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Spray the bowl cleaner in the bowl.

A bowl brush in action.

Toilet tank lids need to be clean.

Cleaning a toilet paper dispenser.

Mirrors in the restroom are cleaned every service.

Cleaning touchpoints are critical.

Cleaning restroom sink with EPA approved cleaner disinfectant.

Cleaning and bringing restroom bright work to a high shine gives the restroom a uniform clean look.

Desert Cleaning Tucson

One of our detail team members cleaning a sink. Please see our before and after sink photos on our home page.

Desert Cleaning Tucson

We usually start cleaning the restrooms first because of all the details.

Desert Cleaning Tucson

Proper restroom care is second in priority behind security.
Restroom surfaces are designed for easy cleaning.

In Tucson, mopping is the last step we do.
We start mopping from the back and mop to the front entry door and out.

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