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2015 Janitorial Articles

By Reid Sossong

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Looking for a good janitor in 2016?

STOP: we are the janitor service you are looking for in Tucson. We go in and clean your office and take pride in what we do. Please see our satisfied client list on the Desert Cleaning home page. Each office building and business is unique and we’ll customize a cleaning program for you.

Desert Cleaning has an excellent reputation in Tucson. The company was built on top of the line cleaning and trust and that has kept them in business for 35 years.Trust is important in the janitorial business. The office manager is giving the key and alarm code out to the cleaning service and trust is expected.

Keeping germs from spreading in an office environment is paramount. Most office managers have the employees clean and disinfect their own phone, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. We offer these services and can do them on a consistent schedule.

Part of being a good janitor is the proper use of chemicals. Our key personnel are the only ones we let use bleach or acid bowl cleaner. Life is a lot simpler and we only use a few chemicals on a nightly routine, they are windex, non­acid bowl cleaner, and 409.

This week a tenant at a building we clean said the building manager came by and gave them a door mat. The manager said to put this on the inside of the door and be sure to wipe off their shoes before coming out of their suite.

We had an interesting situation this weekend. One of our janitors on the west side of Tucson went to an account to clean and when he got there the front door was open and had keys in the the lock. We called the office manager and she came down to get the keys, needless to say she was P.O. at the person who left the keys in the door.

We clean offices in most areas of Tucson: central, east, southeast, south, west, northeast, north, and northwest. Our speciality is office cleaning. Other services we offer are the cleaning of shopping centers A.K.A. day porter service. Also, strip and waxing floors is offered as well. We cleaned carpets for years and if there is room to leave a carpet machine at a medium to large building we’ll clean the carpets.

I was at an office building today and in the restrooms they were using kitchen roll towels. My first thought was they must go through a lot of towels. It made me realize that the commercial roll towels were invented to solve the problem of running out so quickly.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

Go National?

What do I mean? The national janitorial franchises have earned a reputation in Tucson for giving low bids, requiring long term contracts, and shoddy work. How do I know this to be true? I’ve heard it over the years numerous times from office managers telling me their story and the stories were all bad.

I have been told that the national janitorial companies have a salesperson running around quoting low prices for janitorial services. Then, when they get the account they hand it off to a franchisee. The franchisee isn’t making any money and starts skipping services. The only real winner is the out of town national franchisor. We like a WIN WIN situation, it makes life a lot better.

Office cleaning is our specialty and has been for 35 years. We are a local office cleaning company that is family owned and operated. See our list of satisfied customers and If you are tired of cleaning up after your janitor please give us a call at 520-722-6776 or email

Tucson list of janitorial services continues...

The Tucson list of janitorial services starts and ends with Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc.. Why? We work for you and it shows in our finished product. Most of the janitorial work is rote, however, it’s the janitor that can think on their feet that separates the mediocre from us.

We can provide daytime service from the list. There are good and bad reasons to daytime office cleaning. The list shows it is harder to find someone for the daytime position and clean while folks are on the phone.... For these reasons the cost may be higher for cleaning during the day.

Is the cleaning of the refrigerator on the list and included in the bid price? Yes, it can be included or cleaned and billed as needed. We will work with you and your budget. We will wipe clean the outside of the refrigerator and the inside too. In the past we had an account that had us every Friday throw out anything in the refrigerator and then clean the inside There are listed four basic services: trash, dust, restrooms, and floors. Of course each service has details.

These are the services required at most offices. However, each account is different and may not have private restrooms or need the trash removal.

The janitorial list includes trash removal and can flow nicely if it has a system. We use oversize can liners so they don’t get sucked­in the can and are less likely to rip. Also, we use the twist and tuck method to attach the can liner to the can. The barrel on wheels is where we dump the desk into. Then, we have extra can liners attached to the barrel to pull from, no backtracking.

Dusting is always a hot topic. It's a never ending battle and has to be consistent. Many companies blow it off and then they lose the account. Dusting is easy to do and easy to blow off and then it builds up into a real mess. In retail stores if a product is all dusty you know it has been sitting a long time and are less likely to buy.

Next on our list of basic services are restrooms. Restrooms have many details and we service these first when cleaning. This way if the janitor forgets to do something in the restroom they can go back while still at the building and correct the error. Filling the dispensers is part of cleaning the restrooms and you can’t forget the toilet paper.

Last on the big four list of basic janitorial services are the floors. The floors take the longest to clean as a rule. The exception is if the floors are all covered with papers... and the traffic lanes are the only part of the floor to clean. The restroom floors can be cleaned last or while cleaning the restrooms.

All the behind the scenes work that it takes to get a janitor to clean your office is equal in effort to the actual cleaning. The Tucson list of janitorial services includes this behind the scenes effort. It is cloudy in Tucson today and I love it. Anyway, it’s important that the onsite janitor has all the cleaning supplies and consumables for the restrooms.

When the janitor arrives at the offices to clean and everything is ready to start cleaning. Restrooms are the the first thing on the list to clean. Filling the mop water and checking supply levels are required. The janitor tries to avoid back tracking. Having a system makes the cleaning flow smoothly.

Before leaving the janitor will get everything ready for the next night. They will take a quick inventory of both types of supplies and call the Desert Cleaning office to let them know what supplies are needed. Then, the janitor will lock the janitor closet, turn the alarm on, and lock the entrance door. This is on the list of janitorial services.

How much a square foot do you charge? We don’t charge a set square footage number. It is helpful to know the square footage to use as a comparable. All of our pricing comes from experience. Each office cleaning bid that is listed has many different variables to consider and figure in the mix. The adjustments are plus or minus a service cost. If you want to know how a business is operated just look around at the cleaning in their office.

If you go into an office and the lobby hasn’t been vacuumed in weeks and the front door glass has a lot of fingerprint smudges it reflects on the business. Try it this week, look around every business you go in and notice the cleaning.

Recently, I wrote about liability insurance and how it along with workers comp keeps smaller companies from expanding. The insurance doesn’t stop them, it’s the cost that is the barrier. This is probably the main reason a mom and pop can underbid on smaller accounts. The question is who pays when someone gets hurt?

Do you give email office cleaning quotes? Yes, that is possible at Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc. There are so many different situations and we will try to work with you to accomplish your goals. I know this isn’t how other companies work and that is why we leave them in the dust.

With an email quote we will need some information from you. If you can fill out our on line that would help immensely. Many times an office manager is putting together a budget and needs a bid. Another example is the office manager is out of town and can’t meet at the location here in Tucson.

We would need to know how you want the supplies handled. There are two types of supplies. First, are the supplies we use to clean your offices. These supplies we pay for and second are the supplies consumed. These are usually in the restrooms and can work several ways. Please contact us and we can discuss the different ways.

The winter solstice is December 22 this year and is the shortest day of the year. It maybe the reason the last few days in Tucson have been freezing. Most of our services are inside and have the heater on, usually. See you next week.

Do you have References?

References are important in any business, especially the janitorial business. Our references are on our homepage under satisfied clients. In addition to the letters we have received we can provide phone numbers to other account references. Our company is here to serve your janitorial needs .

Our quality assurance system works and the good news is it is built in the price. What it does is assures you get a high level of janitorial services. Our inspection team is seasoned in both cleaning and inspecting. They have a checklist to follow that helps with consistency in the quality assurance system. This helps getting good references.

Jumping over to the cleaning side of the business is the side that really counts for references. There are some additional services I want to talk about they are the cleaning of the phone, keyboard, mouse, and computer screen are additional services we provide. When clean they help with the employee morale and add uniformity to the office. If you have cleaning products you want us to use just let us know.

I want to mention how important gloves are in the office cleaning world. There are many types available, however, there are two basic types; disposable and reusable. I prefer the reuseable mainly because they are less likely to rip. Also, when done for the day you wash them off until next time. The disposable gloves are great when finished for the day just throw them out.

Green cleaning and green products I never get asked about. Using less harsh chemicals such as bleach or acid bowl cleaner can make a huge stride in protecting the environment. Can you guess the number one green product? I’ll tell you later.

I was at a building this week that had restrooms that exit to the outside. It can have a benefit when it needs airing out, but costly if it doesn’t lock properly. Bums like to steal supplies and it gets costly and annoying. Also if the door doesn’t seal properly the dust and dirt can blow in quickly and make a mess. These additional costs have to be figured in the bid.

How many janitorial services per week do we need? Each office is unique and will require a different schedule. How much trash accumulates during the week? Do you get a lot of traffic? What is your budget? These are questions that will help you in your decision. Please note that we can give a per visit cost to help in your decision.

We are looking for a high end janitor service in Tucson. We need consistent quality service. We need a seasoned office cleaning company that is local. Is this you? Yes, Desert Cleaning is here to take care of your office cleaning needs. Please give us a call and let’s talk.

Our company is looking for a janitorial service with references in Tucson that knows how to dust. Desert Cleaning is the go to janitorial service here in Tucson and knows dusting is important. Here is the answer to the green question a few paragraphs ago “water.”

References count in any business or resume. When Desert Cleaning got its first reference in the early eighties it was a great feeling. Now when we get a reference letter we get the same feeling we did as the first one.

Tucson #1 janitorial service and office cleaning

The #1 janitor service in tucson is locally owned. Desert Cleaning takes pride in their work and is always looking for the cutting edge systems for janitorial office cleaning. In the commercial office cleaning world the best services are local services that aren’t a national franchise. The money stays here and the customer gets a high level of cleaning.

Many companies overlook the empty office suite which collects dust and may even need to have the trash emptied. At many offices the employees use the empty office for eating their lunch and talking on the phone. We treat the empty office like the occupied offices and clean them.

The number one concern for the janitorial service and janitor is the security of the office. We try and use only a few doors to go in and out of the building and keep them secure when at the account cleaning. Many times we use the back door for taking the trash to the dumpster. Setting the alarm when leaving is important.

How to make a D an A with little money and effort. I’m talking about office buildings. We have a building that is a D building and the restrooms are a mess. There are three empty hand towel boxes and they leave a roll of cheap home kitchen roll towels out because they don’t fit the boxes. The toilet paper is never on the holder because it is to close to the wall....

To pick­up on where we left off about the A and D building. This same building has a latch from a wood gate you would see at a house in the restrooms. Now you’ll never make a D an A without spending a lot of money. But in my example it wouldn’t cost a fortune to remove the old towel boxes, get the right toilet paper holder, and get the right door lock.

The right paper products also will help upgrade the office building. When this happens the customer and employees will have a better outlook and feeling about the building. You probably have experienced it at a public restroom where they use one ply toilet paper and people just use more and leave frustrated.

This is the week after Thanksgiving and I we are motivated to provide you with the best cleaning services on the planet. Please fill out our online quote form for fast janitorial service.

That was a nice commercial break. Now back to the janitor business and let’s review the restroom cart used mainly in the larger buildings. The cart is for: carrying a mop bucket, wringer, mop, consumables for the restroom, cleaning supplies, and a place to dump the trash. The restroom cart will be cleaned and stocked at the end of the shift.

Stepping into the conference room it’s an area that should be clean and crisp. All the mini blinds uniform and chairs straightened all add up. Basics like dusting and trashing need to done as well. Then a good thorough vacuuming is a must. Cleaning of the top of the conference table is included too. Plus straightening items around the room.

Desert Cleaning has strong roots in Tucson. My brother and I have lived here since 1962, it’s our home town. I started Desert Cleaning in 1980 and my brother joined me in 1988 to help create the go to janitorial service here in Tucson. Our team of professional janitors is second to none and it shows every night.

Office Cleaning and Janitor Service Have a great Thanksgiving!

This is the right place to find a janitor service here in Tucson.. Desert Cleaning was started in 1980 and has been serving the Tucson area ever since. Put their experience to work for you immediately and you’ll see the difference.

Desert Cleaning has the best of the best janitors in Tucson!

In Arizona the law states that it is mandatory for the employer to have workers compensation insurance for their employees. I have heard over the years that some janitorial services cut corners and save money by not having the coverage. If the janitor gets hurt and doesn’t have insurance who will pay the medical bills?

The janitor's closet is over­looked by most cleaning services. What I mean is they never think of cleaning the closet. Keeping the closet cleaned and organized reflexes on the way they clean your offices. I have seen janitor closets where the floor was black and that wasn’t the color of the tile.

On the subject of the janitor’s closet, here are a few more items to check: black mop bucket when the original color was yellow, a vacuum that is all dusty and dirty, a mop that is just jammed in the corner and not hung up to dry.... Again, I have seen this on building bid tours. If this sounds familiar give us a call or email.

Is there an initial cleaning cost for our offices? Every office is different and some need an initial cleaning and some don’t. Items that would trigger an initial cleaning would be: the office hadn’t been cleaned for a long period, can liners are stuck to the side of the can, dust is everywhere, and the rings in the toilet bowls are breathing.

The janitorial business in split in two parts. First, there are all the things needed to set the business up to be able to have the janitor at your offices ready to clean. Things like insurances, cleaning supplies, payroll, phones, computers, scheduling.... Then, there is the actual cleaning of your offices.

Touch free restrooms are more and more common, and for a good reason, they work. If the goal is to curb the spread of germs then this could be the way to go. Faucets, toilets urinals, soap, lights, fans... are some of the touch free fixtures for the restroom.Then there is the door to the restroom that can have several options, but no door is the best.

Trash and dash is common with low bidders in the janitorial service business. They bid low and can’t pay the bills and are losing money just to say they have an account. Then, they resort to trash and dash to try and stay above water. They aren’t happy and the office manager is not happy.

If you use a public restroom and the paper products are weak, what do you think? That’s exactly right, it is probably how they run the rest of their business. Along with clean restrooms the paper products can’t be cheap. Clients and employees will get the wrong impression of the business and all it takes is an upgrade in the restrooms.

One of our basic services is trashing. This consists of emptying all trash cans in your office and restrooms. Also, we replace the liner as needed, which means some get replaced every service and others can go a while. Then, we use larger can liners i the cans so they don’t get sucked in the can.

If your restrooms smell and nobody has used them it might be the floor drains. There are a couple of solutions that usual work. The first is to pour water down the drain to prevent the smells from coming up. The second is a rubber cover for the floor drain that keep smells at bay.

Let’s stay in the restrooms for a minute and talk about cleaner/disinfectants. These are products that are two in one. They work well in removing soil and matter, then disinfecting saving time and money. They are used in wipes as well which have many uses in the commercial office cleaning.

What the heck are red can liners used for. Red can liners are used mainly in medical facilities for the hazardous waste. There are services that that pick them up and incinerate them out of Tucson. Years ago we were involved, now we are out of the loop.

The janitor may have a few duties outside to clean at some offices. Here’s a partial list: clean front door glass, vacuum mats, empty outside trash containers, clean drinking fountain, clean any outside tables.... We had an account that required the cleaning of the water fountains and filter.

When something is missing at a cleaning account it’s important how it is handled. We always stay calm and take it step by step. It just happened to us this week when I received an email that a $100.00 gift card was missing. My heart sunk and to make a long story short a few hours later the card was found. It was a big relief.

At Desert Cleaning janitorial services, Inc. we use the local quarter wash to clean our mop buckets and wringers. Also, we rotate in new equipment as needed. The quarter wash works great and we leave happy. Our other equipment we wipe clean as needed.

From everybody at Desert Cleaning we want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Tucson Office Cleaner part 7

The number one janitorial service in Tucson knows the number one concern for the janitor is security. Security is number one for many reasons: easy entry for thieves, and vandals are just two of them. Both of these situations could be costly and is the reason it goes to the top of the list of importance.

Then next in order of importance is toilet paper. I have to tell you this week I was at a building and for hand towels they had a roll of toilet paper on the counter. Anyway, toilet paper is number two for obvious reasons. If the owner wants a inexpensive toilet paper they will find out in the long run it costs about the same. Plus, the employees and customers are annoyed and double up on the paper.

To stay on top of the details that you request we created an important items list we keep in your file. This is very important and each account is unique. For example: hidden trash cans that could be missed unless you knew about them, putting smell gels in the owners restroom.... This is part of our system that all comes together to give you a high level of janitorial service.

What’s the difference between a commercial vacuum and a household vacuum? To start with they have different names. The commercial vacuum has heavy duty wiring and cords for longer run times. The price is higher on the commercial vacuum. From switches to wheels the commercial vacuum is used daily and has to be built with that in mind.

Let’s take a dusting tour and see what to look for on a inspection. Window sills are a good place to start because they are easy to forget. Lift up the blinds and look to see if the sills were dusted. In the receptionist's area move a few things around and see if there is any dust. The restrooms need to be dusted and checked as well: tops of partitions, vents, baseboard ledge....

Tucson office cleaner has a routine and irregular cleaning hot spots. After a few cleanings the choreography all comes together and the customer is the beneficiary. We love Tucson and it shows. I started Desert Cleaning in 1980 and love working with the people in Tucson. If you have questions or want a quote please fill out our online quote, email, or call us, you’ll be glad you did.

Elevators need attention, especially if there is only one in the building. If a tenant improvement “TI” is under way the elevator walls will need to be covered. Most elevators have hooks for canvas or blanket covers. I have seen elevators used during a TI without the covers and it wasn’t good. The best is when the building has a freight elevator, however, Tucson only has a few.

The elevator requires a thorough cleaning, because it is like the lobby it makes an impression. Elevators tracks are probably the most overlooked part of the elevator in regards to the cleaning. Then, there is the walls that come in many different materials. The industry is always looking for the best material for the elevator walls, they take a lot of abuse. The flooring takes abuse as well in the elevator and needs nightly attention.

Liability insurance is usually required at most of our accounts. We have a list of accounts that are sent a certificate of insurance every year that shows the coverages we have. However, our insurance is for our entire company. The liability insurance stops smaller janitorial services from expanding. The same with workers compensation insurance, which I’ll cover in a later article.

I wrote about trust last week and how it has kept us in business. This is true and the trust to admit when something is wrong is also on the list. I know it is really about the overall trust in our business, along with the cleaning. Please review our satisfied customer list on our homepage and when you’re ready to make a change let us know.

The ring in the toilet bowl is found where the water and the toilet bowl meet. If the ring is ignored it will get bigger and nasty looking. Then, getting rid of it is a project. In our sought after system we stay ahead of the ring and eliminate it before it gets big.

If you are looking for the low bidder for janitorial services in Tucson that probably isn’t us. We charge a fair price for janitorial service and do the work. I know, I know, that is a phenomenal concept. Out of the pool of people that will do janitorial work we pay more and get better janitors. This the main reason we are not the lowest bid.

The maintenance of mini­blinds includes dusting. There are a couple of ways to dust the mini­blinds, The feather duster is the standard method. Then, the treated cloth is the other method. The feather duster is used for regular routine maintenance and the treated cloth is used for heavier needs. Then there is the mini­blind cleaning services that use a dunking tank.

The Tucson office cleaner article covered several topics. We kicked it off by talking about security and how important locking the doors we use and setting the alarm is at each office we clean. Then I covered a variety of subjects and if you have any input or have a question please let me know.

Tucson List of Janitors

In Tucson the list of janitor services has one name that stands out at the top and that is Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc. “Desert Cleaning.” Why do they stand out? Keep reading and find out why Desert Cleaning has been around so long with sought after office cleaning services.

Desert Cleaning is family owned and operated and has been since the company started in 1980. They aren’t out to be the biggest janitor service in Tucson, just the best. Their competitive pricing and consistent quality service can’t be beat. Go to their home page and click the link to their satisfied customers and let them make you a happy customer as well.

Trust has kept them in business as well. When an office manager hires a cleaning service they want someone they can trust, especially when they give an office key and alarm code out. That trust is carried over to the cleaning experience too. From their front line janitors to their quality assurance system you can trust the consistent janitorial service will be there.

We need the best office cleaning service in Tucson. Desert Cleaning is the top of the list and provides a home grown local office cleaning service. They have been cleaning Tucson offices for 35 years and would love to hear from you. They give phone, email, and will visit you at your offices quotes. Whether you are putting a budget together or thinking of switching janitor services we can help.

Caution and warning: Any electrical plug should have three prongs. They are hot, neutral, and ground. If the ground is missing guess who becomes the ground. I have read this and I am not an expert electrician. Any questions you need to consult an expert.

As an additional service we can clean your refrigerator and microwave inside and out. How often you want them cleaned is up to you. We have several offices we clean them weekly. With most things in life all it takes is one person to make a mess in the refrigerator or microwave.

What’s inside the janitorial bid? Well let’s find out and take a cursory look. Part of the boilerplate is our basic services: trash, restroom, dust, and floors. Then we have a checklist of other services and an area for items that are important to you. Of course there is the bid price shown as a monthly cost. Also, we have a holiday schedule and a paragraph explaining the billing.

Need a day porter service here in Tucson? This is a service we have been providing for over 20 years and whether you need once a week or seven we can handle it. Our services range from emptying outside trash containers to spot cleaning vacant suites. We can customize our services to fit your needs. Call or emailing us and let’s get started.

I’m always talking about dusting because it is important. The area I want to talk about is the restroom dusting. This is an area that many companies don’t do. Some spots to dust in the restroom are the tops of the partitions, baseboards, and wall tile. Also, vents and any lighting fixtures....Dusting in the restroom is especially important because of germs and smells can make the dust a real sticky mess.

Security of your offices is at the top of the list of importance for the janitor. Locking the doors we use and setting the alarm when we leave is paramount. Nobody wants to come to work in the morning and find the door unlocked. I can’t count how many times we have arrived at an account to find the door unlocked. We inform the customer that we found the door unlocked.

The issue of supplies is discussed on every bid. It’s simple when you think of the supplies as two parts. The first part are the cleaning supplies to do the actual cleaning. The second part are the supplies need in the restrooms, the “consumables.” The question is who will supply and pay for them? We always pay for the first part and will work the second part so it makes sense for you.

We need an email quote for office cleaning in Tucson. Yes, Desert Cleaning can do that. We’ll need a little information: square footage, how are supplies paid for and delivered, frequency of service. Also, we have an online quote form for fast easy quotes. If you want to call us we can give a phone quote to qualified callers in Tucson.

Figuring office cleaning frequencies is simple. First is your budget and then how much traffic does your office have. High traffic offices may need 5 days a week. A low traffic office will need less and then don’t forget the budget. We clean seven days a week for your edification. Also, we provide day or night services. Hurry and call us for the best janitorial experience in Tucson.

Our sought after 14 point quality assurance inspection is another reason we leave the competition in the dust. Our seasoned inspection team is not out to find fault with our front line janitors, but bring them up to speed and give you a quality janitorial experience. If you are not receiving quality janitorial service send us an email or give us a call.

When we day porter at a office building or a shopping center we can do a maintenance clean on vacant suites at your request . This would include dusting, vacuuming/mopping, run the water in sinks, clean and flush the toilets.... and anything you want. Placing smell gels around helps any odor a vacant suite may have.

Tucson list of janitors was this week's title. Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc. has been in business since 1980 and has seen janitorial services come and go. Like many industries only a few survive. In most cases it’s either they have the knowledge on how to clean, but don’t have the capital, or they have the capital but don’t have the knowledge.

Tucson Office Cleaning South around the Airport

This area of Tucson has mostly single and multi commercial tenant office/businesses. It has always been a great area for janitorial service. Let’s get started and take a look around.

For offices by the airport hot water is nice in the janitor room to use in the mop bucket. This helps in killing germs and loosing matter. If the water is too hot that can have a negative effect on some surfaces and can burn the janitor. A few businesses have the hot water turned off to save money. Hot water is available in this area and it helps when cleaning the mop bucket at the end of the service.

A critical part of giving the customer the number one office cleaning experience is our quality assurance inspection. When our inspection team checks an office they aren’t trying to find fault with the onsite janitor. Instead, they are there to be sure the customer is receiving a high level of office cleaning. After the inspection we review any items with the onsite janitor.

This is the most common complaint in the janitorial business nation wide “dusting.” I see it on bid tours all the time and I’m amazed. It is so easy to do and I guess for some janitors it is easy to skip. And, once someone starts skipping that’s where the problems start. I hope my competitors aren’t reading this article.

One of our specialties is detailing the office. It’s not hard to figure out, just look around the office. Vacuum the doormats inside and outside at the entrance. Dust any artificial plants in the lobby. Spray and wipe the kitchen cabinets. Clean the inside of the microwave. Other details include keeping our equipment clean and organized....

The receptionist’s area is high on the list of importance. Probably because it is connected to the lobby area and is part of the first impression. This includes cleaning the receptionist glass and countertops. Dusting would include behind everything and moving certain items that are unique to each office. Spot clean the marks on the walls.

Some other details are wiping clean around light switches and door knobs. Also dusting or mini­vacuuming the vents and wipe cleaning the kick plates at the base of doors. The cleaning of the light covers can be done but will be an extra charge. Any floor work or window cleaning is extra as well, unless specified in the contract.

There are many cleaning products on the market and it can get confusing. I’m constantly learning every day in this business. Here are a few topics I’d like to share: bleach and acid cleaners I consider harsh and we rarely use them, a cleaner and disinfected in one saves time, water based chemicals that are hospital grade are excellent.

A while back I warned about some of the major reasons to stay away from the so called big national franchise cleaning companies. They bid low and then hand the account to someone who bought into the business. It doesn’t take long for the franchisee to see what is happening and they start to cut corners to have the account make since.

To continue on the last paragraph the office manager starts to see they aren’t being cleaned right. They try to fire the national franchise but find out they signed a several year contract and can’t get out of it. This is a sad situation, but real. I have talked to franchisees and office managers that are all pissed off at the national janitor franchise company. They are out of town and don’t care.

The reason deodorizers are put in restrooms is to cover­up and eliminate odor. Restrooms are filled with bacteria and this helps create the odor that people smell. Keeping a restroom clean is paramount in the fight and this is where we come in the picture. We use quality brand name products and cutting edge bowl mops when we clean the restrooms by the airport.

The subject of initial cleaning came up the other day. Sometimes there is an initial cleaning cost required. If the office has been getting a cursory clean for an extended period then it will probably need some attention. The next big question is the cost. As a starting point we like figure the cost is equal to one service charge, plus the service charge for the first time. Them we add or subtract from there.

Recently, I wrote about the mop bucket and wringer. I went to review some of the highlights because of the importance. Most folks aren’t aware that the mop buckets come in many colors. The colors aren’t for looks, but to distinguish which area or chemical the bucket is used. This mainly needed at food services and medical facilities.

Most businesses clean their own phone and computer. We can clean these at an additional cost, This is smart to help people from getting sick no matter who cleans them. We use a separate lens wipe to clean the computer screen. For the keyboard, mouse, and phone we use clorox wipes. If you have something you want us to use let us know.

Rings in the toilet bowl should never become an issue in a properly cleaned toilet. We have the pumie stick with us when we clean a restroom. This is how we stay on top of it. Rings form for many reasons and the water in Tucson doesn’t help. If let go the ring can get real nasty looking and the complaint phone rings

Why do they put the janitor closet between the restrooms? I think the main reason is that’s where the plumbing is located so the janitor closet has water to fill a mop bucket.... It really helps to keep toilet paper and hand towels close for stocking. the restrooms. To sum it up, there are more details in the restrooms than the rest of the offices, so it is nice to have the janitor closet close and convenient.

Commercial Office Cleaning 85704 and 85745

This week we are moving northwest to the 85745 and 85704 zip codes. I’m sure it will be of interest to you as I try to cover a broad range of cleaning topics. These are busy areas and have a lot of offices. So let’s get started.

I want to start with basic hard floor care. In almost all situations the janitor will start with sweeping the floor first. Some janitors like to skip sweeping and just start with dust mopping. There are many sizes and types of bristles for all kinds of applications. There are open areas that need a wider broom and congested areas that need a smaller width broom.

The wet mop is a standard part of the office cleaning closet in 85745 and 85704.The following are the standard weights sizes the mop heads come in: 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 ounces here in Tucson. The mop is sized to the person who will be using the mop. Wet mops come in different colors so you don’t mix chemicals and cross contaminate.

In the office cleaning world there are many chemicals that are used. If used incorrectly they can damage a surface real quick. Just because a surface looks tough with the right chemical can ruin the surface. We don’t use any acids or bleach except by key personnel. Also, we read the labels and we use the same chemicals.

Who is the number one janitor in Tucson? Desert Cleaning knows the number one priority is security. Then what is the number two priority? Toilet paper, so let’s cover toilet paper. One of the issues with toilet paper is should it roll over the front or back. We do what ever the property manager wants. Most common is over the front form what we have seen over the years.

I just wrote that security is the number one priority in the janitorial service business. The janitor can forget to empty a trash can but they can’t forget to lock the door when they leave and in most offices set the alarm. And, if there is a gate be sure it is locked.

Paper hand towels aren’t as important as toilet paper, however, people get frustrated if they wash their hands and there are no paper towels to dry them. In the commercial office cleaning industry there are three main types of paper hand towels: multi­fold, c­fold, and roll. It’s important to have enough, but not to many, paper hand towels so they aren’t wasted when being dispensed.

The janitor room in many offices is forgotten. The room stores the cleaning equipment for the janitorial crew and keeps the toilet paper, hand towels..... A good janitor room has the low cut sink with a hose to fill a mop bucket...... and shelves that are great for keeping paper products dry. If it is a large building it should have a mounted lockbox for keys.

Wearing gloves are an important part of the janitor’s job. Gloves should be worn at all times while cleaning. As I mentioned in a previous article there are two main types of gloves: disposable and reusable. Both are great and serve a purpose. The disposable are great because the throw them away after one use. The reusable are great because you can use them time after time.

People’s shoes are the ones that carry in the most dirt that gets ground into the carpet. The secret is having mats inside and out at the entrance of the offices. They are easy to clean and can be replaced. Also, the janitor can sweep the outside entrance area, this really helps. Last, I want to say that a well maintained vacuum is important.

When it comes to our hours of operation it’s simple 24/7. Most schedules we can handle, it is a case by case situation. The price is adjusted for day accounts and unusual schedules. If you have a schedule in mind please give us a call and let’s see if we can make it work.

We treat our equipment the way we treat your offices. We take pride in our operation and it shows in our longevity and satisfied customers. Please see our list of satisfied customers on our homepage link. Here’s an example: our mop bucket and wringer are wiped down and stored properly. The mop head is changed regularly which makes a big difference.

Trash liners in 85704 are 30 x 37 in size and 10 to 13 mic in thickness. We use these in mostly in desk size cans. They seem a little large, but are easier to tie and tuck. Also, when they are a little too big it keeps them from getting pulled in the can when someone throws something away. This also happens in 85745 area of tucson as well.

I want to mention a few safety tips for entrance mats:

  • 1. Make sure the mats won't slide.
  • 2. If the mat is old and worn with pieces missing replace it
  • 3. Make sure the mat doesn’t crunch up and block the door....

These are just a few and fall under the risk management in trying to prevent a problem by being aware and taking action before an accident happens.

The restroom cart has three main purposes:

  • 1. carry cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • 2. carry restroom consumables.
  • 3. a place to dump and carry the trash from the restroom.

These carts will get modified to each building. We keep our carts clean and organized to give you a better cleaning result.

What does above floor cleaning mean? All the cleaning above the floor. That was easy. What is the difference between materials and supplies? Materials aren’t equipment, rather they are things like dusters.... And supplies are items that are consumed right away like chemicals. Equipment are things like vacuums and floor machines.

The trigger sprayer is used for many cleaning functions. In the past we mixed our own window cleaner and general cleaner and put them in a plastic bottle with a trigger sprayer. They are inexpensive and when they break the janitor throws them out. I have never seen these but there are trigger sprayers that are designed for harsh chemicals.

The best conditions for germs are living near or in living parts that provide food for them. This is why cleaning is so important in eliminating germs quickly. Germs can be in the air since they can’t be seen. Not all germs are bad, in fact the majority don’t cause disease. I’m not an expert in this area but I know it is better to keep a place clean.

The area 85704 and 85745 has old and new office buildings, medical, and businesses. If you read this far I want to say thanks. I write about things I see during my travels and research I do on the computer. In addition, I read trade magazines and personal experiences I have. If you have any ideas to write about or questions let me know.

Commercial Office Cleaning 85718

Now we are going up in the foothills of Tucson. It is considered the higher end area of Tucson with all the amenities. The 85718 zip code has always been a great place to clean offices and shopping centers. The main arteries are Swan road which takes you right into Tucson and Sunrise/Skyline/Ina which take you to I­10.

How does Desert Cleaning handle the highly competitive janitorial market here in Tucson? We start by having the best of the best janitors in Tucson. How did you get such a great team. It took time but the real secret is we pay our janitors more. Just like our sought after systems we have people waiting to work at Desert Cleaning.

In the 85718 area the offices demand the best cleaning available. That’s where we come in with our state of the art and sought after cleaning systems we are able to provide the best office cleaning experience here in Tucson, Arizona 85718. If you have questions or would like a phone or email quote please let us know.

We need a local janitor service and we don’t want a multi year contract. Desert Cleaning is local and we don’t require a long term contract. That was easy. We have been in the office cleaning business for 35 years in Tucson, so use our experience to your benefit. Experience doesn’t cost it pays.

What are the office cleaning prices in Tucson? There are no set prices because of the many variables. How many services per week, day or night service, additional services... to name a few. If you are putting together a budget or dissatisfied with your current service we can help. We can give phone, email, or come and tour your offices quote in the 85718.

Having a meeting and your conference room is sub­par. The conference room is right up there in importance with the restroom and lobby. People will judge your business in part by how clean the conference room is that day. Moving chairs and vacuuming properly, dusting and positioning mini blinds all adds up to an organized room and lets clients know how you’ll handle their business.

An additional service we provide is the cleaning of the microwave inside and outside. The inside can get splattered with food and needs to be thoroughly cleaned including the ceiling, walls, and the plate that spins. I know, I know, other janitor services either don’t provide the cleaning of the microwave, and if they do it’s not a thorough cleaning.

How do you bill for janitorial services? In our system we send the invoice out on the first of the month for that month. Now, the invoice is not due until the first of the following month. Any additional items we have on the invoice are for the previous month. Also, we usually email you the invoice and we still have a few that want it mailed. However, this is not in stone and we will work within your system.

Do you clean carpet spots? Yes, and we have had great success. Many offices have coffee or soda stains and if we can get them right away they won’t surface again. The main thing is to know what made the stain so we can use the right product to remove it. Also, we have a cleaning product to remove gum and petroleum based products.

I’m sure we have all used a public restroom that had low quality paper products. The first thing I thought of was they are cutting corners and don’t care about the customer. I have heard it many times if you what to know how a business is run look at the cleaning. I have found it to be accurate.

We are looking for a janitor service in Tucson with services twice a week. We can handle that. In fact, we service accounts every day of the week and we will give you a per visit cost incase you want to increase or decrease services. We want to keep you happy and give you the best office cleaning experience in Tucson, Arizona. Please fill out our online form or give us a call.

We need the best janitor in Tucson in 85718. This isn’t hard at all, call or email Desert Cleaning. What makes them the best is they actually do the work, phenomenal concept. They treat everybody the way they would like to be treated, again phenomenal. They are up to speed on the latest cutting edge state of the art cleaning products and techniques.

We are looking for a window cleaning company in Tucson. Desert Cleaning will do smaller jobs and then we refer them to a company that does strictly windows. Windows can be a real pain to do. Here are a few tips: be sure the sun is not on the windows you are getting ready to clean, change water frequently, don’t use a cloth that leaves lint.

These are just a few tips and I’ll expound in another article. Vents and tops of partitions in the restrooms need to be dusted at least weekly. Like the dusting throughout the whole office many janitor services blow it off and then it gets to be a project to clean.Many times when we start a new account we have to mini vacuum the vents because they were let go for a long time.

What are touch free surfaces? Surfaces that people don’t have to touch. In restrooms, banks, supermarkets the less surfaces you touch the better off you are. Also, new technology is making toilets flush on their own and touch free faucets. If you notice less people are getting sick every year. The restroom door now has many in use ways of preventing the touch free idea. I think the best is the no door at all approach.

Along the same theme as the touch free surfaces is hand sanitizers. I keep writing about it and when you start to notice you’ll see many business are publicly using them. I noticed at one business they had the sanitizer bottle on the counter and it looked like a large tub that soda comes in.

What do you look for when you do a bid tour? There are many things to look at and questions to ask. Let’s take a peek at a few. I’ll begin with outside restrooms ( these are restrooms that enter to the outside) and how dust and dirty these can get. Well that’s extra time and it has to be accounted for. Another area to look at is there a lobby and what details are there.

Also, when we are on a office tour in 85718 we ask questions, here are a few: what is the current service missing or doing wrong, who supplies the items you consume, when is it clear to start the cleaning. These are just a few of the common questions we ask. The bottom line is to give you a high quality janitor service and the number one office cleaning experience in Tucson.

Let’s talk about the supplies in a janitorial bid. There are two categories of supplies for office cleaning. The first one is the supplies used for the actual cleaning which is paid for by the office cleaning service. The second supply category is the supplies consumed in the restrooms: toilet paper, hand towels, seat covers.... These supplies can be ordered, delivered, and paid in a number of ways.

I mentioned recently that the summer rains were over and it’s time to schedule window cleaning. In Tucson we have been getting a dose of fall rain, so you might want to hold off on the window cleaning. If you are looking for a honest family owned and operated janitorial service give us a call or email us.

The glass cleaner we use is Windex and is all ready to go to work. There are concentrated forms that are mixed with water as well. Also, window cleaners come in aerosol cans and I’m not sure of the benefit of them. Many glass cleaners have a general detergent along with a alcohol or ammonia for drying.

To remove toilet bowl rings we use products from the United States Pumice Company. One of their products is the Pumie and we like it a lot. It’s reasonably priced and takes care of the ring in the bowl. The scour screen is also part of our toolbox and is good for getting in hard to clean parts of the bowl.

We don’t want a low janitorial bid. We want a quality old fashion family owned service. We have had bad experiences with low bidders. It always sounds good and everybody wants to save money. However, if you are receiving the “trash and dash” service call Reid and let’s talk.

Our custodians are the best in Tucson and Desert Cleaning is proud to have a great team. Our company was started in 1980 and has seen the changes in products, office managers, office buildings here in Tucson. My partner and I grew up here, went through the school system, and graduated from the U of A and Pima CC respectfully. Our roots and reputation mean a lot to us and it shows in our office cleaning.

Do you want a long term contract for cleaning services? The office manager may want to lock in a price for budgeting. But all I hear is office managers that are locked in a long term contract.They complain about poor and skip services. They try to get out of the contract and can’t. We don’t work this way and only do a long term contract if you want the long term contract.

Metal polishes are used to remove matter from metal surfaces and polish the metal to a high shine. These sprays are meant for metal surfaces or what the directions on the label indicate. The product in our toolbox is called Twinkle and it is a Johnson diversey product. It has many uses like: drinking fountains, metal door plates....

This was a cursory at office cleaning in 85718, also known as “the foothills.” Mostly A office buildings and shopping centers dot the landscape. I covered several issues and if you read this far thanks. Next week I’ll be covering 85745 and 85704 and it should be a blast.

Commercial office cleaning 85705

This week I want to cover the 85705 zip code in Tucson. This area is in an older part of Tucson with a mix of offices. In the area 85705 I'm very familiar with because my office was in this area for most of the 1980’s. I’ll discuss a variety of office cleaning topics that I hope you will enjoy.

Let’s start this week with microfiber towel. I have a few at home and really don’t like them as well as the white cloth towels. When the microfiber is dry it is horrible to use until it is wet. Also, when it is dry it is hard to fold and it tends to stick together. For drying your hands when wet the microfiber doesn’t want to absorb quickly.

In the restroom bacteria starts and the the smells follow. The trick is to stay ahead of it and keep the restroom clean. The janitor can mask the odor with deodorizers that come in sprays, gels, and urinal blocks. In a heavy use restroom a mid morning cursory clean and checking the supplies is helpful. Restroom make an impression in 85705.

Ask your doctor if they wash their hands between patients or use a sanitizer. The doctors that I have talked to use sanitizer. I think both would be best. If they used the soap and water first to remove fluid and matter. Then, use the sanitizer. Try telling that to a doctor and let me know what they say.

85705 is like the rest of Tucson offices. Some have a janitor’s closet and a few don’t. We have everything in our van, but it is more functional to work out of a janitor room. Plus it’s a good place for the paper products and with shelving it will keep them off the floor and dry. A slop sink that is cut low is best to fill and empty a mop bucket.

The Quality Assurance program we developed will give the client the highest level of office cleaning available. So when you come to work in the morning the office cleaning won’t be an issue. Part of this program is the inspectors. Our inspectors have years of experience and are the best in Tucson. Another part of the program are the front line janitors and we attract the best of the best.

We want a local office cleaning service in Tucson. We’ll we started our janitor service 35 years and are definitely a local company, so you have stopped at the right spot.. We aren’t out to be the biggest cleaning company in Tucson and are selective on the cleaning accounts we work with. It has to be a win win situation. For fast service please fill out our online quote form, or give us a call at 520­722­6776.

The toilet bowl mop is used to agitate and remove any matter inside the toilet bowl. This is done on a regular basis and when a ring in the bowl appears it’s time to get the pumice out. Keep the area wet and use the pumice lightly. In the 85705 it has some older offices and sometimes the fixtures are older and can be cleaned, however, they may have stains that are permanent.

Details, details, and more details. Most companies overlook the details and we focus on them. Why? Because the customer is paying us and we take pride in our work. Here are a few examples: front door glass clean, wipe reception counter, move items away from walls and dust, straighten magazines in lobby.... This is just a taste, there are many details in the office cleaning business.

Keeping on the detail theme let’s review dusting real quick. Dusting is a never ending story and easy, yet many janitor services skip it. That’s when we get a phone call asking how soon can we start. The dusting is usually skipped to save time because of a low bid. It may take a few days before anyone notices, but they will see the build­up and then the complaint phone rings.

Next on the list is trashing and is considered one of the basic services. Can liners are common for both the desk size can and the barrel on wheels. We use the barrel on wheels to dump the desk size cans into. Can liners need to be replaced regularly. If the can liner is stuck to the side of the can it needs to be replaced.

There are different sized barrels on wheels. The most common is the 55 gallon and the 35 gallon. The smaller size is great for the smaller account for maneuverability. The larger sized barrel is usually left at the account and won’t need to be emptied as often. With the larger barrel if the janitor watches how heavy the trash can liner is getting they can remove the liner when it is partially full.

The barrel on wheels can be used to carry cleaning supplies. There are trays and aprons available. The trays are curved and hang on the inside of the barrel. The apron wraps around the outside of the barrel and has numerous pockets. Also, we put extra toilet paper and hand towels in the bottom of the barrel under the can liner.

I’ve seen other accessories and ideas that the barrel on wheels are available. Some examples: a push cart that holds two barrels, one for recycle trash and one for regular trash, lids or covers, trays that go all the way around the outside of the top rim....

This was a quick article on office cleaning issues in the 85705 zip code in Tucson, Arizona. I covered some topics a little more in depth, like the barrel on wheels. There are many details in the janitorial business and the janitor can’t miss any of them or the complaint phone will be ring in the morning.

Commercial Office Cleaning 85716 and 85719

The 85716 and 85719 zip codes are in the central area of Tucson. This should be a fun area to cover this week. I have seen many of the office buildings constructed in this area.

In this article I’ll cover different parts of the janitorial industry and if you have a subject you would like me to write about please call or email.

In almost all hard floor care starts with sweeping in 85716 and 85719. When the janitor sweeps first it gets all the large debris and dirt, before dust mopping. I have heard it said that dust mopping doesn’t replace sweeping. In my opinion it just depends on the type of floor and the use it gets. If it needs to be swept, then sweep it first.

Stairways need to be swept whether they are inside or outside. A dust mop is not used unless the stairs are extremely wide. Another option is using a blower outside.Also, inside stairs the janitor in 85716 and 85719 would use a vacuum. The stair landings can be used as a holding area for the dirt pile.

Safety is always at the forefront of office cleaning and janitorial work. With that thought it is wise to pick up any piles of dirt fast.... to avoid slipping or tripping. Also, wanted to mention when the janitor finds gum on the stairs they should use a putty knife or lemon oil to remove the gum.

To damp mop or wet mop that is the question. Damp mopping picks up what dry mopping didn’t and wet mopping picks up what damp mopping can’t. The janitor needs to acquire the knowledge to know which method to use and in what order. Note: for safety place “wet floor” signs out.

Wet vacuums are used in the janitorial business to pick up the solution from a floor that has just been wet mopped. Also, the wet vacuum is used when stripping and waxing a floor. If it is a large area the truck mount carpet cleaning machines are great for picking up the wet solution and they hold a lot.

If you want a high level of floor cleaning we can use a double bucket and/or a double mop method. There are several combinations of buckets, wringer, and carriers that are available. Also, we can use a flat mop system that doesn’t make the baseboards dirty.

We want floors that have a wet look and shine. Desert cleaning can get that result using a method called spray buffing. Spray buffing has excellent results with correct procedures. Getting the floor ready, using the right spray buff.... all play a part in the outcome. We usually use the high speed machines that make the floor “POP” with a slick looking finish.

We love being in the janitorial business here in Tucson and able to service the 85716 and 85719 areas. The central part of Tucson is a mix of old and new. I covered a few of the hot topics in the number one janitor service. Next week I’ll wade further into central Tucson and cover the 85705 zip code in Tucson, Arizona.

Commercial Office Cleaning 85711

Heading back into Tucson this week’s article is in the 85711 zip code. This is a real mix of mid size office complexes in Williams center to small medical and retail businesses.

If you are tired of cleaning up after you janitor then please call us or fill out our on line form. We need an initial office cleaning and janitorial service in 85711.

Well you came to the right place. We service most of the greater Tucson area and would love to talk to you. The initial cleaning cost is not always required. If there is an additional cost a general estimate is the same as the per service cost for the janitorial service. Restroom odors can be masked or neutralized. You can probably guess which is better, especially in 85711.

When a neutralizer is used it alters the odor molecules and help to eliminate the odor. Air fresheners are temporary and mask the odor. Also, this has an effect on pest control. If you have been reading my articles take a guess on what part of cleaning I haven’t written about. Hint: it’s in the women's restroom.

The answer is the feminine hygiene box. According to OSHA these boxes don’t come under the regulated waste Here are a few tips when emptying the the feminine hygiene boxes.

  • 1. Wear protective gloves.
  • 2. Remove the liner and place it in the regular trash.
  • 3. Handle with care, there could be needles
  • 4. Report a pool of blood to the office
  • 5. Use paper towels to wipe up any soiling
  • 6. Cleananddisinfectboxwithwipesorspray
  • 7. Put a clean liner or bag in box

Part of the lobby in 85711 offices usually includes a receptionist area. A busy area no doubt and one of the first areas your clients see. What kind of impression does a dirty reception counter, smudges on the sliding glass make? You know what I’m talking about. Even people that are slobs notice.

How do we quote is a question I’m often asked. There are several ways: phone quote, online quote, and the traditional visit/email quote. In all of them we will need the basic information: square footage, how many times a week, how are supplies handled....

I have been doing bids for the 35 years and my phone and online quotes are pretty accurate.

Desert Cleaning in the 85711 area and all the areas we service aren’t always the lowest quote. Other janitorial services quote low and cut services or try to increase the quote once they start the account.

Desert Cleaning doesn’t play games and sometimes the office manager that took the low quote will call us a few months later to see if our quote is still good. We appreciate when people our honest like that.

Cleaning a bank requires extra cleaning details compared to an office. Let me give you a few examples: saving the trash for a week, clean fingerprints and stains in teller window, wipe down the drive through teller box, weekly clean vault, change date on the lobby counter.... There are others and if you would like to share any with me please do.

Nobody likes it when an office item is missing. It puts everyone in an awkward position. We try to find out all the facts after talking with everyone. It is a case by case situation. There have been a few times in our business when we have paid for an item and soon after it reappears. It is nice when people are honest.

Now what takes place when something is broken? If we broke it we’ll pay for it and just defuse the situation. It doesn’t happen that often and like I said in the above article it is a case by case thing. Also, please note that we will try to replace an item if possible.

The best way to clean mini blinds in 85711 are to have them dunked in a tank. Most business don’t want the added time and expense. They know that having us dust or wipe the mini blinds with a treated cloth is best for them. At the same time the mini blinds are dusted is when we dust the window sills. The trick is to do it consistently.

Keeping our equipment up to speed is a never ending process. For example we are laundering our floor dust mops for both wood and hard surface flooring consistently all the time.

We launder the wood floor mops separate because of the chemicals we use. Also, with the wood floor mops we launder the laminate mops as well.

The two types of towels we use are the cotton bar towels and the microfiber towels. We launder them together. When we launder the towels we throw some out and mix in a few new towels to replace them. When we are cleaning in 85711 we use the paper towels in the restroom for cleaning glass. Another week in the book and 85711 janitorial service.

I wanted to mention that 85711 has the Park Place Mall in it’s area. The area is dense and active. Next week I want to go to the 85715 and 85719 areas. They cover a large part of central Tucson. As always thanks for reading and keep it clean.

Commercial Office Cleaning 85710

Let’s head out east this week and take a peek at the 85710 area of Tucson. Next week we will head back in the central part of Tucson. The 85710 has a variety of businesses and services and an area that we have always liked for janitorial services. Did you know some people shop for price and others get the janitorial service they want.

Is risk management worth the risk in 85710? Of course it is and recently I gave a good example of my barbershop. incident. It could have been prevented. It all starts by just looking around and being aware. Then taking action to help prevent a problem. The building owner may have to budget money for the improvement.

In the area 85710 the water is “hard water.” This helps to build­up a ring in the bowl. When the bowl is properly cleaned the ring in the bowl should never appear. Once a week a little light scrubbing with the pumice is all it takes. We carry a pumice in the cleaning tray for the restrooms, so it is ready to use quickly.

Urine stains on the floor under the men’s urinal can be a problem. However, clorox has a product out called “urine remover.The name say’s it all. It doesn’t require a lot of training and be sure to read the directions before using. The urine stains are found in the 85710 area just like the rest of Tucson.

Want to get rid of nasty toilet bowl rings? Try some products from “United States Pumice Company.” They have a pumie scouring stick that works great. Also, they have the pumie that comes with a handle for toilet bowl rings. Then some folks like the flexi scour screen that is great on uneven surfaces.

Restroom odors many times come out of the floor drain and can be eliminated easily. First, try pouring water down the drain to fill the s pipe so the smell can’t come up. There are rubber cover you can try as well. Both of these methods will help keep pests from coming up in the restroom.

Thanks for reading this far and if you have an office or business in 85710 gave us a call or fill out our online form for fast response. We can start immediately.

Commercial Office Cleaning 85712

Next up is 85712, which is in part of central Tucson. It’s east edge runs along 85715 and is a popular area for us. The area is more dense than the northeast. It has medical, offices, shopping centers....

In the janitorial world acids used in the restrooms in some form are sulfuric, muriatic, phosphoric, and hydrochloric. To find out how much acid is in the product you will be using just read the label. Also, only use the product on items mentioned on the label.

At our company we place acid cleaners in the category with bleach, and we only use them on special situations by key personnel. Safety gear is important when using acid or bleach because both can cause serious damage or injury. Also, they should never be used on drinking fountains.

Acids come in liquid and powder forms. The liquid form works faster and is easier to use. Powder bowl cleaners are inactive until they get wet. Use a bowl mop to apply the acid product and for agitation.

We have never used in our business drain openers, but they usually contain acids. As always be sure to read the label for contents and directions. I have used the drain openers at home and know it is a heavy duty product. There are natural drain openers that aren’t as harsh. They use enzymes and do not hurt the pipe from what I read.

Custodians use a lot of cleaner/disinfectant products in the cleaning of restrooms. The idea is to remove soil and disinfect in one product. This is a real time saver when you think each office has restrooms the time can add up quick.

Custodians are responsible for filling all the restroom dispensers. First, let’s review toilet paper used in the restroom. I have always said that toilet paper is number 2 in order of importance, next to security. So, it is important to fully stock the toilet paper dispenser.

Toilet paper comes in different sizes, sheets per roll, single or two ply.... Most office restrooms use regular size toilet paper rolls and some require a jumbo roll that uses a completely different dispenser. The two ply is what most office use. I don’t know why they even make one ply. When one ply is used people use more of it and there goes the savings.

Paper hand towels are the next topic I wanted to cover. They should be fully stocked on each service like toilet paper. The janitor should not pack the dispenser to tight. When they are packed too tight the paper towels are hard to pull out and people tend to rip them out and throw pieces on the floor. Job security I guess.

Seat covers are used at some offices and others have the dispenser on the wall but don’t want to pay for them. Again, we will supply and stock the seat covers. I’ll have to do some more research on them and update you in a future article.

There are many types of soaps on the market that are used in commercial offices today. Here’s a partial list of soaps: liquid soap, bar soap, powder soap. Then they come in cartridges, squirt bottles, gallon refill, boxes. The powder soap is used mainly for industrial uses. Most offices use the liquid soap and usually a D building will have the bar soap.

I went and got a flu shot today at the pharmacy in Albertsons. I usually wait until October so we’ll see this year what happens. Recently, I wrote about the flu shot and how I got the shot for years and every year got sick. So I stopped getting them. Last year I got the flu shot and was fine. They say the new shot is different.

Next to the restrooms is usually the janitor room. This is an ideal location for stocking the restrooms and filling the mop bucket. The room should have shelves to keep paper products off the floor. Also, to store cases of can liners and other items to keep them from getting wet.

Let’s talk a little about mop buckets in the janitorial industry here in 85712. There are many types on the market. Some are color coded for different uses, especially in the medical and food businesses. Others come with a divider so the janitor can have fresh water and an area for the wrung out water. I think of mop buckets with wheels, but some have no wheels because they stay on the maid's cart.

The wringer that attaches to the mop bucket comes in different designs. The handle used to come one way and that was straight. Now you can get ergonomically friendly handles. The wringer is usually the same color as the mop bucket, especially when color coding is important. Some push down on the mop to wring it out and others squeeze it vertically.

Warning: Don’t use any plug where the ground is missing. There are three prongs: hot, neutral, and ground. When the ground plug is missing you could become the ground. I am not an electrician or expert, so please consult them to find out more.

I’m going to wrap this week up early in 85712 and hope you have a great weekend!!!

Commercial Office Cleaning 85715

If you are looking for a janitorial service in 85715 we are right around the corner. Our main office is at Tanque Verde and Kolb. However, we service accounts all over Tucson and would love to hear from you. See our satisfied customers and fill out the online quote form and get a free quote fast.

We use a Quality Assurance check list when we check an account in 85715. This list assists in having a quality outcome for you. It is a guide during the inspection and to have in writing to assist in the review with the office cleaner.

The following is a partial list we use in our Quality Assurance program.

• Front door glass....

• Receptionist counter, glass....

• Straighten lobby magazines.

• Check dusting

• Check trash can liners.

• Check restrooms....

• Check vacuuming.

• Look at the janitor room.

• Inspect stairs, handrails and elevator walls, tracks....

• Floors

• Interior­interior glass everywhere

• Conference room vacuuming, tabletops....

• Breakroom

Our Quality Assurance program was developed to give you the best office cleaning experience in Tucson.

Now zip code 85715, I have reached a conclusion about the sanitizer vs. soap/water debate. The answer is to use soap and water first then sanitizer. Why? Because separate neither one is 100%.

I’ve talked about how you can judge how a business is run by looking at the restrooms in 85715. Most of the time it is true. If you aren’t getting the proper restroom cleaning at your offices call or email me. Maybe because I’m in the business I look everywhere I go at how clean their offices are. Warning: Once you start you’ll start seeing things you never noticed before.

Warning: National janitorial franchises bid low, have a long term contract you can’t get out of, and cut corners to try and have the account make sense. I’ve talk to some very upset office managers over the years and they all say the same thing; bad service and have a few years to go on the contract. I have heard some of the franchisee’s complaining as well. One of the franchisee’s gave the franchise back he was so disappointed.

We want the best janitor in Tucson. Desert Cleaning has the best janitors in Tucson, just read our list of satisfied clients. We service all over Tucson: north, central, east, south, southeast, northwest, by the airport, west, downtown.... 85715 is included, which is the start of the northeast.

Our use of cutting edge state of the art products and equipment shows in the service we provide our clients. I know some companies don’t operate this way; I’ve seen their equipment on bid tours. Here are a few examples: mop buckets that are all black and that isn’t the original color, a cleaning tray with no chemicals....

Cleaning the refrigerator and microwave in/out is an additional service we provide. The frequency depends on the usage and people using them. For example: covering things when using the microwave, spills in the refrigerator.... Also, we can pull the refrigerator out occasionally and clean.

Well, this holiday shortened week is almost over in 85715. We had a good busy week all over Tucson including 85715. Next article I’ll move into 85712 and cover more janitorial services.

We’re the Official and Original

Let me introduce Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc. the official and original commercial janitorial service that started here in Tucson in 1980. There are a few companies here in Tucson that use our name in part. In a way it’s flattering, but overall it’s not the way to conduct business. Please see our reference letters and let us make you happy too.

How have we survived so long in the janitorial business? Our people are number one and it shows. We have the best of the best. Our whole team of people from the office staff, supervisors, floaters, and janitors all make it run like a swiss watch. That’s how we provide you the ultimate office cleaning experience.

Carpet stains in offices sometimes are impossible to remove. The office manager may need to have the carpets cleaned or even dyed. Also, we check with the local chemical store to see if they have any ideas. Here’s a few common tough stains that we have had over time: rust, pet urine, ink, bleach.....

Most offices have the occasional stain. The stains are usually soda or coffee, both are water based and can be removed. It really helps to know what made the stain so you know what product to use. When we don’t know what caused the stain we test a small area first. Then there are the oil and gum stains that aren’t impossible to remove, but take time and thought.

To keep the stain from reappearing we will put a few towels over where the stain was and put a few bricks or something heavy on the towels. By doing this it will help pull out any remaining stain and hopefully prevent the stain from showing up again.

Here are a few more carpet spotting tips. Always read the label on the product you will be using. in most cases never pour the chemical on the spot. Wear the proper gloves and don’t play chemist and mix chemicals. When you are not sure what to do ask someone, I know I have.

Deodorizers are used in the restroom to change, cover up, and kill smells. Many odors are caused by bacteria and the restroom is filled with bacteria. A well ventilated restroom really helps, along with keeping it clean. Deodorizers don’t take the place of cleaning.

The form deodorizers come in are: gels, sprays, blocks, and powder. There are timed sprayers that go on the wall, gels that are placed in the restrooms, blocks that are put in the urinal. All of these do their part in the restroom.

Staying in the restroom let’s talk about toilet paper for a minute. We have always said security is number one and the toilet paper is next in order of importance. We have noticed over the years that buying a cheap toilet paper in the long run doesn’t save money. The people using the restroom are annoyed, both employee and clients.

Now that I’m on a roll let’s talk about paper hand towels in the commercial restrooms. There are several types and dispensers used. In a D building they may have several old dispensers left on the wall. There are C fold, multi­fold, and roll towels. In my opinion the roll towel is the best all round paper hand towel. There are linen roll towels, but we have never used them.

Electric hand dryers are used instead of paper or linen for cost savings, storage, refill, and removing the trash. They can be noisy and take a few seconds longer. Some office buildings have both electric hand dryer and paper hand towel to keep everyone happy.The argument which is better will go on for a long time.

We are looking for a janitorial service during the day. Desert Cleaning handles day accounts and would love to talk to you. Cleaning during the day can cost more for two reasons. First, it is harder to schedule a janitor during the day since most janitorial work is in the evenings. And, if people are on the phones, meetings.... it takes longer to work around them.

I was asked the other day if we clean the phones, mouse, keyboard, and computer screen. Absolutely, that is a service we provide. Currently, we use the clorox disinfecting wipes on the mouse, phone, and keyboard. Then on the computer screen we have been using lens wipes that do a fantastic job and leave a clean screen.

When I am on a bid walk and we look at the restrooms I’m always amazed how many companies don’t dust. There are vents, tops of partitions, tops of tile and baseboards, light fixtures.... Well that’s one of the reasons why they called me.

Probably the busiest area in an office is the receptionist area. The usual heavy traffic and everything it brings. Fingerprints on all the counters and glass. The paper dust that accumulates behind everything. And the first place your clients see when they come for an appointment. Even if the office is in a D building it should look and smell clean.

Can you give us a phone quote? Yes, we would need a little information like:square footage, how many times a week, how are supplies handled.... If you are putting together a budget or checking the janitorial market we are glad to help.

We need a office cleaning price fast. Desert Cleaning can handle that, in fact that is why we developed our online quote form. Please fill it out and email it to us and we’ll email you a bid. The more information you provide the better.

What is the traditional way to get a janitorial quote? We’ll come to your office or business and take a tour, gather all the information we need. Then, we go back to our office and after digesting all the information we’ll prepare a bid/agreement an email it to you.

We usually aren’t the lowest bidder. Some companies bid low cut services or try to bump the price once in the building. We don’t do business that way. We’ll give you a fair price for a quality service. See our satisfied customer list on our homepage We have accounts for many years and go out of our way to service them. We would love to hear from you and give you the quality service you deserve.

Part of any quote are the supplies. The two types of supplies are: the actual cleaning supplies and the items consumed in the restroom. What are the items consumed? The toilet paper, hand towels, soap.... The actual cleaning supplies we pay and the items consumed the owner usually pays for. However, it can work a number of ways, so call or email me and we can review.

There are two types of vacant offices and both need regular cleaning. The first is the vacant office within a business that needs to be vacuumed, dusted, and maybe trashed. Then there is the vacant office building that the owner maybe trying to lease and it needs to be dusted, vacuumed, restrooms cleaned, run the water in the kitchen, put smell gels around.

How do we remove gum from our carpet? Don’t panic and take each step one at a time, We use De­sol­it or lemon oil. You need to read the label first before using or you could make it worse. The solvents break down the gum so you can remove the gum. Don’t pour the product directly on the gum, pour some in a towel then apply it to the gum.

Correction: Desert Cleaning janitorial services,, inc. is a janitorial company here in Tucson. We service most areas. We are a local company which means the money stays in Tucson. We specialize in office cleaning for commercial businesses. Please see our satisfied clients and fill out our fast online quote form. You’ll be glad you did.

Flu season is right around the corner and they can’t predict how bad it will be this year. I plan on getting a flu shot in early October. For years I didn’t get a shot because it made you almost as sick as the flu. The new shots have improved. In fact last year I got a flu shot and was fine. They say that washing your hands with soap and water plays a big part in helping prevent getting the flu.

Public restrooms are a perfect breeding area for germs.... Just think every time a toilet is flushed all the bacteria released in the air. The constant use doesn’t help either. Using the proper cleaner/disinfection product helps. Cleaning and disinfecting all the touch surfaces: faucets, door handles, partition doors, urinal handle.... is important in helping to prevent the spread of germs....

Let’s review the janitorial bid. We believe in brevity and to cover the high points. We have our four basic areas of service: trash, dust/detail, restrooms, and floors. Then we have a checklist of additional services that cover things that are unique to your office: elevators, kitchen, front door glass.... We have a section on general information: account name, address, phone, email, point of contact, square footage, supplies, cleaning frequencies....

On the first page of our contract we cover: security, insurance and bond, holiday schedule, inspections, and cost of service....Under the cost of service we break it out in a monthly and a per service cost. We have found the per service cost helps for adding or subtracting days. Soon I hope to go more in depth in the contract in a future article.

Desert Cleaning recently finished a clean­up in a vacant building for Kennedy Wilson Property Management out of Phoenix. Everything went smooth and we just received the check. If you are out of Tucson and have a cleaning job call or email me.

Risk management is worth the risk. When people are aware there are inexpensive ways to prevent problems they’ll start to notice where they can improve safety around their building. A classic accident happened two suites down from our office, the Barber Shop. I’ve been going there for over 20 years and nobody ever thought it could happen, but one day an elderly man drove his car into the Barber Shop. Now the building owner has poles in the ground in front of all the suites. If only someone had thought of it before it happened.

We’re the official and original Desert Cleaning here in Tucson, Arizona. We opened shop in 1980 and are still going strong. Our sought after systems and exclusive hiring secrets have made us the go to janitorial service here in Tucson. If you want a quality janitor service or have questions let me know.

Commercial Office Cleaning in Tucson

We want a local commercial office cleaning service here in Tucson. We want a homegrown family owned service that has been around and knows how to clean. They must have good references and be easy to work with. Well, the commercial office cleaning company that stands above the rest is Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc.Fill out their fast online quote form or give them a call.

Commercial office cleaning in Tucson covers many types of businesses and facilities. We are office cleaning specialists and provide the best office cleaning experience here in Tucson, Arizona. We adapt to any commercial facility and have cleaned mines to class A offices and shopping centers. Let us know if you have a question.

Will there be an initial cost to start cleaning our offices? It needs a good cleaning, we have just taken the trash out for the past year. There might be in this situation. The cost really jumps around depending how dirty.. A good rule of thumb is it will cost twice the per service cost on the initial visit. Then plus or minus from the there. Most of the time offices don’t need an initial cleaning.

My next stop is in the restroom and how to give the toilet a basic clean. We use a non­acid bowl cleaner on the inside of the bowl and a bowl mop to agitate before flushing. On the outside we spray and wipe to a fresh clean surface. In the men’s restroom the outside of the urinal it is important the urine runs down the front.

I wrote recently about cleaning mini blinds. I wanted to mention that there are services that take the blinds down and dunk them in a tank. This of course is the ultimate way to have them cleaned. However, for the regular dusting maintenance program we either dust them or use a treated cloth. Tucson commercial office cleaners understand we live in a dusty area.

Desert Cleaning has a first class billing system. We email the client our bill the first of the month for that month. However, it isn’t due until the first of the next month. The supplies on the bill are for the previous month. The are for the restroom, that items that you consume: toilet paper, soap, hand towels. This isn’t the only way, but the most common. We’ll bill how you want.

How many times a week do I need janitorial service. That’s easy, seven times a week. It has several factors: your budget, foot traffic, trash accumulation.... You could start with once or twice a week and increase from there. When we quote you a monthly cost we also give you a per service cost that will help you add days if needed.

Our Quality Assurance Program is in high gear and runs like a swiss watch. Once explained, the janitors love it and realize it’s not them really, but giving the customer a first class janitorial experience. We are constantly refining the program and see the results.

We had a very nice compliment the other day on our cleaning and customer satisfaction, thanks Mom. Seriously, everyone in the office cleaning business gets complaints. The trick is to limit them and how you handle the complaint that separates us from the other cleaning companies. We listen to the complaint because it might actually be a request.

What are some of the details when cleaning a bank? Here are a few: clean outside drive through area, clean fingerprints all around teller area, save trash for a week, clean vault weekly during the day, changing the date in the lobby.... These items are important and unique to banks.
Update: I was at Harbour Freight the other day and they had all kinds of disposable gloves. The new to me was that the gloves came in many different thicknesses. I have written in previous articles about the two basic types of gloves. There are the disposable and reusable gloves. The disposable gloves I use, however, they rip easy. So, it was to see the different thicknesses.

You probably have been in a public restroom and seen people leave without washing their hands. Pretty disgusting. These are adults, not kids. Then imagine all the surface they touch and food they handle before eating. It happens everyday, that’s why I carry a sanitizer bottle.

Dusting should be broken into two areas. First, in our system we dust any clear horizontal surface. Second, we review what to move and not move with the office manager. Also, we believe that “when in doubt don’t move it” because it is better to get the ok then it is to break something. Small collects are a definite to get clearance on.

Commercial office cleaning here in Tucson is our specialty. We have been in business here in Tucson for 35 years and love Tucson. We want to take a moment and thank all our past and present clients. Without you we wouldn’t be in business. Well that finishes off the week, it was a good busy one. Reid

We need a day porter in Tucson

You’re in the right place. We have been Tucson’s go to day porter service since 1993 and provide day porter service for shopping centers, businesses, and office buildings. Whether it is once or seven days a week you can expect a high level of day porter service. Please contact us and we can provide a list of services, or if you already know what you want you can email it to me at We look forward to talking to you.

The breakroom is important at many offices, and for good reason. This is where you eat lunch or take a break Knowing this we take it to heart and do our job. Microwave and refrigerator clean in and out, clean sink, countertops, and tables, empty trash, sweep and mop floors.... If you are tired of cleaning up after your current janitor then give us a call or fill out our online form.

The fall equinox this year is September 23rd, 2015 and is a good time to schedule your windows to be cleaned. Usually the summer rains are over and a perfect to clean the windows. This is also true with the spring equinox, March 20th when the winter rains should be over.

A ring in the toilet should be removed and there are a few ways to do this. The pumice is the prefered way. The pumice should be used wet and gives the best results. Griddle screen works, but be gentle when using. Chemicals claim they will remove rings, but I haven’t seen any. If you know of a chemical that does let me know.

Who are you? When we are cleaning at your account we can wear identification, like: hats or shirts with our company name on them, and or a laminated id card with the employee name and our company name. You can request this additional service, just let us know.

Initial cleaning is sometimes needed when starting a new account. If the last six months all that was done was emptying trash, it might need an initial cleaning. It’s a case by case need. It’s something we can discuss when doing a building tour.

Conference rooms reflect on you and your business. We know this and keep the area looking sharp, organized, and uniform. Moving chairs and vacuuming under the table is often overlooked by many companies. Using disinfecting wipes on all the armrests. Dust blinds and put in a uniform position. Empty trash and replace liner. It all adds up and is set for the next meeting.

Vacant offices still need cleaning. We have an account that uses the vacant offices to eat lunch, take a break, or use the phone. If let go the dust gets thick and messy. Also, the trash will overflow and start to smell. It’s easy to clean when it is part of the system.

Let’s review can liners used in the janitorial industry. For most offices we use two sizes; one for the desk trash cans and the large can liner for the kitchen cans and our barrel on wheels. We actually use a medium size can liner for the desk cans. There are several ways to secure the can liner to the can, we like our twist and tuck method best.

Who is the greatest janitor in Tucson? The reason we leave the competition in the dust is our people and systems. All the behind the scenes effort shows when the on site janitor performs. We pay more and hand pick only the best of the best that works at Desert Cleaning. A few of our janitors have been with us over twenty five years.

To continue from the last paragraph; I want to mentions our systems we have developed over a 35 year period and we are always improving. And, it’s not just the cleaning. We look at everything we do from payroll to cleaning a toilet, and it shows at the end of the day. This is why we are Tucson’s sought after janitorial service.

We are looking for janitor to clean a vacant building in Tucson. Desert Cleaning can handle the job. Is it a cursory clean: dust, restrooms, floors? Many times we get a call from an out of town property manager that needs help, so they can show the property. It’s nice if the electric and water are on, or if we know ahead of time.

What happens when the janitor breaks something? We admit we broke something if we did and there are other times we have to take the blame. There have been a few occasions where the office manager has called us back when one of their employees admitted to the problem. Once we had the owner of a 125,000 square foot building we were cleaning say he was missing a calculator. We replaced it and a few months later he found it.

I was just doing a little research on the history of the broom. It is really confusing or a matter of who you want to believe. But in our country when they we able to mass produce the broom they swept the country. If you have read this far I hope you enjoyed it. Until next week, keep it clean.

Job number one

We think security is job number one in our business. Locking the doors we use and setting the alarm is of utmost importance. We use only one door to go in and out of an office. Usually the door by the alarm. Sometimes at an office we may use another door, an example would be to take trash to the dumpster out the back door.

I just love concrete flooring. Concrete floors are being used more and more. Now you can get them with the color already mixed in. You can have a company medallion in the flooring as well. Probably the biggest reason to have the concrete floor is the maintenance cost savings and replacement cost savings.

We have been in business for a long time because we have the best janitors in Tucson. We have the utmost respect for them and pay them higher than the Tucson market. They are able to think on their feet and handle requests swiffly. The bottom line is you receive a high level of service and the number one janitorial experience in Tucson.

In Tucson most of the janitorial service is at night. There are a certain percentage of businesses that require daytime office cleaning and we can accommodate those situations. Scheduling a janitor to be there during the daytime usually costs more. Also, it may take longer with people in their offices and on the phones.

Janitorial services are provided inside offices, however, there are times when the services include a few outside services. Here’s a few examples: drinking fountain, stairwell, entrance mats, elevator, front door glass, signage.... We have had banks that needed the drive through area all wiped down.

In a recent article I wrote about the Flents Wipe ‘n Clear lens wipes. We use them on our computers screens and they work excellent. For an additional cost we can include the service when we clean your offices.

For the phones and keyboards we have been using Clorox disinfecting wipes to clean them. The results are great. It is always nice to start the day with a clean, disinfected, phone and keyboard. At one of our accounts we use the Clorox disinfecting wipes to weekly wipe down the conference room chairs, especially the arm rests.

Often overlooked is the dusting in the restrooms. What dusting you ask? Here’s a general list of dusting needs for the restrooms: vents, tops of partitions, tile and baseboard top edges....If the dusting is performed on a regular routine it won’t turn into a big project.

I don’t mind reviewing how the supplies are handle. I get this question a lot. If you break the supplies into two categories it makes more sense. There are the actual cleaning supplies and the consumable supplies used in the restrooms. We will handle the supplies the way you want. The most common is we pay for the actual cleaning supplies and the account pays for the consumables. The consumables are: toilet paper, soap, hand towels....

Janitorial service frequencies very and several factors play a part. Once a week service may require the account to get involved mid­week. The account may have to stick within a budget and that is something we can work with. Other factors are traffic volume, type of business, and how many hour the business is open.

When we clean a very small office we don’t use a barrel on wheels for the trash. We use the large trash can liner without the barrel. Also, it helps to double bag to help prevent leaks. We use the large barrel on wheels that can hold trays for cleaning supplies. For accounts that don’t have a separate restroom cart the trays really help.

Spray buffing a tile floor that has wax on it makes it shine like a wet floor. The supermarkets all have their floors done regularly, so they always look good. the floor machines are high speed that hardens the wax. A light color pad is used that is less aggressive.

A black pad is most aggressive and used for stripping a tile floor. The lighter the color of the pad the less aggressive. We use a speed stripper that doesn’t require rinsing. However, we still rinse the floor. After the floor dries it’s ready for the floor sealer and finish. After a couple of days you can buff it for an amazing shine.

Our complaint phone is covered in dust. However, we have had complaints. I think every company gets them. We believe it’s not the complaint so much as how you handle it. It’s the same with employees, some argue with you and others are positively receptive. We have learned a lot over the years from employees.

We launder our floor dust mops regularly. We use the floor mops on concrete, wood, and tile. The Bona wood floor dust mops we clean separate from the other ones. It is part of the behind the scenes work that takes place. Also, we launder our cloth and microfiber towels. With the towels we are constantly buying new and throwing out the old.

Tucson commercial office cleaning encounters with dust.Where does this stuff come from? Dust is brought into an office several ways. The AC vents are probably the worst, followed by paper dust, entrance doors opening, people on their clothes.... The Tucson janitor service has ways to stay ahead of the problem and it works. See our home page.

Drinking fountains need cleaning at the office. Tucson has hard water and it builds up over time on faucets and drinking fountains. There are several ways to remove the build­up: chemicals, razor blades, grit cloth, fine steel wool. Please fill out our online quote form for the best office cleaning experience inTucson.

When stripoing a floor be sure to wear the right safety gear. Like non­slip shoes or stripper slippers, gloves, goggles.... It’s better to be safe than sorry. Ventilation is always a concern when stripping a floor, so be sure to use fans and open doors and windows.

The pH scale is worth noting. It was designed to measure how acid or alkaline a substance is. The pH of a substance is measured on a scale from zero to 14. The more the number is to zero the more acid. Water is in the middle and is considered neutral. When the chemical is closer to 14 it is alkaline.

The all purpose cleaners are mild and range from 7 to 9. In most cases a product that is acidic is used to remove an alkaline soil, and when a product is alkaline it is used to remove an acidic soil. The pH of a product should be on the label. Dilution is also a factor when mixed with water.

The water temperature should be considered. The hotter the water helps dissolve soil quicker. If the water is too hot it may emulsify the finish,, creating a bigger problem. Next is the contact time and you should always read and follow the label from the manufacturer.

Job number one is definitely security at your building. I covered some other areas as well. But locking the doors we use and setting the alarm is paramount. The second most important item is toilet paper. Next, is the head person’s trash. Then our point of contact’s trash. Have a good rest of the week.


Many times when we get an account it doesn’t have a janitor room. We have everything in our vehicle, but it is nice to leave a vacuum and mop bucket. Some important fixtures in the janitor room are a low cut sink and shelving. The sink should have water to fill a mop bucket. Also, with a low cut sink it makes it easy to dump and store a mop bucket. Shelving is needed to keep paper products off the floor and getting wet.

The cordless backpack vacuum is still about the same price. The concept is phenomenal, but in my opinion the cost benefit has a way to go before it makes sense.The problem is there is no such thing as a lightweight battery. Run time is about 1 hour and to charge the battery takes 2.5 hours. We would need extra batteries and they are not cheap.

Recycle bins are usually handled by the office being cleaned. Mainly because of cost. The person at each desk has a blue recycle can. When it is full they take it to a larger recycle bin and empty it. Some of the office people we have talked to don’t mind at all. They say it gets them off the chair for a few minutes.

Lobbies are important because it is the first area your clients see. Also, if they are waiting they have time to look around and form an opinion of your business. Some of the details include: clean front door glass, clean reception counter and glass, organize magazines, vacuum mats in and out, dust thoroughly including plants, move chairs when vacuuming.

Making sure the lobby is squared away is part of your clients experience. Some businesses have lobbies with tv’s, fish tanks, games for kids, computers.... I was at the Ford dealer recently and they even have a deli. Having a good experience is what it is all about. They will tell their friends what a great business you have.

Dusting of mini­blinds and sills can be accomplished several ways. It depends how bad the dust is built­up and if it is sticky. In this brief article I’m talking about light dusting. Many times we use a feather duster when it is light and to stay ahead of the dust. If the dusting has slipped for a few weeks we use a treated cloth which works great. Both the feather duster and treated cloth can be used on the sills as well.

Microwave ovens need cleaning both inside and outside. These can be time consuming if they have improper heavy use. On the inside of the microwave there is usually a plate and holder on wheels that need to be removed and cleaned. Some companies forget the ceiling needs cleaning when cleaning the inside. Outside needs to all be wiped cleaned, plus weekly we move and clean the area where the microwave was sitting.

Refrigerators need cleaning both inside and outside like the microwave. Inside maybe a cursory clean done weekly, or a full blown pull everything out clean, including the bins. Outside front sides and top all need to be cleaned. Plus, every 6 months they we pull them out and clean the floor. Again, it depends on the usage and people.

Keys, keys, and more keys. The less keys the better. Gate keys, front door keys, individual suite keys.... The worst night I can remember we were starting a 10 story 125,000 square foot building and the property manager gave me a bag full of keys and said have fun. When the keys are organized it should just flow. Having a master key is best.

The receptionist area is part of the lobby and first impressions. Here are some of the important items to look for in the receptionist area: clean fingerprints off counter, clean receptionist glass, pull item away from wall and dust thoroughly, move items and vacuum under desk.... Everyone in the office passes the receptionist’s area, so with the heavy use it needs attention.

Each account is unique and some require more inspections. In our quality assurance system it is built in the price. Where we have been successful is our regular inspections. This gives you the quality janitorial experience you deserve. In a future article I’ll review and go into more depth about our quality assurance system.

We have a fairly simple billing system. Our bills go out on the 1st of the month for that month’s janitorial service, and the bill is due the 1st of the subsequent month. If there are any supplies they are from the previous month. Most of our accounts we email the monthly invoice. About 20 percent we send a hard copy in the regular mail.

When considering flooring for your office carpet is without a doubt the hardest to keep clean and looking great. The positives of carpet are many. Carpets absorb noise and it is harder to slip on carpet. Cleaning carpets when they look grimey means you are late to the party. Carpets should be maintained on a regular schedule. What does it cost to replace the carpet?

Here are a few carpet spotting tips. In a larger office building you can leave a portable carpet extractor for certain stains. Protein stains use cold water. This is true for blood stains, I’ve been told, because the hot water makes the blood coagulates.

Janitor, is this weeks title and for good reason. The janitor is the person that performs all the cleaning tasks at the jobsite. In this article I gave some updates as well as different views on old topics. Thanks for reading this far and if you have questions please let me know.

Does your janitorial service have insurance?

Before I get started I want to disclose that I am not an insurance professional. This article may be wrong, so please verify this information before any insurance decisions.

I know there some janitors that don’t have the proper insurances, probably because it costs money. They bid low and the building manager doesn’t care because they are getting a good deal. Then comes the day when someone gets hurt, or there is property damage. Guess who has to pay the bill.

Having a good insurance agent makes a difference. In today's world with the compliance companies we have to deal with it helps to have an agent that can communicate with them. I highly recommend Mona at DM lovitt insurance here in Tucson.

I mentioned in an earlier article that in the money section has information on claims made and per occurrence insurances. If you already have or are looking into insurance you may want to see what type you have.

Preventing an insurance claim before it happens is part of what risk management is about. Keeping people safe is another benefit. Take a couple of minutes and look around and you’ll start seeing potential accidents waiting to happen. Now is there anything you can do to prevent an accident?

Does your janitor have lost key coverage? Key costs add up quickly especially if you aren’t covered. Just think if a whole building had to be rekeyed and all the employees had to have new keys.

Next, I want to cover workers compensation insurance that is mandatory in Arizona. Does your janitor have the coverage? With no coverage I wonder who will pay if the janitor got hurt?

Let’s segway into frequency of janitorial services. This is a good topic that I’m often asked. There are many combinations, so let’s take a peek. There are seven days in a week and we service them all. One, two, or three days service depends on foot traffic, trash accumulation, and cost, to name a few.When we quote we will provide a per visit cost that will help if you want to increase services.

You come back from lunch and in the lobby carpet is a chunk of gum, and it is grounded into your carpet. Oh no what do you do? Call Desert Cleaning, we will have it out quickly and cleanly. We have experience with gum or oil from the parking lot.

We need an initial cleaning of our offices. Will that cost extra? There could be an extra cost and it is a case by case situation. If the office has just been getting a cursory cleaning for the last 6 months and there are heavy bowl rings, dust bunnies everywhere and the can liners are stuck to the sides of every can, then yes there could be an extra charge.

Half of the janitorial business is focused on getting the janitor to the job site ready to clean. All the supplies for cleaning, restroom supplies, insurances, safety gear, equipment all have to be in place before they start. Then, the actually cleaning begins, which I refer to as the the second half. The second half has it’s own set of systems.

Here are a few of the reasons most companies use a barrel on wheels with a can liner to dump the desk, restroom, and kitchen area trash cans. First, if there is a leaking can liner it won’t stain the floor. Then, when the can liner starts to get heavier it is easier to push the barrel on wheels. In most situations it is best to remove the can liner from the barrel outside, incase of leaks.

The break room in many offices need the basic cleaning services plus details. Basic services like empty trash, clean counter, sink, tables... sweep, wet mop, and fill any dispensers are all part of our system. Additional services can be provided like wiping the inside of the refrigerator and microwave, or cleaning the coffee pots....

Complaints in office cleaning are something all office cleaning services experience. The real issue is how the complaint is handled. I have heard that some companies are extremely defensive and confuse a request with a complaint.

Red can liners are used in the medical offices. It’s hazardous waste and needs to handled by a separate service that picks it up. This is true for the needle box you see in the Doctors office. The service takes the red can liner trash and incinerates it.

Warning: Don’t use your hand to compress trash or pull it out of the trash can. One of the main reasons are there could be a needle in the trash. No, no, they use red can liners. Ahhh, be what if a diabetic throws a needle in the trash. It happened to us 20 years ago and our employee had to go to the ER and thank God he was ok.

Tucson is a dust bowl and it’s hard to escape its wrath. Inside buildings and parking lot all get the dust. It is a never ending cycle. If you let it go it becomes a project. We know it is less expensive just to keep up with dusting and do some every time you are cleaning an account. There is a difference between us and other janitorial services, we do the job.

When we get a new account we put them into our system and explain our billing. We bill the first of the month for that month. If there are supplies they are from the previous month show on the invoice. If you have a certain way you want us to bill you we will accommodate and never had a problem in 35 years here in Tucson.

Last week someone asked me if we inspect our top janitors even they have no complaints. Absolutely, we check all of our accounts. When we do our quality assurance inspection and it’s not just to try and find poor cleaning and make the office cleaner feel bad. We do it to get the office cleaner on track and provide the best office cleaning experience here in Tucson. Also, we learn from our janitors and we let them know.

Outside many businesses there are other janitorial details that may need attention. Vacuuming the entry mats, cleaning a drinking fountain, sweep stairwells, clean elevator....The list goes on and some of the details may be include in the common area maintenance.

We have the best janitors in Tucson. Why? Of all the people that are qualified to do janitorial work we pay more than the local rate, so we get the best of the best Also, we follow other guidelines in our system that are proprietary and give you a first class experience. Also, our quality assurance inspections are in place.

Does your janitorial service have insurance? It’s a good question and worth finding out before having to find out. That monthly savings of a low bid doesn’t look so good if an accident happens. Request a certificate of insurance, if they have insurance it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, this wraps up another week of office cleaning in Tucson, Arizona.

To Clean or Not To Clean

That is the question. When in doubt don’t. That has been in our system for a long time and it is better to wait if you are not sure. Here’s an example: should I use a wet mop on a wood floor? When in doubt don’t. Call us and if we don’t know we’ll find out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I need a janitorial quote in tucson. We are looking for a good reliable old fashion local cleaning service. Well you came to the right website. Desert Cleaning is Tucson’s sought after janitorial service and there is a reason. They provide good old family service and take pride in their work.

How do you quote? Excellent question, because there are several ways. The first way is to visit your office and email you a quote. The second way is to gather information over the phone and then call you back with a quote. Last, we get information from our online quote form you send us and then we’ll email a quote.

An important issue at most accounts are the supplies. Let’s break it down into two categories. First, there are the cleaning supplies to do the actual cleaning. Then, there are the consumable items used in the restroom. We will handle the supplies any way you want. The most common is the owner supplies the consumables: toilet paper, soap, hand towels....

What does it take to get the janitor at the job site. Actually, quite a lot. Let’s take a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Here are some key costs: business overhead, hiring, training, insurances, supervision, floaters, inspections, payroll costs, supplies.... The list is long and we travel to the job. The manager has to get the choreography just right for the onsite janitor to do the job.

The restroom toilet is important. Just think if we didn’t have one. Anyway, we have them and they need proper cleaning to stay fresh for the next day. We use a non­acid bowl cleaner and a bowl mop to agitate and clean the inside of the toilet. On the outside of the bowl we use the same non­acid bowl cleaner with a sprayer and wipe clean with a sponge.

“Trash and dash” has been around a long time. It’s sad that is how some cleaning companies work. They sell price and not their service. The office manager usually figures it out quick. I guess that is good for us, but that office manager has to live it.

Part of the consumables are soap. Consumables items are the second group of supplies like toilet paper and hand towels. There are many types of soap and just as many dispensers.We have never had a big problem with soap. If there is a special type of soap you want us to use just let us know.

A few articles ago “To move or not to move” I wrote about moving things and dusting. The article is similar to this weeks “To clean or not to clean” and includes dusting. Dusting is the number one complaint and one of the easiest cleaning tasks. Some companies skip dusting and we do the opposite we are dusting fanatics.

Picking a vacuum is important for cleaning properly. Here are a few of the types we have used: upright, 30 inch wide upright, backpack, and mini vacuum. Mini vacuums are used for high areas and hard to get to places. The wide upright can clean 9,000 per hour and can save time and money. Backpack vacuums are great for both carpet and tile. And, the most commonly used vacuum is the upright.

Shoes bring in most of the dirt that gets ground into the carpet. Those bad shoes. So, if there are mats at the entrances a majority of the dirt on shoes will drop off on the mats. It is easier and less expensive to replace mats. Also, is the business is having a big meeting they can roll up the mats if it makes a better appearance.

Keeping the entrance area and parking lots swept are a big help in keeping the carpet cleaner. Some managers get it. I remember one time I went to lunch with a property manager and as we were backing out of the parking space they noticed the oil accumulation on the ground. Next, they stopped and called the parking lot folks to come and clean the oil spots on their entire lot.

Maintaining and adjusting the janitors vacuum is critical. Keeping all the airways clear, brushes cleaned and vacuum bags emptied makes a difference in giving you the best cleaning experience in Tucson. Having backup belts on the vacuum makes for a quick on site repair.

Carpet spot removal is part of the life extension of the carpet. Carpet spot removal is done between vacuuming and steam cleaning. In most offices the spots are coffee orsoda and the sooner removed the better.

I heard a school that is cutting back on janitors and figured out how to make it up with the cordless backpack vacuum. Also, the school has safety covers in the outlets, which saves even more time. The real time savings is in the large square footage offices.I don’t know what the school paid for the new vacuum, but it should be a huge savings over time.

To clean or not to clean is part of our system that works. Also, when in doubt, don’t is used. If something is setting on the trash can that doesn’t look like trash we don’t throw it away.It is better than having to dumpster dive in the morning. Another good week in Tucson and if you have a question please email me at

We want the best office cleaning in Tucson

Then see our commercial references and fill out the fast online quote form, or call us at 722-6776. Now on to this weeks article.

Our janitorial proposal starts with trashing, dust/details, restrooms, and floors. These areas include all the details with each. Lets take a quick look at each area and get a better idea.

Trashing begins with the can liner used to organize the trash and keep the can clean. If the area around the trash can needs vacuuming the janitor will leave the can out so when they come through with the vacuum it is already set­up.

Dusting and details aren’t taken lightly in our system. All clear horizontal surfaces will be dusted. Other areas of dusting we discuss on the office tour and put in the contract. Details are many and will be reviewed with you. We’ll make you happy. Please see our satisfied clients.

Restrooms are a place the janitor starts first when servicing an account. It is without a doubt second only to security in importance. Disinfection of all touch areas are required. Gloves that are used in the restrooms are disposed of before cleaning the rest of the building.

Floors are cleaned last if you believe in top to bottom cleaning. First, we give the floor a good sweeping or dust mop before wet mopping. For wood floors it is a different process and cleaners used. At some offices we double sweep and mop to get the floor clean clean.

The debate continues. Hand sanitizers or soap and water to clean your hands. I have had several doctors tell me they use the sanitizer between patients because the soap and water strips all the oils off their hands after washing them all day. That sounds great, except sanitizers don’t remove any fluids or other matter.

You have probably seen someone use the restroom, then leave without washing their hands. What happens after that is the germs stay on their hands for hours. Then imagine everything they come in contact with is now germ-positive. No matter what is designed to keep the restroom germs low, everybody needs to get with the program.

Sanitizing the phone, keyboard, desktop, and arm rests can be included in our bid. As well as the wiping clean the computer screen on each desk. We use a special type of wipes for the computer screen. Please let us know if you want these additional services.

The front lobby is where your clients wait to see you. Here are a few of the cleaning items for that area:straighten magazine's, clean front door glass, vacuum front mats, clean reception counter and glass....And, of course vacuuming, trash, dusting, and restroom.

In my travels around Tucson I see other businesses and how they are not cleaned properly. When I was younger I heard that you can tell how a business is run by how clean it is. Well, most of the time that is true and is a good gauge. Start noticing and see if it is true.

Our schedule for cleaning is around the clock 7 days a week. We can usually accommodate your schedule. We have had our share of unusual cleaning schedules. One that comes to mind was three days a week, Monday 7:30 am, Wednesday Noon, and Friday at 4:00 pm. This includes shopping centers, offices, and businesses. Give us a call.

Last week I covered vents in an office and restrooms. All the vents usually need is a dusting on a weekly schedule. When they are let go then you have to bring in the mini­vacuum or just let the dust fly all over everything. We prefer the mini­vacuum. This really boils down to how many janitors skip the dusting because it looks ok. Then they get in a routine of not dusting.

Computer screens need to be cleaned on a regular schedule. Some businesses are dustier than others depending on the location. We use Flents Wipe ’N Clear lens wipes and they work great. In fact when I get done writing this article I’ll do my computer screen. This is an additional service, so just ask us to include it in our services.

Cleaning of the computer key board is part of a good disinfection program. We use Clorox disinfecting wipes to do the job and have had excellent results. Most businesses do it themselves.

Before I forget, and often overlooked dusting or wiping area, is in the restrooms. I have gone over this before, but I also want to mention the edge of the top tiles and baseboard need dusting. Both of these are missed by the novice janitorial service. The tops of the partitions get dusty as well and need to be dusted or wiped.

The vacuum is part the janitor’s toolbox and gets used everyday. We use several uprights, from our old Royals to the 8 lb power flights. We have a couple of wet/dry vacuums we use for hard surface floors mainly.
We are looking for a day porter service in Tucson, Arizona. Here’s what we need: trash containers in front emptied and replace the can liners. police the parking lot picking up trash, clean up around the dumpster. This is not an all inclusive list of services and would be happy to review your needs.

For the best office cleaning experience in Tucson you arrived at the right place. Our janitor service leaves the others in the dust. Please see our references of satisfied clients. I hope you enjoyed this week’s article and have a good weekend.

Caveat Emptor

National franchise or a local office cleaning service? If you are looking for a cheap service go national. What comes to mind when you hear the word franchise? Cheap, incompetent, and phony. There are some other words that I’ve heard, but I won’t repeat them.

All that applies to the janitorial franchises. Cheap, they earned that title by under bidding and providing subpar service. They have a salesperson go around and bid low, so he gets paid and they give the account to a franchisee. The franchisee has to work below minimum wage or cut corners.

After all this you find out they had you signed a long term contract that is hard to terminate. Definitely not a win win situation. Who did win in this picture? Of course the national company, where the money just flows right out of Tucson. I’ve heard all this from office managers.

Now let’s talk about supplies and some of the many combinations. The two types of of supplies in the office cleaning business are the cleaning supplies to do the actual work and the consumables used in the restrooms. We usually pay for the cleaning supplies to do the actual work. Then on the consumable supplies the owner of the business pays for them, but this can work any way you want.

A few article ago I wrote how a toilet bowl mop is used to clean the toilet regularly. I mentioned that I’d cover how to remove the bowl ring in the toilet. I have seen several ways, but the most common is to use a pumice stone. Keeping the pumice wet helps from scratching the surface. I have seen grill screen that seems to work, but should be used lightly and keep wet. Flush when finished.

I want to mention how sometimes common cleaners can be harmful if used in correctly. Here’s an example: Pine­Sol when used on a waxed tile floor can act like a stripper and remove the finish. Not good in most situations.

Have you ever had gum smooshed into your carpet? It seems like a real problem and can be if removed the wrong way. The trick is to use De­Solv­It or lemon oil and follow directions. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to pour the cleaner on the gum. The carpet will bubble up and it takes a lot work to go back down. Be sure to pour the cleaner onto a towel. Good luck!

Buildings that are 50,000 square feet and larger have a separate restroom cart. The cart is usually fully stocked with consumable items: toilet paper, soap, hand towels.... Also, all the cleaning supplies and equipment are on the cart. Most carts have an area for a mop bucket and trash bag.

Our Quality Assurance Inspection program has been accepted with great approval. The feedback has been positive and has fit well into our system. It’s win win for everybody when you use the right approach. The bottom line is the customer receives a quality service.

Do you charge an initial cleaning charge? Sometimes we do charge an extra fee. We talk with the manager first and can include it in our bid/agreement. Do you bill us monthly for office cleaning services? Yes, unless your system is set­up differently. Also, in our proposal we’ll show a per service cost for adding or subtracting day’s.

Our proposal for office cleaning is all inclusive of the following: materials and labor, cleaning supplies, office overhead, payroll taxes, quality control, and state fund. There is a lot to get the janitor to the cleaning site, before even cleaning. We pride ourselves is constantly improving each area to give you the best cleaning experience in Tucson.

We rarely use bleach and acid bowl cleaner. Only on special jobs and by key people. On a regular routine we don’t use them. The harsh chemicals when used improperly can be damaging. When we do use them they do the job.

Can regular vacuuming help prevent wear from dirt from grinding into the carpet? Yes, it will impact the life of the carpet and appearance. There are high and low traffic areas that require different vacuuming schedules. Another topic I’ll talk about in another article are mats and their effect on carpet and tile floors.

Part of the janitors equipment is the wet mop, bucket and wringer. We keep our buckets and wringers clean by wiping them down and storing them properly. We replace our mopheads regularly to stay ahead of a dirty stinky mophead. This is part of our system and keeps the customer happy.

Something we do every few months is go to the neighborhood quarter wash and wash our equipment thoroughly. Mainly mop buckets and wringers. The quarter wash does an excellent job. Vacuums and other equipment we wipe clean as needed on site. This part of our behind the scene systems that you don’t see but benefit from.

The trash barrel on wheels is more than just a trash cart The janitor can carry several trays that hold cleaning supplies for windows, restrooms, and any supplies needed. In addition to the trays there are aprons that wrap around the barrel for carrying pockets. We use them at smaller accounts instead of having a restroom cart.

The kitchen area in an office is high on the cleaning list. Basic services include:emptying trash, cleaning sink, counter, tables, then sweep and mopping floors.... These are the basics and there are many more details. Recently, at one of our accounts they have three kitchen areas and we moved the refrigerators out, mini vacuumed and wet mopped. There was an additional charge.

Vents need to be dusted and cleaned consistently. Vents are part of the dusting loop in our system and when dusted consistently it avoids that sticky build­up. Why create more work. The vents in the restrooms are often overlooked by many cleaning companies, I know that because I’ve seen them on office tours. .

Cleaning of the standard restroom toilet means in and out of the bowl. We use a bowl mop to clean the inside of the bowl and have had excellent results. We use a non­acid bowl cleaner along with the bowl mop. On the outside of the bowl we spray and wipe it clean. If you aren’t receiving excellent service currently call us and we can start immediately.

This week’s theme “ buyer beware” is directed towards the person who will be hiring the janitorial service. The national franchises act big, but in reality they hand the account over to a small operator who bought into the business. So this is how I derived this weeks theme.

Are all cars and restaurants the same?

No, and same for the janitorial companies. If you want the best janitor service in Tucson please fill out our online quote form or call, email us. Let us make you a happy customer too.Now onward to the rest of the article

Commercial office managers have asked me for a quote after they find out their current service is trash and dashing. What is trash and dash? Trash and dash is when a janitor only empties the trash fast and leaves, skipping all the other services.

Why does a janitorial service trash and dash? The main reason is they bid to low. Instead of selling their service they sold the office manager on the price. Then they get annoyed when they aren’t making money and skip services.

Gloves are an important part of the cleaning industry. It keeps the janitor safer and helps prevent cross contamination. There are a variety of gloves on the market. I want to cover two types that we use. They are disposable and reusable. The disposable gloves come in various thicknesses and some people like them. Then we use the reusable gloves that look like the kind people use in the kitchen at home. These can be washed clean and reused.

Stopping dirt and grease from entering the business is accomplished by using mats at the front door. Ideally, the mats should be inside and outside. The idea is to let the dirt... come off people’s shoes and grind into the mats. It is easier to replace the mats than having to replace tile or carpet.

Do you use long term contracts? No, we use a 30 day notice by either party to terminate the janitorial agreement. I know that is not how others do it here in Tucson. All I have ever heard are negative points about the long term contract. They bid low, lock in the long term and then cut corners. If this sounds familiar call us.

Day porter service in Tucson is offered by Desert Cleaning. Day porter services include: emptying all the trash containers outside and replacing liners, picking up trash around the parking lots and dumpster area, wet mop spills on sidewalks, dusting sills on vacant suite.... There is a whole list of day porter services, so please contact us.

The stainless steel cleaner that we use puts a high shine and protective coat on the surface. Lemon oil works on drinking fountains to put a nice shine on the metal. It doesn’t take much and you can reuse the lemon oil towel if stored properly. We still prefer the spray can stainless steel cleaner.

Just so there isn’t any confusion on how we typically bill for services and supplies. On the bill you receive for June the supplies shown are for the previous month and the services are for June. The total invoice is due on July 1​. Please note the supplies are for the items that you consume: toilet paper, hand towels, soap.... The chemicals and equipment to do the office cleaning is our responsibility. Then, we can email you the invoice or mail it to you. Also, please note that we send the invoices out on the 1​of the month for that month of services. It gives you the whole month to pay .

Our company is family owned and operated. We have been providing janitorial services here in Tucson for 35 years and our happy customers show it. Please see our references of satisfied customers. Are you having problems with your current service? Then hurry and fill out our on line quote form, or give us a call. If your current janitorial service stops servicing your office we can start right away and get the cleaning back on track.

Vacant suite cleaning is needed so the leasing agent can show it. Dust and dead bugs collect and can have a negative affect when showing. The restrooms are especially important because the smells over time can be defecating. Kitchen areas are like the restrooms, so even just running the water every few weeks makes a difference.

More on vacant suite cleaning; the front entrance windows should be kept clean, including sills. Then the front door glass cleaning should be more frequent. Even though the suite may be gutted and remodeled it still is a reflection on the building owner.

Some businesses shop for price and others get the service they want. We aren’t out to be the biggest janitorial service in Tucson. We want to give you the ultimate experience in Tucson.

Tucson Office Cleaning– part 5

The various floor machines use pads to strip, scrub, and buff. They are color coded for different uses. The janitor supply store can help with the color selection and size of pad. The color coding starts with black for stripping to white for buffing.

Stripping the finish off a tile floor usually requires a black pad. It is aggressive and can be reused. After applying stripper to the floor and following the directions the black pad is ready to do it’s thing. The wet/dry vacuum is used to remove the slurry from the floor.

Going down the pad color chart the red, brown, and blue pads are slightly aggressive for just scrubbing the floor. After removing the slurry and rinsing the floor is ready for the finish. This process is not as intense as the full stripping with the black pad.

The less aggressive pads are lighter in color and used for buffing. Buffing makes the floor shinny and hard, like in the super market. Buffing is a good maintenance program and keeps the floor looking great.

The subject of green cleaning or green products hasn’t been asked of us for a few years. However, if you want us to use a certain product we’ll be happy to use it in our system. The number one green product is water. Water is used in almost all cleaning products. Also, green recycled paper products are available.

A big benefit is the touch free restroom door. Here are a few of the ideas being used: a button at the foot of the door to open the door, a sprayer that sprays the door handle, a box of disinfected wiped at the door, and with out a question no door at all is best. Notices to employees about the benefits of washing their hands helps.

In our system the janitor starts cleaning the restrooms and supplying them first. The reason is if the janitor misses cleaning or supplying anything in the restroom they have time to remember and correct it before leaving. In general security is the number 1 concern in the janitorial world; followed by toilet paper.

I want to touch on a common problem in many offices, carpet spots. Most spots are from coffee or soda. Then there are the grease spots usually brought in from the parking lot. The first thing we do is try to find out what made the spot and determine the product to use on it. Warning: please read all labels on any cleaning product and follow the directions.

Here’s a clean topic: hand soap used in office restrooms. Many business restrooms have refill cartridges with liquid hand soap. Bar soap is rarely seen, except in a C or D building. Powder soap is used in industrial areas when scrubbing agitation is needed.

Back on the subject of floors, I want to talk a little about spray buffing. There are low speed and high speed machines used for spray buffing. We like the high speed machines because they give a better result. The high speed machines are over 1,000 rpm. To me it’s a no brainer to use the high speed machine. Let me know if you know if you have any input.

In addition to our basic services here are a few of the standard details included: Putting desk trash can back where we found it, cleaning and organizing conference room, throwing away and organizing the lobby magazines, replacing can liners…. It’s the overall cleaning team that sets apart from the rest.

The upright vacuum is still being used in the commercial office cleaning. It seems like they are always making them better: wider wheels, more amps, ergonomically friendly handle…. Plus they are getting lighter and easier to use. The lower price point makes them easier to junk instead of fixing. Some janitors don’t like wearing the back pack vacuum.

In this addition of Tucson Office Cleaning we covered floors, vacuums, soap, restrooms, and floor pads. Thanks to some of our staff for their thoughts and input. I used brevity, so if you have any questions please let me know.

To Move or not to Move

When dusting an office do you move any papers or files anywhere in the office? When the owner gives us permission to move them we will. And, if we do move anything we put it back in the same place. We tell our janitors when in doubt don’t move it and we can find out later if it can be moved. We want you to come into your office in the morning and find everything the same as when you left the night before.

Other janitorial services cut corners, we clean them! There are two parts to the office cleaning business. The first half is the actual cleaning of the offices and the second half is the behind the scenes work to get the janitor to the job. We have been in the janitorial service business for 35 years and have systems in place to provide you with a high level of service.

People are becoming more aware how germs affect them. I have seen more sanitizer bottles in dental, medical, offices, grocery stores, car dealer, tire shop, retail stores…. The less people touch surfaces the better, especial in the restrooms. I carry a small sanitizer bottle with me every day and have for years. We use the Clorox wipes to sanitize at some of our accounts.

Have you ever used the restroom in an office building with low quality paper products? What did you think? My guess is cheap. It is a reflection on their business too. It is an easy low cost upgrade that the employees will notice as well. If the paper products have wood chips in them it is probably time to upgrade.

We are looking for the best day porter service in Tucson. We need trash picked up in the parking lot and around the dumpsters. Also, remove trash in bushes and other landscaping areas. We need the trash containers emptied and new liners put in. We need 7 days a week service and some vacant suite clean up. Desert Cleaning can handle all your day porter needs, just fill out our on line quote form, or call us at 520 722 6776.

If an elevator is outside it probably needs daily attention. The elevator will need wiping down the walls, cleaning the floor and tracks, and a nice shine on the metal work. The janitor maybe required to lock the elevator if it isn’t on a timer already. If there is an elevator there are stairs that will need cleaning. I’ll cover them in another article.

Whether or not to move things while dusting is a touchy subject. When in doubt we don’t move anything. On that note let’s talk about Tucson’ hot weather, it was 114 degree’s yesterday. WOW!! You can still do things outside but you have to be smart about it.

Tucson’s Best Janitorial service provides

The four basic office cleaning areas: trash, dust, restrooms, and floors. I want to take a cursory look at each area in this article. When we prepare a bid we start with the basics and go from there. There are basic details that are common; reception counter, front door glass, straighten magazine’s….

Items that are in addition would be carpet cleaning, windows, and floor work. We even have a clause that indicates that all the small cleaning items are included. This way you and I don’t have to stress trying to think of all the details in the contract.

First, let’s discuss trash removal for a business or office. To keep from staining the floor most companies will use a barrel on wheels with a can liner. Then when the barrel is full the janitor will go outside to pull the can liner out.

Floors get stepped on every day, kind of like me. They are about a third of the cleaning time and take the most time of all the cleaning areas. Tile areas take twice as much time as carpets because it is a two step process. When we bid we take all of this into consideration.

The fourth area for basic cleaning is the restrooms. The restrooms are done first to have time to go back and correct something missed. In our system it is important to wear gloves when cleaning the restrooms and rinsing or disposing of them when finished. Restroom surfaces are designed for cleaning, which helps.

What are HEPA air systems for vacuums? First, HEPA is an acronym for “high efficiency particulate air.” These mainly are used in offices or environments that are worried about indoor air quality. Some examples are hospitals and medical complexes, or an office concerned about allergies. They are more expensive, but serve a purpose.

If your office restroom has a foul odor one place to check is the floor drain. The pipe goes straight down from the floor then makes a horse shoe bend that goes straight up and down again. When this bend dry’s up the sewer smells come up into the restroom. To stop this smell pour water down the drain until there is no more smell.

Most of the cleaning companies I know here in Tucson have liability insurance. It is smart to makes sure they have a policy and get a certificate of insurance from the insurance company. Please consult your attorney and insurance expert and don’t rely on the information in this article. The general liability insurance covers a lot; from employees to businesses…. Most people hate paying for insurance, but when something happens they are glad they have it.

Some have and some don’t. What I am I talking about? It’s the closet for the janitor in an office building. It’s great and easier to function as the janitor when there is a closet to work from. Shelving is a plus because it keeps things off the ground and getting wet. Also, a slop sink and water should be standard. When a office cleaning company has to bring everything in every time to do the cleaning it cost more.

Last article I talked about dusting and how important it is. Now let go over some type of dusters used by the professional janitor. Dusters range in size from a few inches to several feet. The most common is the feather duster. Then there are microfiber, lambs wool, and synthetic. They come with wood handles and some are retractable. Soon I want to talk about what to dust and what not to dust.

How do national janitorial franchises work? It’s simple, they don’t. Over the years I have had office managers tell me their horror stories about the national janitorial franchise they hired. They have long term contracts that are hard to get out of and the contracts are tilted in their direction. They bid low, get the bid and then hand it off to a franchisee who then tries to make sense of it. They figure out to cut corners like: don’t use chemicals in the restrooms, lower the frequency of some tasks, and skip dusting….

What do we clean in an office kitchen? The short answer is what ever you want. Here are some ideas: emptying trash, cleaning counter and tables, cleaning sink, sweep and mop floors, clean refrigerator and microwave, clean cabinet fronts, wash dishes…. Most businesses want to keep the cost down and just have the basics. The office kitchen is important and with that knowledge we do our best for you.

Desert Cleaning has been covering Tucson’s janitorial needs for 35 years with pride. We want to provide the same high level of janitorial service for you. Please fill out our free on line quote form and let’s get started.

Quality Assurance for You

Last week I announced our change from “Inspection checklist” to “Quality Assurance checklist.” This represents more of what we are trying to accomplish for you. I thought this week I’d cover our Quality Assurance checklist. If you have any input or questions let me know, thanks.

Our inspectors use this list when they inspect an office or business. This list helps keep the inspectors on track and they will make notes to review with the cleaning staff.. We don’t use the list to belittle or find fault with the onsite janitor, but to make sure you are receiving a quality janitor service.

Let’s review part of the checklist:

• Front door glass
• Straighten magazines
• Reception area
• Dusting
• Can liners
• Restrooms
• Kitchen area
• Conference room
• Detail areas: behind doors, under desks, move certain things…
• Janitor closet
• Interior glass
• Outside elevator, stairs…
• Floors

Our actual list goes into more detail for each area. The quality assurance person has years of experience and knows the goal is to keep you happy.

Switching gears to a subject I haven’t talked about for a while, microfiber, so let’s review. Microfiber has been around and has its uses. You can buy Microfiber towels at many stores now; Target, Albertsons, Home Depot…. They have a different feel than a cotton towel and absorb more water. The name is derived from the size if the fiber which is 100 times smaller than a human hair supposedly.

We provide janitorial service to most of Tucson and it has been our tradition. We are proud of serving Tucson for the last 35 years with top of the line office cleaning. Please use our experience for your janitorial needs.

I write a lot about dusting and how important it is. Many companies skip dusting or do very little dusting to cut costs. We know that if an office is dusted consistently it is best.
It keeps the customer happy.

Carpet spotting is usually included in our services for offices. The first step we do is try and determine what made the stain. This helps us decide what cleaner to use to remove the spot. Then we test an area before proceeding with cleaning the entire spot. In many offices the carpet spots are from coffee and soda.

The janitor closet should be organized and clean. It is a good indication how the rest of the building is being cleaned. If the mop bucket is not the original color it is a red flag. Is the floor in the janitor closet swept and mopped. I understand that it can get a little out of control once in a while; however, I have been on office tours and seen some pretty nasty janitor closets.

Recently, I wrote about office cleaning frequency. Our schedule runs 7 days a week with day and night offices to clean. What decides the frequency of cleaning? In the end you do, but to help make that decision here are some thoughts: how much traffic, how full does the garbage get, are the restroom supplies out quickly….

Correction: A while back I wrote about the back pack vacuum and didn’t mention wireless back pack. I mentioned how it will someday be less expensive and have a longer run time. These vacuums will be lighter and be the vacuum of choice.

A tough carpet spot is the petroleum based spot that is mainly from peoples shoes. After walking through the parking lot a person can easily step in oil and bring it in on their shoe. In most cases a solvent like de-solv-it will work. Check with the store that you bought it from and ask them if it will work on your situation.

The other day an office manager asked me how we bill for everything. We set it up so it works in your system. Here are a few items to think about: the supplies and who pays for the items the owner consumes like tp, ht, soap…. Also, we can email the invoice on the first of the month for that month.

Quality Assurance inspections have proven themselves over the years for us. It is part of our system and keeps the customer happy.

Tucson Business Cleaning, part 3

Summer is almost here in Tucson. Next are some pretty hot topics in the janitorial world. So let’s get started.

Can liners used in offices come in different colors, sizes, and thicknesses. The can liner is used to keep the can or barrel clean. This saves a lot of work, time, and money. We use two sizes of can liners, one for the desk trash can and one for the barrel on wheels.

The can liners we use come in mic’s that indicates the thickness. The larger can liners usually are thicker then the can liner used in the desk trash can. Also, we use the clear can liners in most offices.

Did you know that about a quarter of women and about half of men don’t wash their hands after using the restroom in an office building. As more and more folks become aware of hand sanitizers and washing their hands it should help prevent the spread of germs.

“How the heck did that get there?’ You just moved into a new office suite and there it is a wad of gum in the carpet. No fear, we have a solvent that works great in removing gum from carpet. If you try this yourself be sure to read the label for directions.

Where does all this dust come from? Dust enters the office in many ways; let’s take a look: paper dust, follicles and dander from people, air vents, every time the entrance door opens…. If dust sits for a while it becomes moist and turns into a project.

.How do you clean a hard surface floor? Well, it’s a two step process; sweep and mop are the basic steps. At a few of our accounts they require a double sweeping and mopping for ultra clean clean offices. Sometimes a vacuum works well instead of sweeping.

This week I was told that the janitorial national franchisee didn’t use bowl cleaner in the restrooms to save money. Janitorial supplies are about 4-6% of the cleaning budget. How much could they save? Instead they could lose an account. We’ll keep doing things the way we have for 35 years, the right way.

We changed the name of our “inspection check list” to “Quality Assurance checklist.” The connotation is that we are not there to try to find fault, rather we are there to be sure the customer is receiving a quality service. This better represents what we are trying to accomplish.

The office kitchen is part of the janitorial service. The basic kitchen services are: clean sink, counter, and tables, empty trash, sweep mop floors. Then the list continues with: cleaning dishes, inside microwaves and refrigerators, coffee pots…. All of these services can be included in the bid.

Hot water is preferred when cleaning offices. Some of our accounts have the hot water shut off to save money. Hot water helps dissolve germs and grime. Also, if the water is too hot it can remove the floor wax, or burn the janitor. Contact time and agitation are other parts that help to clean surfaces

Most Doctors use hand sanitizer between patients instead of soap and water. I have heard it is not as hard on your hands. However, soap and water is still the best from what I read. The hand sanitizer doesn’t always remove everything from the skin. I guess if you did both you’d be safest.

The number one concern in the janitorial business is security. Both the building and people involved are at risk. We try to use one door to the business we are cleaning. This helps when leaving and while cleaning to be sure that door is locked. At your request we can wear Desert Cleaning ID badges or company hats so your staff knows who we are.

I jumped around this week covering some hot topics. I hope it answered any questions you had. Feel free to contact me at or fill out our online quote form for fast service.

Office Cleaning Once a Week or…

How often should our office be cleaned? We clean offices 1-7 days a week. It depends on the amount of traffic the office has during the week. In our quote is a per service cost. This will help if you want to add extra service day’s per week. If you decide to go with once a week service then plan on restocking during the week.

They are doing so much with concrete flooring currently. I see concrete floors in retail, homes, offices, and restaurants. This was not the case years ago. Folks are waking up to the fact that concrete floors save money on maintenance and look great. They can put colors in the concrete, designs, or add a medallion. High maintenance floor or concrete floor is the question?

Germs are everywhere in an office. Some of the hot spots are: phones, key boards, and toilet seats…. The restrooms hold the number one slot for having the most germs in an office. We use hospital grade cleaners and wipes to help eliminate the germs. It is a never ending battle and if everyone helped it would make a difference, like washing your hands in the restroom.

We want a day porter service in Tucson. Desert Cleaning is the one to call. We have been providing day porter services for over 20 years here in Tucson. We provide services to properties with a need for outside cleaning. Services include: Dustings window sills, picking up trash all around the property, cleaning up around the dumpster, emptying outside trash containers….

Can you guess what the number one office cleaning complaint is? That’s exactly right, dusting. Tucson is a dust bowl and offices need to be dusted consistently. So many times on bid tours I see dust everywhere and when I ask about it the response is “that’s why we called you.”

The outside services we provide at an office include: canvas the parking lot for trash, clean the drinking fountains, clean around the dumpster, clean the elevator…. These are some of the more common tasks. Every office building is unique. At one of our accounts we even clean the water fountains.

We only hire the best janitors in Tucson. First, in our system we pay more and out of the pool of people looking for janitorial work the best gravitate to us. Also, we treat our employees like adults and expect the job to be completed perfectly. The bottom line is we don’t want the complaint phone to ring in the morning.

How do you handle office cleaning complaints? First of all it is how we handle the complaint that is important. We don’t jump to conclusion and mainly listen to everyone. Then we always do what is fair. The other issue is not to confuse requests with complaints.

Our billing is sent out once a month on the first for that month. The supplies shown on that bill are for the previous month. On the bid we will give we show a monthly cost and a per service cost. In some cases there will be an initial cleaning cost as well. The bottom line is we’ll work within your system.

The paper products in the restrooms are an inexpensive way to upgrade a business image. I have used the restrooms in a few local businesses only to find out all the dispensers were empty. Imagine the image of those businesses. It’s all about making people feel good, from the customers to the employees.

Whether it is once a week, twice a week, or more… we can accommodate. We clean offices, businesses, and shopping centers 1-7 days a week. All of our systems come together no matter what the frequency might be. Call or fill out our online quote form and let us make you a happy customer too.

We are looking for a janitor in Tucson

Help, I’m in a long term janitorial contract and can’t get out. It’s a shame that the janitorial franchises work this way, we don’t. I hear it all the time from business managers, and on top of it the cleaning service is bad. We’re a local company and love what we do.

I feel for the people that buy into the janitorial franchises. They give their hard earned money to an out of town janitorial franchisor only to realize they only get accounts that were bid low. The customer see’s the work sliding and isn’t happy. Who wins in this scenario? The out of town janitorial franchisor is the winner. We like a win-win situation where everybody is happy.

Now let’s jump into toilets (nice metaphor.) The main tool to clean a toilet is the bowl mop or brush. After putting a non acid bowl cleaner in the toilet we use a bowl mop to agitate and clean the surface before flushing. If there is ever a bowl ring we use a puma stone lightly to remove the ring.

Does your office cleaning company have identification for employees? Yes, at your request we have ID badges, hats, and shirts that can be worn. They all have our company name and logo. This is all part of security and we have no problem with security.

Starting June 1st, 2015 there will be a change from MSDS (material safety data sheets) to SDS (safety data sheets). The intent is to have an international standard for shipping chemicals.

Yes, cleaning office kitchens is a service we provide. Let me list a few of the kitchen details for you: spot cleaning cabinets, cleaning sinks, countertops, and tables, sweep and mop floors, empty trash…. It’s rare, but some offices want the dishes washed as well and we are happy to provide the service.

Where does dust come from? Air coming in through the vents, doors opening, paper dust, neighboring environments, and clothes. The longer dust sits the more moisture it collects and makes it harder to remove. We do the dusting consistently so it never gets to the sticky mess level.

Washing hands and using hand sanitizer is a big help in keeping people from getting sick. At one of our accounts they have us wipe the conference room chairs with Clorox wipes. Then, we see more offices using the disinfecting wipes on their phones and keyboards. Businesses like banks, tire stores, and grocery stores are using the hand sanitizers.

It is so true that a “stitch in time saves nine,” and in the janitorial business it works. Recently, I wrote about this and that when the cleaning is done the properly it doesn’t create more work in the future. We work smart and our cleaning systems run like a Swiss watch. From can liners to dusting we stay head of the cleaning and keep you happy.

What are can liners for? It will save the office an additional expense in having to wash the cans out. Can liners can be changed fast and easily. Also, we use the can liners for the trash barrel on wheels which makes it easy collect and dump. We use larger liners than necessary, so they don’t get sucked in the can when trash is thrown in.

What are red can liners for? They are used for medical hazardous waste. They have a special service that picks up the trash cans with the red liners and then incinerates the bags outside of town.

Next is a slippery topic, soap in office restrooms. The bar soap is rarely used in a commercial office restroom. We usually deal with soap cartridges or soap pump bottles that can be refilled. Then we use powder soap for industrial uses. There are a few other types I’ll try and cover in another article.

If you want to find out why your current janitor is not getting the job done take a peek at the janitor closet. Are the floors and mop bucket black? Does the mop head look white? Is the room unorganized? These are all clues.
Most hard surface floors need to be swept before mopping.. Tile, wood, concrete floors need to be swept first. For wood floors we use the Bona system and have had great results. Sweeping prepares the floor for wet mopping, but no wet mop on wood floors. We can double sweep and mop which costs more, but will be sure the floor is clean. In certain environments this is needed.

After reviewing all the information on the janitorial services for your business we will prepare a bid. We will in most cases give a monthly cost and a per service cost. If we think it will need an initial cleaning we will let you know. Also, in our contract is a clause that indicates that all the small cleaning tasks are included.

Do you clean offices during the day? Yes, we clean offices during the day. The price is usually adjusted for several reasons. First, when offices are cleaned during the day there are people there on phones, using the restrooms, and the office cleaner has to stop and go which adds to the time. Second, we usually have to pay more for someone to work only a couple of hours.

We are looking for a janitor in Tucson. Then look no further, you have the right cleaning company. We have been in the janitorial business here in Tucson since 1980 and there is a reason. We provide quality service at reasonable prices. Please call or email us, 520 722 6776, Also we have an online quote form for fast service.

Who is the Best Janitor Service in Tucson?

Desert Cleaning loves being in the local janitor business here in Tucson. My partner and I grew up in Tucson and have been in the janitor business here for 35 years and there is a reason, we give consistent quality office cleaning with quick response time.

When we start an account we are usually assigned a point of contact. This is very helpful to avoid confusion. Also, having a log book helps with the communications. We are proud of our record and look forward to the future here in Tucson, Arizona.

Let’s start this article with some dusting thoughts. Our focus is to stay ahead of the dusting and be consistent, that is the secret. Over the years on bid tours I’ve heard and been shown the dust problem in the offices. Why? Most services skip the dusting thinking it doesn’t need it. Then, the dusting becomes a big problem.

Mats, mats, and more mats. You can’t have enough mats at all entrances to the outside. Mat’s can be on the outside, inside, or both. Mats are easier to replace then regular flooring. A high percentage of the dirt on the bottom of your shoes comes off on the mats and isn’t ground into the flooring.

What outside janitorial services do you provide? The following is a partial list of outside janitor services: pick-up trash in parking lot, clean elevator, clean around dumpsters, sweep and mop outside stairs, clean and polish drinking fountain, clean front door glass, and vacuum entrance mats….

Do you move or lift papers when dusting? Yes, if we have the green light to move or lift. It is a sensitive topic and our rule is “when in doubt don’t touch, lift, or move anything.” We try to find this out on the initial office tour.

Why are the National janitorial franchises so bad? It’s hard for them to compete with the local janitorial services. Also, they bought into the business and don’t have a love for it. The franchisor will give low low prices to try and get accounts. When they get an account they hand it off to a franchisee and let them worry about cleaning at such a low price. Also, they lock you in to a long term contract and won’t let you out.

I’m looking for a cleaning service that specializes in office cleaning? Well look no further because we specialize in office cleaning. We don’t do construction clean-ups, or house cleaning. Those are totally different animals. We are focused and have our systems in place to provide you the best office cleaning experience in Tucson.

We need a janitorial quote in Tucson. There are several types of quotes for different circumstances. Let’s review them. First, there is a phone quote that we give with some initial information. Then, there is an email quote which is similar to a phone quote; it is just in an email. Last is the online quote form that works the best. The best part is it is free.

What janitorial services do you provide? First, there are the four basic cleaning services: trashing, restrooms, floors, and dusting/details. These services are most common to all businesses. Each area has its own details. Many times the office manager will have service specifications in addition to the basics. These services are usually included in a bid.

We are looking for a quality janitorial company in Tucson? We are exactly what you need. Why? There are several reasons. First, from the pool of people that are looking for janitorial work we hire the best janitors by paying them more than the industry. Our systems we have developed over the 35 years in business are all for your benefit.

Janitorial services involve using hot water for some uses. Other factors include contact time and agitation for cleaning. Hot water is better for dissolving the soil, which makes it easier lift and remove from the surface. Also, please note that is the water is to hot it can burn the janitor or remove some of the floor finish.

We are looking for an exceptional office cleaning service in Tucson. We want an office cleaning service that knows how to clean the lobby. We want the magazines straightened, the front mats vacuumed, the front door glass cleaned, cleaning the receptionist area. Our clients look around while waiting for their appointment and judge our business by how squared away the lobby looks. I hear this from office managers and we deliver.

To continue with lobbies because of the impression they can make. Besides all the items I just talked about there are the basic services for the lobby as well. The trash needs to be emptied, floors need to be cleaned, dusting, and if there is a restroom that will need cleaning and stocking.
How do the supplies work? There are two types of supplies in the contract office cleaning business. First, there are supplies that the owner consumes: toilet paper, hand towels, soap…. And are paid for by the owner, either in the bid or billed separately. Also, the owner can supply their own supplies. Next are the cleaning supplies to do the cleaning and that is our expense.

What details are included in basic office cleaning? Here are a few of the details include in the Desert Cleaning agreement: Clean front door glass, Cleaning interior glass as needed, clean the reception area, clean the drinking fountains…. The list goes on, but to put your mind at ease we have a clause that say’s all the small items are included.

Are there other irregular detail office cleaning items? Yes, let’s take a look at a few: dusting plants, cleaning computer screens, cleaning door knobs and light switches, vents, inside refrigerators…. Some businesses want only the basic cleaning and others want more details. Either way we can provide the service.

Does your company have workers’ compensation insurance? In Arizona it is mandatory for employers to provide it for their employees. We have Copper Point for our workers’ compensation coverage. Who they go after if the employer doesn’t have the coverage?

Do you do janitorial inspections? Yes and our sought after 14 point inspection system along with career inspectors means you’ll receive a great janitorial experience. It’s all about cleaning your offices, so when you arrive in the morning the janitorial is completed.

How do you determine office cleaning frequencies? Each office is unique; however, the one main factor in determining the frequency is the volume of traffic the offices get. A high traffic office like a bank will need 5 day a week services. Then the low traffic office may only need once or twice a week. Desert Cleaning cleans seven days a week and can usually work with your schedule.

This wraps up another article in the janitorial world in Tucson. Giving you the insiders knowledge and secrets. If you have questions or need a quote let me know at or 520 722 6776. Also, we have an online quote form for fast service.

Tucson Janitor services explained

Is dusting a priority? It sure is in our system. The secret is to do it consistently; otherwise it becomes a sticky health concern. Dust may hold germs and when stirred the dust is in the air for people to breath.

We don’t move papers or files when dusting, unless we get the green light. We lift small objects and dust behind and underneath. The reception area gets extra attention because it’s near the front door and one of the busiest areas of an office. Do we dust? Yes, and even in the restrooms. Should we move and dust the nic-nac’s? If the office manager approves it, then yes we do.

How are the supplies handled? The supplies can work a number of ways. First, there are two basic types of janitorial supplies. There are the items the account consumes, examples: tp, ht, soap…. Then there are the cleaning supplies we use to clean. Usually, we each provide and pay for our own supplies. Other ways are to have us supply all the supplies and bill, or include everything in the price. The combinations are many.

The janitor closet in many businesses is left out when the tenant improvement was planned. It not only stores the cleaning gear for the janitor, but stores the items that are consumed by the business. These items include: toilet paper, hand towels, soap…. Some of the fixtures in the janitor closet are the low cut sink with a hose to fill a mop bucket up with water. Also, shelving is great for keeping certain items dry and off the floor.

Tucson day porter service is a service we offer. Usually, shopping centers have the need for a day porter. Some of the services include: empty trash from containers in front and replace liners, pickup trash in parking lot and all around buildings, clean-up around dumpsters. Pick trash from bushes. Clean cigarette urns and replace sand.

I am looking for a janitor service in Tucson. Then you have the right place for the best janitor experience in Tucson. We are office cleaning specialists and provide day or night service. We are a complete janitorial care center and will even deliver supplies.

The lunch room is an important part of any business. Let’s review a few of the basic services: cleaning sinks and countertops, empting trash, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning tabletops and chairs, tops of refrigerators…. The list is almost endless and should be discussed on the initial walk through.

What can upgrade a building inexpensively? Paper products in the restrooms are a start. It makes people feel good and it is a reflection of your business. Imagine using a restroom and realizing there are no paper products. How would you feel? So, just keep upgrading from there until it all feels positive. I hope you see my point..

A few weeks ago I wrote about bowl mops that are used in the restrooms. In our industry they are used in toilets and urinals. The purpose is to agitate and clean the fixtures. Along with a non-acid bowl the bowl mop is great for daily maintenance. Soon I’ll write an article about how to remove bowl rings.
The number one janitor concern in Tucson is security. I write about it all the time and how important security is at a cleaning account. Missing a cleaning task isn’t good, but not setting the alarm and locking any door you used is most important.

Janitor in Tucson who details, are you out there? Here are a few of the cleaning details included in our agreement: Spot clean interior glass, clean drinking fountain, clean front door glass, clean the reception area, straighten magazines, clean door knobs and light switches…. In our agreement we have a paragraph that all the small cleaning details are included.

Cordless back pack vacuums by Pro Team are still expensive, but trick. They have a hour and a half hour model. The hour run time version is $1,700.00 and the half hour run time version is $1,300.00. In my opinion Pro Team makes the Mercedes of back pack vacuums and their newest model looks awesome. For now the cost benefit would be mainly for use in buildings that are 50,000 plus square feet.

Laminate flooring that many times looks like wood uses a different cleaner then wood cleaner. From what the experts say vinegar and water in a spray bottle with a flat mop with a microfiber towel works the best. Also, Bona products have a laminate floor cleaner as well.

This article should explain a few of the janitorial services in Tucson, Arizona. Like most businesses the janitorial business has a lot of areas to know. Plus all that it takes to get the onsite janitor there to do the job. Have a good weekend.

Basic Janitorial Services cover 4 topics

What are the four basic janitorial services? The four topics are: restrooms, trashing, floors, and dusting. Then there are customer requests which are added in the agreement. Other basic details like front door glass, interior/interior windows are spelled out and included as well.

Yes, we clean restrooms in Tucson. Restrooms are first on the list because of importance. Also, we start with the restroom cleaning usually at most accounts, so there is plenty of time to catch a mistake.

Trash removal made the list because every office needs this service. We use a trash barrel on wheels with a can liner to dump the trash in. When we remove the barrel can liner we do it outside in case of leakage. Some accounts we use the double bag system and maybe fill the barrel half way if the trash items are heavy.

Hard surface floors are included in the basic services. Our system requires a good sweeping as the first step to insure a clean floor. This set’s the floor up to be wet mopped. Depending on the business we will make one or two passes to lift suspend and remove stains and fine dirt. Some companies will cut corners and skip sweeping to save time and justify their low bid. We’d rather do the job right and charge a fair price.

Yes, we dust offices on a regular basis. Tucson is a dusty city, so we try and stay ahead of the dust. As a start, we dust any clear horizontal surface, blinds, sills, vents…. Sometimes we use the mini-vac for certain jobs. Even outside stairs and hand rails need dusting.

What commercial janitorial services do we offer? Well this article gives you a peek at the basic services and then most businesses have their own list.of services.

Licensed Bonded and Insured Janitorial Service

Don’t rely on information in this article. Please see your insurance expert and attorney.

Licensed, bonded, and insured I hear it all the time. Today, I want to take a cursory look at liability insurance. Some area of coverage’s in a liability policy could be: lost key, property damage, slip and fall…. It is a good idea to do some checking around and find an insurance agent you can work with. We have been with Mona at D.M. Lovitt insurance for over 30 years and she really knows insurance and we highly recommend her.

Next, I want to cover claims made and occurrence, the two main business types of insurance. I am not an expert on insurance, so I’ll have to refer you to you insurance agent. Also, I read a good article on the website that covers the topic in the about money section.

When bodily injury happens the liability policy may cover medical expenses, lost work hours…. Like any insurance, you wonder what you are paying for and then when you need it it makes sense.

Risk management is an excellent topic because with a few improvements at any business or office a company can avoid an accident hopefully. Eliminate the risk is what it is all about. Just look around and when you start thinking about risks in the office they jump out at you. Here are some examples: rugs on top of carpet are waiting to trip someone, or stairs when wet are slippery. Remove the rugs and put slip resistant on the stairs.

Lost key coverage is good to have; especially in large multi-tenant buildings where the cost to self insure may not make sense.

Some janitorial companies don’t have liability insurance and can give a cheaper price and guess who pays in the long term? This policy covers a lot and most business managers require the janitorial service to have a policy.

The Arizona law states it is mandatory for employers to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees in Arizona, which includes Tucson. Again, some janitorial companies may not have the coverage and cross your fingers nobody gets hurt. I wonder who they would go after if the janitorial service didn’t have workers’ comp insurance.

Also, in Arizona, workers’ compensation is a "no fault" system in which an injured employee is entitled to receive benefits for an industrial injury, no matter who caused the job-related accident in business..

Office Cleaning Inspections

We use an inspection check list when we do an inspection of offices. The list helps in having a quality inspection. We use it as a guide during the inspection and something in writing to help in the review with the onsite janitor.

Desert Cleaning invented the inspection list to keep the inspector on course.. Then, for each of our accounts we created an important items sheet showing all the important items unique to that commercial account.

Here are a few items we look for when inspecting:

• Check front door glass for smudges…
• Check receptionist counter and entire area…
• Organize lobby magazines neatly.
• Look everywhere for dust.
• Look at trash can liners for items stuck to the can liner, and smells
• Inspect men and women restrooms: outside and under urinals, entire mirror, dispensers, vents, dusting, hard water build-up in bowl rings and faucets, wipe base-boards, clean wall under dispensers, floors, toilet seat and fixture….
• Examine the carpet areas, behind doors, move chairs and trash cans….
• Check the janitors closet.
• Check outside: stairs, handrails and elevators, drinking fountains.
• Tile and hard surface floors.
• Spots on interior-interior glass.
• Conference room details.
• Kitchen area.

The Desert Cleaning inspection team has an office cleaning background and uses the check list to keep on track. The bottom line is keeping the account clean for the customer.

Spring cleaning is here in Tucson

The back pack vacuum has its niche in the office cleaning industry. They are more maneuverable than the upright vacuum. Also, they can get in places that are hard for the upright vacuum. The janitor will strap it to their back and for some it can be awkward. The upright is still the most used vacuum for office cleaning and the mini vacuum.

There are several types of mops and methods. One of them is flat mopping and is used wet or dry. Dry dust mopping is the done before wet mopping. We use the Bona system on hard wood floors and their flat mops. Our clients are real happy with the Bona products we use. Flat mops are also used in small areas and residential.

Next is a topic that is often overlooked, the janitor’s closet. The restroom supplies are stored in the closet as well. All the cleaning supplies used on the job are kept in the janitor closet. We keep the janitor closet clean, clean. I have seen the competition janitor rooms on office tours and it is shocking.

Most offices have a kitchen, even if it is small. It might have a small or large refrigerator. A sink and counter top is standard with a microwave. Basic services include: cleaning the sink and counter, sweep and mop floors, empty trash…. Then, details like clean inside the microwave and refrigerator can be included, it all depends on how high the office manager wants the bill to get.

In our janitorial business complaints are something everyone gets. Its how the complaints are handled that counts. Our first thought is to listen to all parties before jumping to conclusions. Other companies often confusion a request for a complaint and that really adds to the fire. We pride ourselves on acting swiftly to a complaint or request.

Desert Cleaning janitorial services cleans offices all around Tucson. Our specialty is office cleaning and janitorial services. From 500 to 50,000 square feet seven days a week we’ll make you happy. All the basic services you need, so if you’re tired of cleaning up after your janitor then give us a call or fill out our online quote form.

Dusting, dusting, and more dusting, and in Tucson it needs to be done continuously. It is a dust bowl that we live in, so we try and stay ahead of dust by consistently pulling out the duster and putting it to work. Clear horizontal surfaces are always dusted.

“Sound the alarm,” security is the number one concern at any of our cleaning accounts. In the janitorial world you can forget to clean something, but be sure the doors are locked and the alarm is set. We limit the number of doors we use, so it makes it easier when leaving. Also, we can, at your request, wear Company hats, badges, shirts, jackets… so it identifies who is doing the office cleaning.

When you leave at night you know where everything is on your desk, and that’s what you’ll find the next day when we clean your offices. We only move certain items on desks and shelves. The office manager will give us an idea of what their expectations are for their office.

“A stitch in time saves nine,” is something we do in our business. All our systems come together and flow when we stay on top of the cleaning, here are a few examples: bowl rings, dusting, can liners…. When a cleaning task is forgotten it usually turns into a project. It’s simple; never let it get to that point.

Hand towels for the office restrooms are paper and come in rolls or folded. The type of dispenser and brand is needed for ordering. We can supply the hand towels or most offices like to get there own and have us fill them. Many times the kitchen will have a paper hand towel dispenser that needs to be filled when empty.

Spring was officially here on March 20th, 2015 the day of the equinox. What does this have to do with office cleaning? Most of us have heard of spring cleaning, well it applies to offices and business too. Windows, carpets, and floors are usually scheduled to clean this time of year.

Tucson Business Cleaning, part 2

Tucson business cleaning will use can liners that can be clear or black in color. The job of these can liners is to keep the can clean and can be changed quickly. The can liner comes in mic’s, meaning how thick the liner is. The sizes vary and we tend to go with a larger than required can liner because it makes life easier.

Tucson business dust accumulation is because of the air movement, moisture, paper dust, and surrounding environments outside the office building that will contribute to the dust. When dust sits for an extended time it collects moisture and becomes a filthy mess. This happens on mini blinds and most surfaces in the office.

Here’s a fun fact: 49.5% of men and 25.8% of women don’t wash their hands before leaving the restroom. Whatever germs will stay on your hands for hours then all the places you touch are now contaminated. More and more people are washing their hands and using sanitizers. This is all good news.

In our bid we show a monthly cost and a per service cost. This will give you a better picture of the money you are paying for the janitorial service. Sometimes we show an initial cost if the cleaning needs to be brought up to speed. The initial cleaning cost is usually twice the per service cost.

Next, the removal of gum from carpets although seems impossible can be accomplished. We like the solvent method. The solvents soften and dissolve the tar or gum, making it easy to suspend and remove. The trick is to read the label, otherwise you’ll create more work.

Hard surface floors require sweeping or dust mopping before the wet mopping, the final step. At some offices the floors may need a double wet mopping to make the floors super clean. Then, we have a final sweeping of the floors that will get any remaining things. Double mopping is part of our system and can be included in our agreement.

Day porter is a service we have offered for over 20 years. Shopping centers seem to need the service the most. Call it job security, but people think the parking lots are trash cans and dump everything you can imagine. Also, around the dumpsters is another dumping area. Everything from diapers to mattresses can be found.

Spring is in the air and so is cleaning, hence the phrase “spring cleaning.” Call or email us with any questions or for a quote. Thanks!!!

Janitorial Services

Janitorial services include red can liners that have to be handled by a special service. I have heard that there are four here in Tucson. It’s usually medical waste that the red liners are used for and that requires the special handling. Also, I have heard they take the red liners to a place where the liners are incinerated. This is good news for the local janitorial services, less liability.

Is your waiting area clean? I’ll bet your clients know. When people have to sit and wait for an appointment they look around and can see dust and dirt if the waiting area is not cleaned properly. It’s a reflection of how you do business and it could be a auto shop or a doctors office. Here’s a partial list of services for the waiting area: moving chairs, cleaning front door glass, cleaning reception counter, straighten magazines….

Any business that’s been around no doubt has good employees. We know from our management team to the janitors they are the ones that make the business run smoothly. Most people appreciate clean offices and restrooms and that’s what we provide. A company can have the best systems in the world, but without the right employees it won’t mean a thing.

Janitorial services have four basic cleaning areas are trashing, restrooms, floors, and dusting/details. Then, anything the owner wants in addition we would put in the contract. Also, there are irregular services for example: window cleaning, carpet cleaning… these can be included in the bid or we can give you a as requested cost. In our contracted we state that all the small cleaning items are included, so you and I don’t have to think of everything.

Janitorial services involve supplies and on every bid tour I’m asked about the supplies. The best way to think about it is there are the supplies the owner consumes and the cleaning supplies to do the job. In general the supplies the owner consumes are: toilet paper, hand towels, soap….They can be billed for or included in the monthly cost. The actual cleaning supplies is our expense.

Today and tomorrow is windy in Tucson and the dust is all over. Not only does the dust get inside the offices, but the parking lots will be trashed. Job security for the janitor it seems. It usually takes a few day’s to bring the dusting up to speed. Every time we clean we include some dusting so it never gets out of hand.

Restrooms, restrooms, and more restrooms are the most detailed area in an office to clean. From mirrors to floors and everything in between, they all need cleaning in the restrooms. Stocking of all the consumable products: toilet paper, hand towels, soap… at every service is required. In our system we clean the restrooms first, this way the janitor still has time while at the building to go back and correct anything missed.

I’d like to take a cursory look at some of the more common details for office cleaning: cleaning door glass, cleaning drinking fountains, cleaning the reception counter, spot clean interior glass, organize magazines, wipe around door handles and switches. I could keep rambling, however, to put your mind at easy we have a clause that covers all the details.

Janitorial services cover many details and basic office cleaning requirements. I try and use brevity when writing these articles, but still have pertinent information.

Tucson Independent Janitor

As an independent janitor our billing system starts on the first of the month when we send the bill for our services for that month, but is actually due on the first of the subsequent month on the calendar. The supplies on the invoice are for the previous month and the cleaning service is for the current month when we bill.

Independent janitors should know that washing hands and using hand sanitizers helps from getting sick in the big picture. Most independent janitors wash their hands with soap and water because of all the germ and dirt it removes. You may have experienced someone comes in the public restroom and doesn’t wash their hands before leaving.

The germs may remain on their hands for hours and think of all the things they touch that become contaminated, amazing. I see hand sanitizer dispensers in offices, businesses, stores and restrooms. We can use sanitizer wipes on your phones and keyboards. Also, we have been using eye glass wipes on the computer terminals, with great results.

The outside elevators in Tucson have tracks, flooring, and cab walls that need to be cleaned daily. If they are outside they get dirty quickly and need attention. Next to the elevators are the outside drinking fountains that need attention as well. The janitor should sweep the outside stairwells and dust the handrails while outside. There are other duties that I’ll cover in my day porter article.

Some commercial office cleaning gloves can be rinsed after cleaning the restrooms to help prevent cross contamination to the rest of the office. All the gloves are on the market there are the two basic types are the disposable and reusable. I have used both and lean towards the reusable glove that can be washed and reused.. The disposable are ok but rip easily and defeat the purpose of wearing the glove.

The independent janitor in our system will clean and supply the restrooms at the beginning of cleaning an account. If something is overlooked in the restrooms the janitor will have time to correct the error. Tucson business office restrooms are designed for easy to clean surfaces like chrome, ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel, and porcelain.

The independent janitorial inspectors at our company have years of office cleaning experience. Our goal is to keep you the client happy. Our inspectors aren't the cleaning police trying to catch something wrong on the office cleaner just to pound our chest. We’ll review any we find with the office cleaner that cleans that account.

The main focus of an inspection is to keep your office and restrooms looking organized and clean. The office cleaning inspectors at Desert Cleaning are the best and take pride in what they do and it shows in our references on the homepage link.

The key to inspecting is regular inspections that are consistent. The account that has zero complaints and your best janitor cleaning the account still needs to be inspected. This is part of our system and giving quality service, it’s like an insurance policy.

The inspections are built in the price and part of the service. Inspections are an area were many companies overlook to justify their low price. We understand it’s part of the service and it keeps our customers happy.

The rule when dusting is "when in doubt, don't move it." Some companies blow off the dusting and let it build-up and become a project. Instead of saving money it may cost them the cleaning account. When we dust, we dust clear horizontal surfaces. Concerning any other dusting we take instruction from the office manager.

Most janitorial service is in the night after the business has closed, however, some janitorial service is performed in the day. The cons to the daytime service are: Stop cleaning the restrooms so someone can use, having to turn the vacuum on and off because of the noise. We have no problem cleaning during the day and it can be positive. If the office manager wants something they can tell the onsite janitor while they are there.

Concerning the supplies, they can be provided a few ways or not at all. The most common way is the business and office managers supply the item's they consume: hand towels, toilet paper, soap... The benefit to the office manager is they keep control of the cost and supply usage of their staff. We would supply all the equipment and cleaning supplies to do the janitorial service.

Restroom carts are used in big buildings and are important because with the cart the janitor can have all their restroom cleaning supplies, restroom paper products, and an area for the trash. The mops, bucket & wringer will fit on the cart and makes it easy to carry. In a multi-story building it helps to have a restroom cart for the janitor to focus on just the restrooms.

Recently, I wrote about concrete floors and that they are becoming very common with all the colors and other designs. In the past concrete floors were only in warehouses and other commercial uses. Offices and businesses are catching on to the maintenance costs that are a lot less compared to the traditional flooring. Company medallions that pop, or etchings and various colors make this floor worth taking a look.

The local independent janitor has a clean mop bucket, wringer, and mop at all times. Then they should rinse and wipe out the bucket and wringer. Also, they’ll mix in a trip to the quarter wash to make it look like new. They should replace the mop head regularly.

Green cleaning I think is still alive. I never have a new client ask what green products we use. A few years ago it was the rage in the janitorial world. With that said, we still think green in the big picture. We hardly use bleach or acids, and mainly use hospital grade cleaners. Recycling is another topic I’ll cover soon.

As a Tucson independent janitor we always recommend mats at all the entrances to your offices both in and out. Mats help trap the dirt that comes in from the outside on peoples shoes. Instead of wearing the office flooring let the mats take the abuse. Mats are easier and less expense to replace.

When vacuuming it only makes sense to watch the vacuum cord, so it doesn’t leave marks and discolor the corners. There are protectors for the corners, but the janitor should pay attention to what they are doing. The same applies to running into furniture with the vacuum. The vacuum shouldn’t be misused, for example: Pulling the vacuum cord out of the wall from across the room, or the opposite pulling the vacuum towards you with the cord.

Tucson independent janitor is local and not a national franchise. The big companies can only compete on price and when the price is to good to be true….

Local Office Cleaning, the way to go!

Local office cleaning in Tucson is the way to go. With our nice weather it makes Tucson a wonderful place to live and be in the janitorial business. When you think of a franchise, what comes to mind: McDonalds, H&R Block? I've had clients ask what the difference is between local Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc. and a national janitorial franchise?

Here are a few comparisons, for example: we don't require a long term contract that is almost impossible to get out of. I’ve heard horror stories that don’t match the slick ads the national companies have. With a franchise cleaning service if you are receiving sub par service and you'll have to put-up with it for the next couple of years doesn’t make sense.

What the national janitorial companies do is have a salesperson bid low, promise everything, and give some services away. What they do then is hand it off to one of their franchisee's who will have to cut corners to have it make any money. People tell me all the time they wish they had never signed with the national cleaning janitorial franchise and have a lot of frustration.

Local office cleaning requires gloves to be worn, especially in the restrooms and kitchen areas of an office. Replacing gloves after cleaning the restroom and before cleaning the rest of the building helps prevent cross-contamination of areas in the business you are cleaning.

There are many types of gloves to choose; Two basic types are the disposable and reusable that I know. Desert Cleaning has discovered over time that our cleaners and janitors have their own preference of glove. Reusable glove's when dirty can be washed off just like you would wash your hands, and saved for the next cleaning service. Disposable gloves can rip easy and defeat the purpose of wearing the gloves, but still can work in some situations.

Here’s a topic I haven’t talked for a while, acid bowl cleaners. They are usually phosphoric, or hydrochloric acid, and should be used only as directed on the label. Acid bowl cleaners aren't meant to be used every day. Acid cleaners will damage all kinds of surfaces in the office restrooms. We use bleach and acid cleaners once in a while.

Warning: hazardous and infectious waste is no longer a matter of just disposing it in the dumpster in Tucson, Arizona. I know hospitals and medical offices handle the removal of the red bags by having a special service pick it up and incinerate the trash. I read that hazardous waste is a substance or several substances that causes deaths, health problems, or effects the environment negatively. Then, Infectious waste concerns: specimens, human dialysis, and body fluids….

The bowl mop is a funny name, but so appropriate Bowl mops are used in the restrooms for the inside of the toilet bowl and the urinals to agitate and clean. Basically, it has a small mop on one end with a plastic handle to hold while using. Locally bowl mops are used when applying the cleaner to the surface of the inside toilet bowl. This is the same for the urinals.

Most metal surfaces in offices that are stainless steel need to be cleaned then polished. The metal is usually found in restrooms and drinking fountains through out most offices. The metal polishes not only clean and remove soil from metal surfaces they protect the metal and leave a high shine. We like the metal polish spray cans rather than lemon oil for the final touch.

Desert Cleaning has four areas of basic cleaning services. The four areas are dusting/details, trashing, floors and restrooms. Of course each area has all the details that have to be done. All the other regular cleaning tasks are included. Carpet cleaning and window cleaning are usually extra.

When we submit a bid, we give you a monthly cost and a per service price. First, I’d like to mention that we’ll bill however you want. Usually, we send our bill on the 1st of the month for that month of services. Supplies are any of the items you consume like toilet paper and hand towels. They would appear on the monthly bill as a separate item and would be from the previous month’s usage.

The paper products for the office restrooms are available in two styles: folded and roll basically. Two types we see a lot are C-fold and multi-fold. All paper towels have to fit the right size dispenser. Otherwise the towels won’t come out, or they may come out in chunks. Executive areas and kitchens may use paper towels and we’ll refill those as well.

Many of the businesses we clean have an alarm system for security. We know that security is the number one priority, so limiting the number of doors used really helps. Also, we have ID badges that can be worn, company shirts, and company hats as well. Letting us know who can enter your office when we are there helps.

Moving any files or papers on any desks, file cabinets, or any where in the office is forbidden, especially when dusting. When you arrive at your desk in the morning your papers, files… will be in the same place as you left them. Knowing what the account guidelines are for dusting really helps.

We just want to thank our current accounts that have a janitor closet. Our local janitor job flows nicely when there is a closet for the janitor. Here are bonuses to the closet: If has shelves, and a water hose with sink make it perfect. A sink to fill and dump a mop bucket means a lot. Also, having a locking door prevents items from being stolen.

Local office cleaning is the way to go! And if the company is family owned and operated is a big benefit for you as well. Tucson has been our home for a long time and we are proud to be in the janitorial business here.

Tucson local Janitor service

Tucson's number one local janitor service in east, central, north, northwest, west, northeast, southeast, or by the airport. The staff at Desert Cleaning knows that your office or facility is has many needs. With our state of the art cutting edge systems we’ll provide the ultimate janitorial experience in Tucson. We start by listening to you and your concerns. We’ll put together a comprehensive cleaning program for you. Please fill out our on line quote form.

The local janitor uses vacuums that are basic to the commercial office cleaning industry include: Mini vacuums, hand held cordless vacuums, backpack vacuums, and the good old upright commercial vacuum. The upright vacuum is the most common to clean offices, banks, medical, and commercial businesses.

The new kid on the block is the backpack vacuum and they have become very popular for the local janitor. With the backpack vacuum the local janitor can get in places the upright can’t. The mini-vacuum compliments the backpack vacuum and can be used for overhead places like vents.

From what I know, and I’m not an expert, to determine the ph of a cleaner you want to check the label, or MSDS (material safety data sheet.) Another consideration is many chemicals are sold to the commercial cleaner in a concentrated form. A dilution ratio tells how much water to mix with the chemical.

Frequencies for the local janitor for office cleaning will vary depending on the type of business or office. The business with a high traffic count of people usually requires five nights a week janitorial. And, a low volume of traffic office may require once a week office cleaning. We can usually accommodate your requests for cleaning services, seven days a week or once a week.

Office cleaning and janitorial service is very competitive. It is all about having solid good reliable janitors that can think on their feet and do the work. It’s no secret that we pay more than the market here in Tucson. Also, we are rarely the lowest bidder. However, if you want the job done right give us a call or fill out our on line quote.

Want to know some fun facts about germs in offices? It is usually where people touch any where in an office. Telephones have about 24,031 germs per square inch and water fountains with around 2.6 million in the average office. Did you know the keyboards have more than 201 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat in a fairly busy building? The most germ filled place of most businesses is the restrooms. Why? Good question, because almost every surface has toxins in the restrooms.

Dust accumulation is the number one janitor complaint. Living in a dust bowl adds to it in Tucson. Paper dust is another contributor to the dust build-up. There are two basic dusting tools, a feather duster and a cloth towel are common. Our company uses the feather duster for the overall better job it does. If you can’t get out of a current cleaning contract we’d still love to hear from you.

We’ll stay within your budget for janitor services. Also, we don't require a multi-year contract. Our usual contract is month to month, however, we’re flexible. I’ve heard horror stories from office and property managers that signed a multi-year janitorial contract and couldn’t get out of it. So, they had to live with the bad service.

Let’s shift gears and talk about soaps for commercial restrooms. Bar soaps you use at home are never seen in the commercial office business restrooms. Powdered soap we have seen and used in industrial shops. It has excellent scrubbing benefits for greasy dirty hands. Most common is the liquid hand soap which we see in office and business restrooms in our travels.

Local or big national franchise janitorial services, what’s the difference? Well what comes to mind when you think of a franchise? Fast, poor quality food at a really low price. In the janitorial business, national franchises offer poor service at a cheap price and a long term contract. To get the job done they cut services and basically trash and dash. We operate a lot different; we provide good old fashion service.

The lunch or break rooms in a office or business are included in our bid. The following are some of the services we provide for kitchen cleaning: emptying trash, cleaning sinks and countertops, sweep and mopping floors, clean and wipe tables and chairs, clean cabinet fronts, wipe clean tops of refrigerators and fronts, microwaves in and out….The washing of the dishes can be included, but most offices want to do their own dishes for many reasons.

Entrances and waiting areas are important, here are some of the services we provide: cleaning the reception counter, vacuuming the entrance mats outside, spot clean the front door glass, pulling out chairs and cleaning, straightening magazines, and any other details. It’s the first thing your clients see and judge your business.

Recently, I said metal surfaces in offices that are stainless steel need to be cleaned then polished in restrooms and drinking fountains. Most metal polishes not only clean and remove soil from metal surfaces they protect the metal and leave a bright shiny look.

Lemon oil works to clean drinking fountains…, but it doesn't take much lemon oil to leave a shine and you can reuse the cloth towel. Metal cleaners in the spray cans great and we’ll continue to use them.

The forgotten part of the local janitorial service is out side services, such as : Sweep and mop stairway's and landings, wipe or dust hand rails and the elevator outside needs cleaning as well. Also, cleaning the outside entrance door glass and cleaning the drinking fountains. Vacuum entrance mats and empty trash containers.

Our local janitor marketing shows when you contact us for a quote to clean your offices or business, or just inquiry about our services. Our system allows us to give phone quotes and email quotes as well as the traditional way. When you decide to hire our local janitor services you’ll be glad you did.

This is a great topic, water temperature for office cleaning. Also, contact time and action play a roll. The water temperature is many times overlooked and never thought of as the problem in the local janitorial world. Supposedly, the hotter the water temperature the quicker the soil is dissolved and easier to remove. When the water is too hot it will remove some of the floor finish and could burn the janitor as well.

Desert Cleaning Janitorial services, inc. are a local janitor company. So when your point of contact for your business calls with concerns they know it’s a local cleaning company and people they will be dealing with. We take our calls seriously and we pride ourselves in handling requests swiftly. We like our clients to feel really great about dong business with Desert Cleaning.

Tucson local janitor service is best, especially compared to the impersonal national franchise. Our local staff is ready to serve you; just call or fill out our on line quote form on the homepage for fast service. Tell a friend!!

Day Porter for Shopping Centers in Tucson

The supplies for the restroom dispensers are items the owner consumes. In general owners supply their own restroom supplies, but the supplies can work many different ways. Some of the ways are we would supply the cleaning janitorial supplies and bill you on the monthly invoice. Sometimes the owner wants the supplies included in the cost.

Do you know what banks, retail spaces, shopping centers, and offices have in common? They all have the problem with people walking through the oil and grease in the parking lot and tracking it in on their shoes, walkers, and strollers.

Mat’s placed in and out of all the entrances to a building can eliminate up to 90 percent of the dirt…. Why have mats at the entrances? Mats are much easier to replace and cost less. Also, mats are available in many different styles and types. Weather is also a consideration.

Details at most offices include straightening lobby magazines, straightening conference room chairs, putting trash cans back where they were, and many other details. We care how your office looks and we know that it is a reflection on your business, and ours as well.

Our basic four areas of cleaning services are dusting/details, trashing, floors and restrooms and each area has all the details. Also, please note that many cleaning items although not mentioned are included, so you and I don’t have to try and think of everything upfront.

In most cases spot cleaning of the carpet is part of our service When we notice a carpet spot we try to figure out what caused the spot, so we know what type of cleaner to use. Most spots in offices are from coffee or soda and are water based, and can be removed with a variety of cleaners on the market. The next type is petroleum based spots from gum or tar/grease folks bring in on their shoes into the building. We use lemon oil and only if the janitor knows how to use it.

Desert Cleaning janitorial services, inc is flexible to your needs for a great janitorial service. Here are a few of the main concerns: The time length of the contact, consumable supplies, and service times/day. Our contract is usually month to month, or if you are planning a budget and want to lock in a price we'll do that as well. Please see the first paragraph above concerning the supplies.

What to find out how your current cleaning company is cleaning? Start by looking at the janitor closet, and see how clean the floor, mop bucket, and is the entire room clean. Can you see the color of the floor? Are their equipment and supplies disheveled, filthy black mop bucket…. Some other tips would be to look at there vehicle and them personally. Heck, if they can’t take care of their own things how are they going to clean your office?

Most of our cleaning accounts have an alarm system. We consider security the number one concern. We try to limit the number of doors used. Desert Cleaning has ID badges, company shirts, and recognizable hats that can be worn at your request. We don't open any doors and let people in unless they are easily identifiable or have been approved by the account.

For medical and healthcare facilities we use special microfiber color-coded towels, which help eliminate cross contamination. Also, we can use color coded mops and mop buckets for the same reason. We use hospital grade cleaners and if you have special products for us to use that should work.

They say Tucson's flu season is coming. Here are a few tips I read. If you feel the flu starting stay at home is something many don’t do. Then, wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer often. Next, don't touch your face with your hands. Use disinfecting wipes to wipe your phones, keyboards, desk and door knobs…. We can include hand sanitizer in the bid.

Business restrooms are toxic waste dumps. They can be the most sensitive part of the janitor’s job. All of us know that a clean restroom reflects on the business and even sloppy people at home will notice. This is why we focus on the restrooms as our first cleaning task when starting at an account. However, security is number one and forgetting to refill the toilet paper is number two in priorities when office cleaning.

I got off course from day porter for shopping centers. However, we provide this service and would like to talk to you. Please call or email us and we’ll make you a happy customer. See you next week!!!

Tucson Business Cleaning

Can liners in the Tucson business cleaning are made of plastic and can be purchased in different colors, thickness, and size. Can liners keep the can clean. In addition the system of can liners helps prevent the floor and other areas from getting dirty. There are clear can liners all the way to black, it’s your choice.

We use a larger then required liner for the trash cans and trash barrel on wheels because the liner won't get pulled in the can or barrel. Red liners are used in medical offices for certain hazardous cans and are picked up by a separate service that will incinerate them.

When the trash barrel on wheels is full the janitor will pull it out of the barrel outside. This will prevent leaks inside the building. There are aprons for the barrel to carry extra equipment and products.

Let’s talk about dusting some more since it is so important and easily forgotten. When dusted properly it removes the light soil that builds-up on surfaces so it doesn't become a sticky mess that is unhealthy and harder to clean. Here is the secret; do the dusting every time you clean so it doesn't get out of control in the first place.

Offices have dust accumulation because of the air movement, moisture, paper dust, and surrounding environments outside the office building. Dust that sits the for a long time will collect moisture and other elements can mix with it and make it sticky mess to clean. Becoming sticky it is harder to remove from the surface in an office.

Tucson’s number one in business cleaning services. Customer satisfaction and quick response time. Office cleaning control systems for business. Tucson’s office manager or property manager will have the cleaning specifications that are incorporated into the contract.

I read this the other day that 50% of men and 24% of women neglect to wash their hands in the business restrooms at work. The germs will stay on your hands for hours and all the places you touch now have the germs. Overall most people are aware. We’re seeing more and more hand sanitizer dispensers in businesses.

The removal of gum from carpets in offices seems impossible. I know of two methods solvent and freezing that remove tar and gum. We use the most common method, solvent. We have never tried the freezing method. Solvents soften and dissolve the tar or gum, making it easy to clean-up. Be sure to read the instructions on the label. You don’t want to learn the hard way.

Tile floors in general require sweeping or dust mopping before using the wet mop. In certain situations the floors may require a double wet mopping to make sure the floors are clean clean. And, for over kill we have a final sweeping of the floors which catches any lose items that escaped the double mopping. We know we are the only ones doing the double mopping and that is what helps separate us from everyone else.

Our bids are set-up for a monthly cost and a per service cost. Also, there maybe an initial cleaning charge that would be a separate line item. If your current office cleaning company has let you down you can figure the initial cleaning cost as a rule of thumb would be twice the per service cost. We like to give a per service cost so you know how much each cleaning costs.

Spring is just around the corner and time to schedule a window cleaning. Usually around the middle of March, after the winter rains are best. Then, again in September, after the summer rains are over. Every year is a little different than the year before, these dates are just a guide.

Shopping centers need a day porter and this is a service we have been doing since 1993 in Tucson, Arizona. Here are the basic duties: Emptying the trash cans in the front and replace the liners as needed, canvas the parking lot, bushes and all around the shopping center for trash. Also, cleaning around the dumpsters, dusting window sills on suites, spot mopping spills on the concrete and in front of the centers.

Regular vacuuming helps slow damage to carpet because of dirt and grease grinding into carpet fibers, making them wear sooner. Our recommendation is that for rooms with light usage, vacuum the traffic lanes 2xs a week, and the entire area once a week for a start.

Heavy usage areas need the floors to be vacuumed daily, or it will show in no time, with the entire area 2xs a week, or more. How many passes should be made with the vacuum, in general three passes should be enough for light traffic areas and then five to seven passes you might try for heavily soiled areas for most businesses here in Tucson.

Tucson business cleaning is a specialty we love to provide. Our schedule makes it possible to accommodate your needs. Some businesses have different shifts…. Call us or fill out our online quote form, you’ll be glad you did.

Tucson South by the Airport janitor services

Desert Cleaning provides janitorial services. The point of contact for your business usual will call with concerns. The calls are taken seriously and we pride ourselves in handling requests fast and serious. We want our clients to feel great about dong business with us, maybe that is why we have been in business for a long time. We do our best to make you look good.

Having mats at all the entrances to your building is key in keeping floors clean. The reason they are so important is they are helping stop the dirt that comes from the outside and grinding into the carpet, tile, and flooring. About 79.9 % of dirt will come off a person’s shoes and onto the mat, which helps save the flooring in the building.

The Desert Cleaning rule is "when in doubt, don't move it," when dusting at any office or business. Many cleaning services blow off the dusting and let it build-up and become a problem. Our goal is to stay ahead of the dusting and dust clear horizontal surfaces. When dusting we will move certain items away from the wall and dust as well as lifting them and dusting underneath.

At Desert Cleaning we don’t disturb or move any files or papers on any desks, file cabinets, and any where in the office when doing a dusting loop. The thought is when you arrive at your desk in the morning your papers, files… will be in the same place as you left them when you left the night before. It sounds simple, but knowing what to dust is having the knowledge of what the customer wants.

Let’s step outside and see what needs cleaning, for example: Sweep and mop stairway's, landing, wipe or dust hand rails, and the elevator outside needs cleaning too. Included in the list are cleaning the outside entrance door glass and sweeping the entrance walk ways. If there is entrance mats those will need to be vacuumed. Also, emptying any out side trash containers and cleaning the lid. Last item in this discussion would be cleaning and polishing any out side drinking fountains.

The national janitorial services try to lock you into a long term agreement. I know manager have told they have to put-up with it for a few more years of bad cleaning and can’t get out of the contract, what a nightmare. It doesn’t sound right, does it?

I’ve heard the national franchise will have a salesperson bid low, promises the customer everything, gives a few services away for free ( restroom supplies. Then, they hand to a franchisee who bought into the business and doesn’t understand. What happens next is the franchisee will have to cut corners to have it make any sense and the customer is frustrated. These are things that I hear from office managers and they are unhappy. Let us make you the happy customer. Please see our on line quote form. Thanks.

Microfiber regular wet mops are better than the standard mops because they are easy to use, last a long time and do an awesome job on office hard surface areas. The microfiber wet mops are energy efficient to make, bacteria resistant and do not need to be used with any chemicals. Microfiber mops were originally developed for anti-slip flooring because the woven fabrics will not lint and the rest is history.

Microfiber has been around for a while, but has exploded in the janitorial business. The microfiber towels can absorb 10 times more liquid than the typical bar mop towel studies have reported. Microfiber got it’s name from the size of the fiber that is about 99 times smaller than a human hair supposedly.

"A Jack of all trades a master of none." I’m sure you have heard the saying and it applies to the janitorial business as well. Desert Cleaning specializes in office and business's here in Tucson that require a quality office cleaner. We don’t clean houses or do construction clean-ups. Those are out of our area of focus.

The marketing effort we do shows when we are contacted by you for a quote to clean your offices or business here in Tucson. In our system we’ll give phone quotes and email quotes as well, however, the primary quote is where we come to your office and meet you, and see your operation and then go back to our office and prepare a comprehensive proposal for your offices. The proposal is a bid and agreement when you decide to hire our janitorial services.

Covering most of Tucson in the janitor business is a Desert Cleaning tradition. The south area of Tucson has been an area we like. We have cleaned Hewlett-Packard, DHL, Fluoresco, Lifelegacy, Lite cycles, BFI, Morpac and many others.I say this with pride and that pride goes into our work. Our staff and systems are like no other here in Tucson. Call, email, or fill out our online quote form. We’d love to hear from you and make you a happy client.

Northwest Tucson Janitor Service Requires

Our sought after services include the following: trash, restrooms, floors, and dusting and details. Some other common details like front door glass, reception counter, and spot cleaning interior windows….Let’s review some of the services for each topic and provide you a better insight to office cleaning in Tucson, Arizona.

To remove trash from an office requires a large barrel on wheels with a can liner in it to keep it clean and the floor. To use only a can liner to trash with no bucket you risk the liner leaking on the floor and creating another mess. We use a larger then required liner for the desk trash cans and trash barrel on wheels.

At Desert Cleaning we have a system where in which we clean the restroom's before anything else. By doing this if a cleaning service is missed in the restrooms the janitor will have time to correct it before for leaving the building. The last cleaning service in the restrooms is mopping.

Do you know dusting is the number one complaint in the janitorial business. Tucson offices need to be dusted because we live in a dust bowl. We have seen janitor services blow off the dusting to keep their cost down because of a low bid. Property managers tell me on bid tours that the dusting never gets done.

Included in our system are cleaning of the lunch rooms in a office or business. Here are some of the services we provide: emptying trash, cleaning sinks and countertops, sweep and mopping floors, clean and wipe tables and chairs, cabinet fronts, tops of refrigerators and fronts, microwaves…. Washing the dishes can be included, but most offices want to do their own dishes, because of the additional expense.

The janitors job flows smoother when the janitor room is large, has shelves, and a water hose with sink. Most buildings usually will have a janitors room for a vacuum, trash barrel on wheels, and paper supplies to stock the restrooms.
Having a low cut sink to fill and dump a mop bucket really helps. It sounds simple, but having a locking door prevents items from walking away.

It’s flu season and our job is part of the solution. When we were kids we were told to always wash our hands with soap and water and nothing has changed today. About half of men and a quarter of women don't wash their hands after using the office restrooms studies show. Most people aren’t aware the germs will stay on your hands for hours and all the items you touch now have the germs.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are being used in offices and restrooms, and it's positive to see it happening. I saw where some folks are using the sanitizer wipes first thing in the morning to clean their phones, key boards, and desks to start the day. Using hand sanitizers and washing hands all adds up, and it sure help's in the spreading of germs in your office.

Northwest Tucson has been the hottest area of grow in Tucson. If you have questions or would like an online quote please contact us at or call 520 722 6776. Also, we have references on our home page.

A Good Commercial Office Cleaner Needs

Commercial janitorial liability insurance coverage is a must and most cleaning services are covered. Most liability policies will cover the employees and business in lawsuits. Then, attorney fee's, time spent on a case, court ordered judgment, court costs, any agreed settlement should be covered by the janitorial insurance as well. This is the reason to have an Insurance policy, so when a claim surfaces.

Here are the two types of basic claims: claims made and occurrence for the janitorial business in Tucson, Arizona. Then there are policy limits and certificates of insurance that most businesses require. Also, the additional insured on the certificate of insurance is usually required.

Here are other coverage's to check out for the janitorial business: lost key coverage, the main office, damage from the cleaning at an office or business. Lost key coverage is nice to have. Just think all the rekeying and new keys that each tenant and employee will need in a big business or office. The coverage's for the main office, for example are liability if someone gets hurt or someone burglarizes the office it’s usually covered as well. Do not rely on this information it should be verified with your insurance expert.

Next is bodily injury which can happen at any time. Liability policies usually will cover medical expenses, and lost work hours…. . Another issue is risk management because it can help prevent an injury before it take place, example: slip resistance strips on stairs, rails in the restroom stalls, warning signs…

Moving on to property damage and insurance. Property damage usually happens when an employee damages property while on the job. Most insurance policies will cover any loss of use, as well as replacement or repair to the property that is damaged that the janitor caused.

I have heard in Arizona the law indicates it is mandatory for employers to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, but please verify with your insurance agent. Also, in Arizona, workers’ compensation is a "no fault" system in which an injured employee is entitled to receive benefits for an industrial injury, no matter who caused the job-related accident to begin with. In addition when an illness or injury is job-related, the injured worker receives medical benefits. The claimant may receive temporary compensation, if they are eligibility for that benefit from the insurance. I’m not an insurance expert, so don’t rely on the information in the article.

Thanks for reading this far without dosing off. Insurance is a necessary evil and when something big happens we are all glad we have the insurance. Have a great weekend!

East Tucson Commercial Office Cleaning and Janitorial Service

East Tucson commercial office cleaning and janitorial services is a great area for business to a property manager, owner, or office manager that is putting the cleaning out to bid every year to see what the market is at that time. Then they compare how their current service cost is in comparison to other janitorial services. This is for their budget for the coming year usually.

In our bid we’ll show an initial cleaning if needed. Our cleaning system in Tucson includes labor and materials, payroll costs, supplies, overhead, supervision, insurances and bond, and everything it takes to get a janitor to the account to do the job.

Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc cleans daytime accounts too, and we really enjoy the change from the nightly routine. There are good and bad reasons to daytime office cleaning. Many times the daytime janitor has to wait for someone to get off the phones, or go back to clean an area that was occupied, like the conference room. It usually costs more to clean during the day, but certain accounts require daytime janitorial. In Tucson the janitorial work is mostly at night when the office is closed when there is less interruption for everyone.

In the past we did all our on carpet cleaning. For years we have been referring or subcontracting all the carpet cleaning to Arizona Restoration. Paul Redman is the General Manager and is easy to work with and has a great staff of floor techs.. Also, they do tile and concrete floors as well. We can always’ count on Arizona Restoration.

Security is a hot issue for the janitor and the office building. A good rule is to use only one door when entering and leaving an office or business. When choosing which entrance door there are several items to consider, for example: is the alarm by the entrance door, parking distance, lighting, and how far is the dumpster located. Most buildings are designed with these things in mind and everything falls in place.

The next topic is extremely important, don’t let the vacuum cord mark the walls and wear the corners down in an office. Some offices have corner wall protectors and they seem to work, but the real trick is just to work smart in the first place when vacuuming and watch where the walls are and vacuum cord. A trained janitor knows not to run into furniture, baseboards, and keep the vacuum cord away from walls and corners when vacuuming.

Business managers and office managers realize that a clean restroom reflects on their business and operation. People going in a business office can see if it is dirty and form an opinion. When the cleaning is done once a week in a well used restroom will most of the time look unclean and out of supplies. Office managers have seen it before, the janitor has just cleaned the restrooms and the next couple of uses can make it look as though no one has cleaned the restroom. And that’s exactly right and when you think about it the cleaning is done once every seven days.

Next in my notes is how important entrance mats are to help control the dirt that enters your office building. Using entrance mats saves wear and tear on the tile, carpet, and money. Most buildings place mats on the inside and outside of all the entrances to their business. Janitors should nightly vacuum the mats first.

Water temperature, contact time, and action all play a part in office cleaning. Water temperature is often overlooked and never thought of as the problem from my research. Is it true the higher the water temperature the quicker the soil is dissolved and easier to remove from the surface? If the water is too hot it can remove some of the floor finish and could burn the janitor. Read the label for the contact time, which is very important.

The east and southeast areas of Tucson are home to many commercial businesses. We have been in commercial office cleaning here for 35 years and would like the opportunity to provide janitorial service for your offices If you have questions or would like a free quote call or email me.

Central Tucson Office Cleaning and Janitorial Service

Central Tucson office cleaning is aware that first impressions are made when a client walks into your lobby. It’s true the lobby is part of the office and needs to be trashed, floors cleaned, dusted, and if it has a restroom that will need cleaning as well as the front door glass….

The following are some other lobby services we provide: wiping clean the reception counter, vacuuming the entrance mats, cleaning the front door glass, pulling out chairs and cleaning where the chair was, straightening magazines…. Clients sit and wait for their appointment in the lobby and while they are waiting they have time to look around at the cleaning and form an opinion of you and the operation. We take this seriously and spend the time needed on the lobbies at our accounts.

Most metal polishes not only clean and remove soil from metal surfaces they protect the metal and leave a high shine. Metal surfaces in restrooms and drinking fountains are the main areas of use in an office building.

Tucson office buildings have metal surfaces that are stainless steel and need to be cleaned and polished to a high shine. We have used lemon oil to clean drinking fountains, but it doesn't take much lemon oil to leave a shine. We like the metal cleaners in the spray cans and until a new product appears on the market we will stick with our current system that works.

Desert Cleaning Janitorial Services, Inc has cleaning daytime accounts that we have had for years. There are the good and bad to cleaning in the day compared to night, it’s what works for you. Here are a few examples: the daytime janitor has to wait many times for someone to get off the phones, or back track to clean an area that was occupied and the additional time adds up. In Tucson janitorial work is mainly at night when the business is closed and the janitor has a routine.

Dusting is every where; it is so important and easily over looked by many cleaning companies. What dusting does is it removes the light soil that builds-up on surfaces so it doesn't become a sticky mess that turns into a project. Our secret is to keep up on the dusting, so it doesn't get out of hand. Most offices are unique for dusting because of the air movement, moisture, and surrounding environments like a construction project near by.

Tucson’s number one in commercial cleaning services and customer satisfaction is Desert Cleaning. One secret is quality control systems for business and follow-up at each account. Office managers or the property manager may have the cleaning specifications that are made part of the contract or agreement, so they get the service they want exactly for that property.

In Tucson can liners are made of plastic and can be purchased in different colors, thickness, and size Mainly can liners are used to keep the can clean and so nothing from the can liner leaks on the floor and create more work. I think the white semi-clear liners have a better cleaner look than a black can liner for most offices. We use a larger then required liner for the trash cans and trash buckets on wheels because the liner won't get sucked in the can.

We built our business on solid good reliable employees that can think on their feet and get the job done. We keep our clients happy and that is what we are all about, so call or fill out our online form and we’ll make you a happy client too.

Part of the reason of our quality janitorial service is our company pay's more than the janitorial market to our employees and we retain them a lot longer than other cleaning companies and it shows in our work. Our company has used this system for years and it gives you the service you want.

Next on the list to talk about are restrooms in central Tucson office buildings. Restrooms are the most important area of an office to clean, disinfect, and stock with consumables that get used. Office managers know that a clean restroom reflects on their business. A big problem is frequency because some business’ are only cleaned once a week. If this is the case the restroom will start to smell and the trashcan will over flow.

For central offices when we submit a bid, we give you a monthly cost and a per service cost so you will know how much you are paying. We send our bill on the 1st of the month for that month of services, and any supplies. The supplies are usually any of the items you consume and would appear on the monthly bill as a separate item from the previous month’s consumption. We also have accounts that just pay a monthly dollar amount with all the supplies that you consume ( toilet paper, hand towels. soap etc...) included in the monthly cost of services, so they can budget their money.

Central Tucson office cleaning and janitorial service is an area we enjoy servicing. Soon, I’ll cover the east part of Tucson which is just as nice as central Tucson. If you have a business that needs cleaning call or fill out our on line form. Thanks.

Tucson Commercial Office Cleaning

Let’s start with the vacuums used in the janitorial business, which are mini vacuums, backpack vacuums, upright vacuum. Still the most widely used is the upright vacuum and used on a regular basis to clean offices, banks, and commercial offices in central and east Tucson.

Now let’s talk about backpack vacuums, which are a good alternative, because they can clean in areas where the upright can’t. They are also good for detailing and hard to get places, like under desks and along side file cabinets.

Some backpack vacuum are still priced the same for the unit and additional batteries and the run time, weight, and cost doesn't make sense. Apparently, the machines are quiet and less plugging in and unplugging which equals a lot of back tracking. Someday it will be the dominant vacuum used in the commercial janitorial business.

Classic upright vacuums are still used by many janitorial services In fact new uprights are lighter and easy to handle. Additionally, working on them is quick and with a low price point makes them easy to send to the bone yard.

While vacuuming the office cleaner will notice carpet spots and take action. Many offices only get a few and some offices know they have a constant problem with carpet spots and it shows. Immediately after noticing a carpet spot we figure out what caused the spot, so we know what to use. Many times you can figure out the cause and sometimes you are unable. We start with just water and a microfiber towel if we don’t know what caused the spot.

Most spots in Tucson's commercial business’s are from coffee, or soda, which are water based, and can be removed with a variety of carpet spot removers on the market. The second type of spot is petroleum based and here are some examples: gum, or tar/grease people bring in on their shoes. There are different type of cleaners to use on these, so check with your local janitor supply..

Business commercial cleaning in Tucson is usually at night; however, there is maybe 10% of the market that is serviced during the daytime. The following are some of the cons to the daytime service in office cleaning: the janitor has to wait many times for someone to get off the phone, or back track to clean an area because of a meeting that was occupied in the conference room and all this time adds up.

Our commercial office cleaning business has always’ thought of security as the number one priority for the janitor, tenants, and building owner or manager. We try to use only one door when entering and leaving a building. When choosing which entrance door to use we consider where the alarms are located from the door, parking, lighting….

I want to cover about concrete floors and how they are becoming more and more common place in Tucson offices and buildings. The concrete floor in the past was associated with warehouses and industrial buildings. Now I see them in homes, retail, restaurants, and offices through out the Tucson area. Two of the biggest reasons are the initial and maintenance costs are very low compared to carpet and tile. The concrete floor will last a long time and get more character as it ages.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope 2015 is prosperous for you.

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