look forward to making our janitorial service better this year. We have been working on a new key system and improving our Quality Assurance system. Keeping our janitorial accounts happy is number one.

The art of the janitorial bid or pricing in 2016 is from experience, mostly. There is some science to the process as well, but used more as a benchmark or guide. After adding and subtracting all the services... you arrive at the bid price. The more seasoned you are the more comparables you have to draw from.

Larger offices usually have an office that is vacant. These offices still need cleaning attention. Dusting, vacuuming, and trashing are the big three. People in the office will use the vacate suite to make phone calls, eat lunch, sleep....

Starting 2016, we use three different brands of upright vacuums. They are Royal, Sanitaire, and Power­Flight. They each have benefits. The Power­Flight only weighs 8 lbs, half the weight of the others. The Sanitaire is easier to change the belt, especially on the job. The Royal cost more than the others, but is a real work horse.

Looking ahead in 2016 most offices have a conference room. It’s very important to your business image to have a clean uniformed conference room. What do I mean when I say uniformed? All the chairs should be positioned the same. All the blinds should be going in the same direction. Anything on top of any surface will be organized and straight.

In Tucson, we will clean your computer screen, keyboard, mouse, and phone. Most companies have their employees clean their own space. However, we can provide this service. We use lens cleaner for the cleaning of the computer screen. On the mouse, keyboard, and phone we use disinfection wipes. If you have a specific cleaner you want us to use that we can.

Since we aren’t the lowest bidder usually, all we ask is to please keep our phone number and let us provide you a quality janitorial service. The low bidder may cut corners or try to increase the price after they start. I have seen other companies bid less than minimum wage to clean the account. That is a definite red flag.

Getting the office cleaner to the jobsite to do the actual cleaning is often overlooked. Let’s review some of the things it takes. It starts with marketing and sales, office overhead (computers, phones, website, supplies, insurances, payroll costs...) supervision, floaters.... All this has to be managed and timed just right so the you get the service you deserve.

Dusting, dusting, and more dusting. It’s a never ending battle here in tucson. In our system it’s all about consistency. Every time we clean an office the duster comes out and gets to do it’s thing. I have seen other companies lose an account mainly because the dusting wasn’t getting done. Dusting is a cleaning task that takes thought and effort.

Where does the dust come from? Several places contribute to the pile of dust in an office: hvac blowing in dust, paper dust, air movements in the room, people bring it in on their clothes. Then if the dust collects after a while moisture in the air really makes it a project to clean.

This week started the new year in business 2016. It has been a busy week with acquisition and retention of cleaning accounts. Every year brings new opportunity to everyone and we are excited to be here in Tucson in the janitorial service business.

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